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Historically, the most indulgent way to travel through Egypt is by Nile cruise. They have been carrying their passengers between Luxor and Aswan for well over a century.

Cruising along the river at a comfortable pace, you view the country through the perceptions of early visitors who, like us, came to wonder at the tombs and temples left behind by the Ancient Egyptians.

Strolling through the shaded corridors of a tomb, its walls surfaced in hieroglyphics and paintings of ancient gods, your imagination will surely run wild. Enormous columns still stand at ruined temples, while scorched canopies are proof of sacrilege by early Christians.

This is a trip not just through the land, but through thousands of years of history, culture, religion, and architecture.

Recommended Nile Cruise Route

Starting in Luxor and ending in Aswan, our recommended route usually lasts for five days and four nights. This provides you a large amount of time to both view the sites and spends time unwinding on board.

The first night is usually spent at Luxor itself, the second at Edfu, and the third and fourth at Aswan. Along the way, you may visit Luxor and Karnak Temples, numerous tombs at the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Edfu, the Temple of Kom Ombo, and Philae Temple. You may also spend time traversing Aswan’s markets, Nubian Museum, and dam.

Cruising the route in reverse takes a day less as you’re heeding the direction of the river. There’s also the opportunity to embark on a seven-night round trip, witnessing the highlights at a more calm pace.

Luxor and Karnak Temples

The town of Luxor rests on the locality of Thebes, the capital of Ancient Egypt. It has an immense collection of temples and tombs in the world.

Here you can take a tour of the enormous Karnak Temple complex, which was built over 120 years ago. You can also explore the smaller Luxor Temple, which was constructed around 1,400 BC. These temples were once united by an avenue overlaid with sphinxes, some of which survive.

Around 30 various pharaohs were summoned to Karnak Temple over the years. As you roam around, your guide will lead you to the diversity of building styles and describe the various depictions of gods that the Ancient Egyptians prayed to at different times.

What struck visitors the most is the size and scale of the complex. It’s the second-largest ancient sacred site in the world after Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. You could consume hour upon hour traversing its halls, pillars, and stone statues.

Most visitors were most impressed by the Great Hypostyle Hall, which comprises 134 columns rising to 24 m or 80 ft above.

Luxor Temple is right in the center of the town, its ancient columns opposing new roads and buildings. The temple was built as a sign of devotion for the god Amun, his wife Mut, and their son Khons, the moon god.

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by two vast seated statues of Rameses II, and throughout the complex, you can appreciate intricately detailed hieroglyphics drawn on the walls and columns. Your guide will assist you in deciphering them and explain their significance.

You will be back to Luxor Temple in the evening and at this time, it’s lit up as opposed to the night sky so you can still have a chance to roam around its courtyards when they’re at their most climatic.

Valley of the Kings

Across the river from Luxor, on the Nile’s west bank, you’ll see the Valley of the Kings. It was used as a pharaoh burial site for over 500 years and has at least 63 known tombs.

It’s assumed that more are still awaiting their discovery, each one accommodating up to 150 chambers. The famous chambers that are among them are the tombs of Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, the second female pharaoh, and both Rameses II and III.

The chambers are open for visitors on a rotational basis to support their preservation, so your guide will inform you of the best opportunities on the day you visit.

The tombs are etched into the sides of the mountain walls and can look unassuming from the outside. Going inside is amazingly exciting, as you stow away from the blazing sunlight to sudden darkness and uncanny silence.

You’re guided down through corridors with walls covered in intricate paintings and hieroglyphics. The text describes the tomb’s owner, different gods, and scenes from the Ancient Egyptian era. These courses finally open out to a burial chamber, where the departed pharaoh would have been laid to rest encompassed by its treasured possessions for the afterlife (most of these items are now in museums).

Temple of Edfu

For some, the Temple of Edfu (or Temple of Horus) is the most remarkable destination. That’s because it’s exceptionally conserved. At most temple sites you can only observe the remains of columns and walls. But here, even the roof is still intact.

Moving inside, the immense walls and restrictive darkness of some of the rooms furnish you with a true feeling of how the temple would’ve been in its heyday.

Edfu is more modern than Karnak and Luxor, having been constructed between 237 and 57 BC during the Ptolemaic dynasty. It was built as a sign of dedication to the falcon god, Horus, who was claimed to have beaten the god Seth on the site. Detailed engravings on the walls describe scenes from their battle and aspects of life during Egypt’s Greco-Roman period.

Some of the temple’s furnishings were confiscated by early Christians at a time when all other religions were considered forbidden in Egypt. You can still see scorch marks in areas where imagery was destroyed. Being able to view these sheets of history and proof of different cultures that have come and gone is what fascinates most visitors about Egypt.

Temple of Kom Ombo

As you travel further south of Edfu, you’ll reach the Temple of Kom Ombo which lies right on the riverbank and is toured on the same day (unless you’re on the slower-paced seven-night cruise).

The site is unique for having it split into two separate temples dedicated to two distinct gods: Haroeris (or Horus the Elder) and Sobek, the crocodile god of fertility and protector against the threats of the Nile.

Also built during the Ptolemaic dynasty between 180 and 47 BC, the temple would have been flawlessly symmetrical, with duplicate courts, halls, shrines, and chambers for the two gods. Today, much of it is in vestiges, but high columns and archways still mount over you. It’s mind-boggling to think about how they were constructed with just basic tools.

Following the temple is a crocodile museum, a haven for around 300 mummified crocodiles. Located inside the temple, they were likely to have been consecrated in honor of Sobek.

Temple of Philae

It’s considered Philae was the last temple devoted to the Ancient Egyptian religion, with the modern Egyptian hieroglyph inscribed there in the 4th century. Constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty which is also dedicated to the goddess Isis, it is noted as the southern boundary of Egypt.

The temple was formerly held on Philae Island in the Nile, but since the original Aswan Dam was constructed in the early 20th century it had sustained from flooding. With the second dam on the border, UNESCO and the Egyptian government resolved that the temple should be relocated, piece by piece, to another island, Agilka, just a little south of Aswan.

The exceptional effort took ten years to finish but, visiting the temple, you’ll be glad they did it.

Reaching Philae by boat, you will be greeted by one of Egypt’s most charming temples. Its island position gives it a distinctive atmosphere from the other temples and grasping that it was once located somewhere else makes it all the more impressive.

A colonnaded courtyard leads to the main temple building. The path is marked by 18 m (59 ft) high pylons (grand gateways). There’s also the Kiosk of Trajan, a small, undeveloped pavilion with intricately carved pillars set by the water.


While there’s certainly less to expect in Aswan in terms of Ancient Egyptian ruins, the city still possesses an interesting history of its own and bestows an entire another side to Egypt through its Nubian culture (an ethnic society originating from Sudan and southern Egypt).

Some visitors also think it’s by far the loveliest city on the Nile and a magnificent place to unwind while watching feluccas forming between immense boulders in the river. Roam through its markets while they sell you popular Nubian crafts and food, such as spicy stewed meat, or visit its temples, monasteries, and mosques.

You’ll get to visit Aswan Dam as part of your cruise. The dam was constructed between 1960 and 1970 to deliver water for irrigation, produce hydroelectricity, and control flooding. It also indicated the loss of the whole Nubian villages as they became engulfed in the waters of Lake Nasser, a by-product of the dam’s structure.

You can learn more about Aswan’s Nubian people at the city’s Nubian Museum. This is an amazing highlight for most visitors as the exhibits display numerous relics and artwork from Nubia. It also depicts the Nubian way of life in southern Egypt. You can also view old photographs of some of the communities that now rest at the bottom of the lake.

Just past Elephantine Island in the middle of the Nile, relocated Nubians have developed traditional mud-brick homes.

Holiday Cruises in Egypt

A Nile cruise is a carefree and romantic way to tour the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Serving as floating hotels, the cruisers equip the river between Luxor and Aswan, checking off twice a day at important monuments en route. Most boat tours sail between three and seven nights and proceed to Aswan High Dam, the Valley of the Kings, and Karnak Temple.

On an Audley tailor-made Egypt cruise, you can decide to cruise aboard a large, luxurious cruiser with a multitude of modern facilities, a common wooden dahabiya, or a restored steamship. Though the smaller boats are more fundamental, they make up for this in style and visit places that larger boats cannot access.

Huge ocean liners and modern entertainment crafts have no spot on the slow-paced Nile. Instead, the waterways are glorified with traditional feluccas and the sailing boats used to carry tourists around.

More than 280 ships still anchor in the vast waters of Luxor and Aswan, the place of the country’s best-preserved shrines. Cruising is considered the best method for visitors to witness the grandeur of the Nile and the fabled temples and monuments that mount it. This includes Luxor, Karnak, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Dendera, and the famous Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.

River cruise ships were limited to sailing Luxor and Aswan as a result of safety concerns that happened when a terrorist attacked a temple near Luxor in 1997. But they are now open again for business, though a massive security presence remains part and bundle of the region. There have been no terrorist events along the Nile in more than a decade, although that cannot be assumed for the rest of the country.

The mighty Nile spreads 4,184 miles in length and breathes through nine nations, from Lake Victoria in Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea near Alexandria, Egypt.

Unlike most rivers, it runs from south to north. It doesn’t demand more than a quick look to enjoy its value. Overlooking its shores rests the nation’s breadbasket: fields of corn, alfalfa, wheat, sugar cane, and sesame.

That persistent pulse you hear, like a heartbeat, is the music of irrigation pumps. Not surprisingly, agriculture is the region’s second-largest enterprise, after tourism. Once you move away from the Nile, all that is left is desert.

Historically, the Nile has possessed three seasons: flooding, farming, and harvesting. Since the Aswan High Dam was constructed in 1971, the river depth has been adjusted, depending on the requirements of navigation and irrigation. Today, Nile river cruises, lasting three to seven nights, are what include most cruise packages to Egypt.

Although the riverboats that sail through the Nile river manage not to range in size, there is still a great amount of distinction in quality. While some river cruise lines have ships in the region, they don’t always extend the itineraries.

For this holiday try to book your journey at Viking, Sonesta Nile Cruises, Avalon Waterways, Abercrombie & Kent, Movenpick, Sanctuary Retreats, Water Ways, Uniworld, Nile Exploration, Oberoi, and Travcoa.

Nile Cruise Boat Options

While the center of a Nile cruise is heavily set on visiting the temples and tombs, squandering time on your boat is all part of the adventure.

There are lots of boats to decide from. All produce a relaxing extent to recline after being on your feet all day. Some have dive pools, libraries, or spas onboard, as well as sun decks.

All refreshments are served on board, normally consisting of both foreign and local Egyptian dishes, such as ful medames (mashed fava beans), falafel, and sweet delicacies.

M/S Mayfair

The M/S Mayfair is a classic, great-value alternative. Passengers for this vessel like its modern interiors, which have a fine nautical theme.

Its 52 cabins and two suites are roomy and outfitted with dark wood furniture. It also has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in lots of natural light, and you’ll also have your own bathroom. The vessel is equipped with a sunny terrace on the top deck with a Jacuzzi, a small pool, and a bar, while the Mayfair’s Nile Avenue restaurant can be found below the deck.

M/S Sun Boat IV

M/S Sun Boat IV has a classical Egyptian style, with wooden floors and wide windows. Passengers were overwhelmed by the high staff-to-passenger ratio, which guarantees a high level of service.

The 36 cabins and four suites are disseminated across all four decks and also possess en suite bathrooms. Some rooms also have four-poster beds. The vessel is equipped with an outdoor bar so you can unwind on the deck with a drink, as well as a dive pool. In Luxor and Aswan the boat has a secluded mooring point away from other vessels.

Steam Ship Sudan

Meandering aboard the Steam Ship Sudan will carry you back to the early days of Nile exploration. The paddle steamer ship was constructed in 1885 for King Fouad, but improvements over the years have kept its quality and character.

Agatha Christie, after being a cruiser on Sudan, was encouraged to write Death on the Nile. Scenes from the later film adaptation were shot on the vessel for their grand originality.

The ship holds 18 cabins and five large suites, and its application of period furniture, mahogany wood, and brass is in keeping with the age. While there are some facilities onboard, we recommend Sudan if you’d prefer a classic Nile cruise.

Oberoi Zahra

For those on the seven-night cruise trying to look for a touch of luxury, we suggest the Oberoi Zahra.

Its luxurious interiors generate the illusion that you’re staying in a five-star hotel. A refurbishment subdued its 70 cabins to 25 cabins and two large suites, each allowing panoramic views of the Nile through ample-sized windows.

While on board the vessel, you can make use of the spa, gym, pool, and library. The restaurant menu switches each evening, and live entertainment is presented in the evening as well

Combining Cairo with Your Nile Cruise

We strongly suggest that you visit Cairo before your cruise. It is just a one-hour flight from Luxor and an hour and a half flight from Aswan, so it can be easily incorporated Egypt’s capital into your trip.

Making a stay for two nights allows you to visit Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities with a separate guide and Egyptologist. You’ll achieve an exceptional grounding in Ancient Egyptian history and the twisted belief system Ancient Egyptians followed. You’ll also get to learn some of the relics retrieved from the tombs and temples that you are about to visit on your Nile cruise.

Distinguishing where each of the sites matches Egypt’s timeline meant you got far more out of your trip.

Best cruises cruise and stay Cruise deals holiday cruise

Cruise and Stay Holiday

A cruise and stay package caters to the best of both holiday worlds. You can have all of the benefits of a cruise, including enjoying the ship’s amenities and touring several destinations. In addition, you get to have a fabulous holiday or mini-break trailed onto the beginning or end of the trip.

Cruise and stay holidays are excellent for anyone who desires to spend more than just a single day in a particular destination. To those who want time to encounter the local nightlife, this is the kind of cruise for you. This is also a great opportunity for first-time cruisers, who don’t want to carry luggage with them when exploring.

Several cruise lines offer cruise and stay (or stay and cruise) opportunities. This includes big names like Royal Caribbean International, P&O Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line; as well as small-ship brands like Silversea, Regent Seven Seas, and expedition lines like Hurtigruten.

While lots of cruise lines extend add-on hotel stays, some also grant land programs, which are more like overnight (or several nights) excursions.

The most common pre or post-cruise stay options are bolt-on beach or city breaks that are in or close to the embarkation or disembarkation port for convenience. However, cruise lines and tour companies are becoming more creative in their offerings as the trend for cruise and stay evolves. It’s now very easy to book or set your cruise holiday, from an overnight rail tour to stay in an ice hotel.

Whether you fancy the comfort of an off-the-peg cruise and stay package or crave the ultimate freedom of making your arrangements, choosing such a holiday trip means you’ll experience all the benefits of a cruise and a hotel stay.

Where are the Most Popular Places for Cruise and Stay?


The Catalan capital is the most visited town in Spain, and for a great reason. It does possess it all, including grand architecture, a quaint beach, great shopping, invigorating nightlife, and a climatic Gothic Quarter. All of this makes Barcelona an excellent place for a city or beach break when traveling on a Mediterranean or Canary Island cruise.

You can have this experience through Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Cunard.

New York

Transatlantic cruises to New York usually incorporate a hotel stay in the city. There’s no reason that you’re going to start the seven-day crossing and not stay to traverse the Big Apple when you get there!

Cunard is the queen of Southampton to NYC cruises and will organize a stay in one of their chosen New York hotels… Niagara Falls is a favorite add-on to the famous transatlantic cruise, and Cunard has a 12-night package prepared that includes three nights in New York, the AMTRAK rail journey to New York, and two nights in Niagara Falls.

For those who fancy flying, a New York mini-break matches well with a cruise of the southern Caribbean. Royal Caribbean has prepared a 14-night cruise from Cape Liberty (New York) that carries its passengers to Bermuda, Curacao, Aruba, Cozumel, and more.


A seven-night stay in Orlando is suitable for families and thrill-seekers looking to experience the theme parks and waterparks. The best part? They are an hour away from the port.

Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean International, and Norwegian Cruise Line are four big lines that operate cruises from Port Canaveral to the Caribbean islands. They also have stops in the Bahamas while some lines have their own private islands here.


Miami is another Florida pick for Caribbean cruises and stays holidays. All the big lines offer Caribbean or Bahamas voyages from Miami. They also have a mini-break in this beachfront cruise capital.

If you are from the U.K., though, keep in mind that flight conditions will require you to factor in a pre-cruise stay somewhere in the Miami area. That’s because you won’t get to your ship on the same day.

Caribbean Islands

Alternatively, some favor spending their extra few days unwinding on the Caribbean islands. Barbados is one of the major departure ports for Caribbean cruises and the perfect place to spend a few days chilling out after an outbound flight.

Virgin is just one tour company with the fly, cruise, and stay Barbados packages, allowing a variety of Caribbean cruise ship alternatives. This includes Carnival family-friendly mega-ships and Star Clipper’s sailboats and luxury Silversea ships.


Those sailing the Middle East are going to be invited for a stay in Dubai. This is where record-breaking sights, attractions, shopping and architecture, and luxurious white sand beaches offer the most excellent of both city and beach vibes.

P&O Cruises offers various Middle Eastern cruise routes, with the opportunity to include hotel stays in Dubai. They also have a pre or post-cruise Arabian Treasures Tour, including a selection of the city’s most beloved experiences.

Smaller luxury lines like Azamara, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, and Silversea also have Middle Eastern cruises. All of them offer extended add-on hotel stays and land journeys.


Exploring Sydney will take more than a day. As such, P&O Cruises has a 25-night Sydney to Singapore cruise. It is an excellent choice for those who want to consolidate traveling to Australia and Asia.

This cruise also gives you the chance to visit the Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Vietnam. You can also have hotel stays in Sydney and Singapore.

Another great opportunity for those aspiring to explore Australia is the Princess Cruise Tour program, which highlights holidays that are half cruise and half guided land tour. This is perfect for viewing those key in-land attractions. The 18-day Ultimate Australia course traverses Sydney, Ayers Rock, Darwin, and Port Douglas, before embarking on the ship to sail to Tasmania and New Zealand.

Best Cruise Lines for Cruise and Stay Packages

Package holidays with combinations of accommodation, transfers, flights, and meals have been around for years, and cruise and stay packages are just normal progression.

It involves having a pre or post-cruise hotel stay included in your cruise and flights. Sometimes the primary hotel bed-and-breakfast offering is topped up with a few complimentary services like sightseeing tours.

The number of hotel nights can range from just one night before your cruise to a couple of nights in a port city. Doing so ensures that you won’t miss your ship or that you can explore your port city without a rush.

The stay will be in cruise company’s owned resorts for most of the time, letting you explore its outstanding countryside or just take it easy at a lovely beach.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean has attractive packages, which include Western Mediterranean, Eastern Caribbean, and the United Arab Emirates. You can set your journey on its website or by speaking to one of its agents. Another option is to provide a code that appears when you click to play on the website.

Seven-night Mediterranean voyages from Barcelona cover a three-night half-board stay at PortAventura Hotel Gold River in Salou. This provides limitless access to the Port Aventura theme park.

Before the cruise ends, the ship will make a stop at the gorgeous Spanish island of Majorca, Marseille in the south of France, and Italy’s La Spezia and Civitavecchia — for trips to Florence or Pisa and Rome — plus a day in the beautiful city of Naples.

Or, if you prefer a seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise, you can add a stay in Orlando, room only, with endless access to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay.

As your six-night Holiday Inn stay near Universal ends, you’ll finally cruise from Port Canaveral to Philipsburg in St. Maarten and in San Juan in Puerto Rico, where you’ll be spending your whole day at CocoCay in the Bahamas. Then you’ll arrive back in Florida as the cruise ends, flying to the UK from Orlando.

Middle East voyages from Dubai have packages that incorporate seven-night sailings encompassing the United Arab Emirates. This is succeeded by a two-night half-board stop at Atlantis, The Palm, furnishing you extensive access to the Aquaventure Waterpark and the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

During this cruise, you make a stop at Doha and Bahrain, and then spend the whole day at the Sir Bani Yas beach resort, followed by a stop in Abu Dhabi, before sailing back to Dubai for your hotel stay and flight home.

Princess Cruises

Princess has sail tour packages in America, Europe, Asia, and South America that you can set on its website, and these serve to be from four to eight nights long, which depends on the destination.

Its 11-night Europe’s Imperial Treasures cruise can lead to an eight-day journey of continental capitals. This includes Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin, before departing Copenhagen for a perfect Baltic itinerary.

From there, you can spend a day in Oslo, Norway, and two days in St. Petersburg to discover Russia’s riches. It will have stops at Warnemunde in Germany, Estonia’s fabled town of Tallinn, wonderful Helsinki in Finland, and the Swedish center Stockholm.

There are many other European opportunities, with stays in Italy or Spain, before cruising to the Mediterranean.

In Asia, you can spend five days touring on land while witnessing Cambodia’s temples in Phnom Penh and the majestic Angkor Wat complex at Siem Reap. And then you’ll have a 10-night return trip voyage from Singapore with stops at Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia, Phuket in Thailand, and Benoa in Bali, Indonesia.

They also include packages for China, where you can spend your five days in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai, before cruising to South Korea, Nagasaki in Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

Furthermore, Highlights of Japan cruises incorporate five days in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Yokohama, before sailing off to Xiamen in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and cruising back to Yokohama.

It’s desirable to choose a land tour to view the temples of Machu Picchu in Peru, or Brazil’s famed Iguazu Falls, with a South American journey. This cruise commences from Santiago, Chile, and sails down to the Antarctic Peninsula for spectacular cruising and stops at the Falkland Islands, before traveling north to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

While in Canada, Maple Explorer journeys can incorporate pre-or post-cruise stops of five days in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. You’ll then depart Quebec City to cruise St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic and visit ports such as Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia’s Sydney and Halifax, and New Brunswick’s Saint John in the Bay of Fundy. Finally, you’ll be carried to America’s Portland, Boston, Rhode Island, and New York. Or, you can even take the reverse course.

You can also acquire more out of a cruise throughout Australia or New Zealand with cruise trips that involve a six-day visit to Sydney, Cairns, and Ayers Rock — and sometimes Darwin, too — before or after cruising. Voyages commence either in Sydney or Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island to harbors that might incorporate Australia’s magnificent island of Tasmania; Dunedin, Akaroa, and Picton on New Zealand’s South Island and its center Wellington; and further northerly Tauranga.

Princess also extends an Alaska cruise trip to Denali National Park, exploring by Direct-to-the-Wilderness rail to its Wilderness Lodges near national parks following a seven-day voyage from Vancouver in Canada, or Anchorage, Alaska. The standard itinerary incorporates stops at Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, with picturesque cruising in Glacier Bay National Park, the largest preserved sea and landmass in the world. There’s also spectacular cruising at College Fjord.

Holland America Line

Holland America Line’s stand-out cruise-and-stay package is its Alaska Land + Sea journey, which you can book online through its own website. Other packages like the Mediterranean cruise with a leisure rail journey on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express or South American cruises with stops at Iguazu Falls in Brazil or Machu Picchu in Peru, have to be set with online travel agencies, such as Imagine Cruising or Iglu Cruise.

There’s also an Alaska voyage with a Rocky Mountaineer train trip that can be set through a diversity of operators, such as Titan Travel, Cosmos, Canadian Affair, and Saga Cruises, among others.

If you don’t prefer a lavish holiday extension, you can just add on an EXC City Stay & Overland Package. This includes a pre-cruise hotel night, flights, and transfers after you’ve scheduled a cruise. But you can only append flights and transfers if reserving online, so it might be sufficient to call the phone number on its website.

As the first cruise operator in Alaska, HAL is something of a specialist in the area. And its nine to 14-day Denali Land + Sea Journey includes a visit at its private McKinley Chalet Resort. You can find it at the gateway to Denali National Park.

It’s the only cruise company to allow land stays in the Yukon Territory, with nine to 18-day Yukon and Denali Land + Sea Journey. This covers a trip in McKinley Explorer glass-domed railcars, mining for gold, and a Yukon River cruise.

Meanwhile, a three-night visit in Denali includes a supervised Tundra Wilderness Tour. Standard cruise itineraries depart from Vancouver or Anchorage and cruise the Inside Passage to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Glacier Bay.

Mediterranean voyages from Venice stop at Split in Croatia; Greek islands such as Cephalonia, Crete, and Rhodes; Kusadasi in Turkey for tours to the Greek ruins at Ephesus; Malta, Sicily; and the Italian harbors of Naples and Civitavecchia.

South America voyages that can be purchased with a hotel stay in Iguazu Falls proceed to Chile’s Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco, and the Chilean fjords down to Glacier Alley and Ushuaia in Argentina. The ship sails past Cape Horn and up to the Falkland Islands, before proceeding on to Montevideo in Uruguay and landing in Buenos Aires. The reverse route is in progress when Machu Picchu tours are on offer.

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises no longer grants cruise-and-stay holidays on its website, but there are online travel agencies that still do. Iglu Cruise offers various destination opportunities that include voyages from Dubai in the Middle East and more extended voyages from Hong Kong through Southeast Asia and the Emirates to Southampton, San Francisco to Sydney, Brisbane to Japan, and Hong Kong and Southampton to Sydney.

Either Iglu Cruise and Imagine Cruising can extend your trip to India’s flamboyant Golden Triangle cities supported by a journey from Dubai to Southampton.

Iglu Cruise’s Desert Dunes in Dubai route commences with three nights in Dubai, supported by a voyage to Muscat, Khasab, Abu Dhabi before sailing back to Dubai. Its journey from Hong Kong to Southampton will start with a three-night stay in Hong Kong before it heads for Singapore, Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Dubai, Malta, and Lisbon.

Its San Francisco to Sydney journey begins with two nights in hotels and ends with visits to Honolulu in Hawaii, the South Sea islands of Pago Pago and Nuku’alofa, New Zealand’s Tauranga, Auckland, and Bay of Island, before coming to Sydney with an overnight on board, with a further hotel stay.

The Brisbane to Hong Kong voyage incorporates two hotel nights in Brisbane before navigating to Queensland’s Airlie Beach, Manila in the Philippines, and an overnight stay in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The six-night Golden Triangle Tour tours in Delhi for the Taj Mahal and Jaipur for its Amber Fort. A flight to Dubai will commence your cruise to Muscat, Aqaba in Jordan for a trip to Petra, Malta, followed by calls at Cadiz in Spain, before arriving in Southampton.

These holidays can be inspected online where there’s a telephone number for information and bookings.


Seabourn Journeys grant pre-and post-cruise extensions for remarkable sites that can’t be viewed properly in a one-day cruise trip. Some of these are overnight stays that are available mid-cruise or multi-day tours during the cruise. All are entirely escorted and can be scheduled by groups of two to 10 cruisers for a personalized experience.

These packages cover the following:

  • Cape Town and Kruger Park Safari Lodge packages in South Africa
  • South Pole Quest in Antarctica
  • Alaska’s Denali Experience
  • The Red Centre and Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Seabourn Journeys also highlight Asian routes like the following:

  • India’s Golden Triangle and the Taj Mahal
  • China’s Beijing, Xi’an and Hong Kong
  • Yangon, Bagan’s Temple, and Inle Lake in Myanmar
  • Cambodia’s famous city of Phnom Penh and the Grand Temples of Angkor
  • South America’s Rio, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires
  • UNESCO Splendors of Lima, Peru

Cusco and Machu Picchu accommodate cruisers with a refinement of Latin America.

Seabourn Journeys has also tallied four distinct European packages, which incorporate a 10-day pre-or post-cruise UNESCO Imperial Heritage of Europe tour for voyages beginning or ending in Copenhagen. On these voyages, cruisers will get to stay in luxury hotels in some of the continent’s superb cities: Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

Voyages from Copenhagen cover a seven-day Baltic trip to Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm. There’s additionally a 14-day Norwegian fjords cruise that cruises up to the North Cape, stopping at Tromso, Alesund, Loen, Vik, Stavanger, and Skagen. And a 14-day Northern Europe voyage includes Oslo, Amsterdam, Scrabster on Scotland’s north coast, Invergordon, Newhaven for Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Great Yarmouth.

Five-day pre-and post-cruise UNESCO Treasures of Tuscany packages — available on cruises starting or ending in Civitavecchia — carry cruisers to medieval villages and antique vineyards. Meanwhile, the six-day Venice Simplon-Orient-Express pre-cruise extension — for cruises starting in Venice — is an overnight trip from London to Venice in an opulent Belle Epoque of the Orient-Express carriage, with a hotel stay.

A fresh six-day Lakeside Gems of the Swiss Alps pre-or post-cruise package is available for journeys starting or ending in Venice. This introduces a current version of the European Grand Tour, carrying cruisers to Alpine lakes and towns.

Departures from Venice add seven-day Adriatic journeys to Vodice in Croatia, Kotor in Montenegro, and the Greek islands of Corfu, Cephalonia, Milos before landing at Athens. There are also more extended voyages with more Greek destinations and Turkish ports such as Cesme and Kusadasi.

Celebrity Cruises

From time to time, Celebrity has exclusive offers that it marks as either Cruise & Stay, Cruise & Relax, or Cruise & Explore packages. These are bespoke holidays with extra ingredients that are marketed “as is” on an occasional basis.

However, anybody who has booked with Celebrity can purchase a three-day Celebrity City Tour to attach on to the beginning of a cruise in almost all ports the cruise line voyages from, although these add-on packages are all produced by independent companies.

Sydney City Tours begins with a transfer from the airport to the hotel. Tours incorporate Sydney Harbour, where you can view the Opera House and Harbour Bridge; a tour to Bondi Beach, and shopping at The Rocks. You’ll also tour a wildlife park to observe kangaroos, koalas, and more; roam through the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Domain; and end with a three-hour farewell dinner cruise through mansions, beaches, and national parks.

You can navigate from Sydney to the South Pacific, stopping at Noumea and the Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia, and the beautiful islands of Noumea and Vanuatu.

You can also cruise from Sydney to New Zealand, checking at Melbourne before passing the Tasman Sea for spectacular cruises in Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds at the foot of South Island. Then, you’ll sail up to Dunedin, Picton, and North Island’s Wellington, Tauranga, and the gorgeous city of Auckland.

Celebrity also arranges a cruise trip to Alaska. It begins with a pre-cruise journey from Fairbanks, which includes sailing the Chena River for a day and touring the Museum of the North. This is prior to visiting the glass-domed Wilderness Express train for an evening at Denali Park Village and a Tundra Wilderness Tour the following day.

Another overnight stay in Denali is followed by a train trip to Talkeetna and an overnight stay at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. This is before you travel to Anchorage in the late afternoon the next day.

A hotel stay in Anchorage means that there’s time to hit the Alaska Native Heritage Center before embarking on the ship in Seward for a seven-night cruise to Vancouver. This includes scenic cruising through Hubbard Glacier and stops at Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Ketchikan, and the Inside Passage.

There are also connected Alaska and Canada cruise tours, highlighting Alaska sailing, a stay in Denali, and another land trip from Vancouver to Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, and Calgary. The land trip highlights stay at hotels and lodges, conducted tours, and transportation, including rail tours through the Rockies.

Finally, Galapagos Expedition Cruises come with all-inclusive land trips in Ecuador before or after your journey. Decide from either a seven-night Northern Loop or Southern Loop — both return trips are from Baltra Island.

Disney Cruise Line

A cruise-and-stay package with Disney Cruise Line is truly a dream come true for children — actually for both young and old. It consolidates a cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean with a stop at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The seven-day pre-cruise stay provides you with limitless access to all six Disney Parks: Magic Kingdom Park with six magical lands, Epcot’s 11 distinct cultures, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This brings your Disney fantasies to life, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. There’s also Disney Springs, a fusion of boutiques, restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife.

This trip is followed by a three-night cruise to the Bahamas and Caribbean, which also includes a day at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, for swimming, snorkeling, and chilling.

You can book this on Disney Cruise Line’s own website. Some online travel agents also grant Orlando accommodation and Disney Cruise Line packages. For example, Iglu Cruise offers three-night stays in Orlando with five-night voyages from Port Canaveral to Disney’s Castaway Cay and the Mexican island retreat of Cozumel, with two extensive sea days to experience the ship’s shows and entertainment.

Planet Cruise packages three-night Orlando stays with five-night Disney Cruise Line cruises to Caribbean islands such as the Tortola, St. Thomas, and Disney’s Castaway Cay, plus an extensive sea day for relaxation.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Book a fly-cruise holiday with Norwegian Cruise Line and you’ll capture a night in a hotel before you board, but for more extensive packages, you need to view them at online travel agencies.

Iglu Cruise has packages that include two nights in destinations like New Orleans, Miami Beach, Rome, or Barcelona. Meanwhile, Planet Cruise boasts fly-stay-cruise deals. It highlights a two-night pre-cruise visit at Niagara Falls, an Amtrak rail trip to New York, two nights in Manhattan, and a seven-night New England voyage on a traditional itinerary. It has stops at Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John in Canada’s Bay of Fundy, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jetline Cruise also offers the same package. Its Hawaii voyages on NCL’s Pride of America begin with three nights in a Waikiki Beach hotel in Honolulu and end with a flight to Las Vegas for a three-night stay there before traveling home.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Probably the most significant advantage to arranging a cruise and stay holiday is the chance to spend more time at a destination.

Another big benefit is the opportunity to encounter your choice of destination after dark. Although several cruise ships offer even or overnight (onboard) stays, most will have departed port before sunset.

Exchanging your cruise cabin for a hotel room also has various benefits, having more space is just one of them. A cruise and stay holiday could also enable you to experience some very distinct kinds of accommodation.

For instance, expedition cruise line Hurtigruten allows a list of pre or post-cruise Land Adventures for three or four days. This includes stays in a snow hotel, fabulous wooden cabins, regular Sámi lavvo tents, and Amazon jungle lodges.

One main drawback to preferring a cruise and stay holiday is that your stay destinations are usually confined to those within easy range of your embarkation or disembarkation ports. Of course, nothing is difficult and it very much depends on how much time you have to consume at a destination (and how much of that time you’re pleased to spend traveling). Princess cruise and land tour holidays are a perfect example of a bargain as they merge guided in-land touring with cruising.

Another potential disadvantage is that your preferred hotel will be frustrating compared to your cruise ship. Meals are also not normally covered when staying off the ship, which implies you’ll require more spending money for a two-week cruise and stay than a two-week all-inclusive voyage.

Passengers who fancy packing lots of places into one holiday might also be put off by the event that you’re going to settle fewer pins on the map if you’re employing some of your days in just one destination. Signing up for a supervised land tour or land adventure will expel the fear of missing out for those who prefer to cram maximum sightseeing into every stay.

Tips for a Cruise and Stay

  • Booking a hotel day room is a great way to connect the gap between your cruise and checking out of or into a hotel. You might also prefer to inquire about your hotel in the event of early check-in or late check-out.
  • Be sure to fully check out your transportation alternatives. If the earliest train is at 8 a.m., and you need to be on the ship and ready to sail first thing, it’s really not going to be practical.
  • Do your research. If it’s a pre-cruise holiday then do your research in advance and pull up a list of what you desire to view and do with your limited time. If it’s a post-cruise stay then prefer to know in advance what enrichment lectures your ship offers to help you discover more about your final destination. Azamara, for example, has a destination expert on all cruises.
  • Smaller ships have a wider selection of ports (and so a larger choice of destinations), so count these if you like a cruise and stay that goes off the beaten path. Expert lines such as Voyages to Antiquity place extra emphasis on enrichment, enabling their guests to explore the history and culture of their destinations.

Final Thoughts

Receive the best of both worlds with any of the cruises and stay holidays. You can cruise around the Caribbean from several destinations that include New York, Orlando, and Miami. All cruises include various stops at must-see destinations, from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico, along with world-class extravagance amenities on board.

From ballroom dancing to rock climbing, and fine dining to theatre productions, the range of cruise liners offers something for everyone.

Keep the entire family entertained on your 2021 and 2022 holidays when you book a cruise. Spend your days traversing once-in-a-lifetime destinations, unwinding by the pool, or experiencing any of the multitudes of sports and entertainment facilities. Spend your nights being stimulated by world-class shows, dining in style, or simply relaxing and pondering on your day in any of the elegant bars and lounges onboard.

There are cruise packages for all group sizes and price ranges, from budget holidays to extravagant trips. Relish the view over the ocean from your private balcony, spoil in-room service, or pick from one of many all-inclusive food and drinks packages to guarantee that everyone is fed and watered throughout the trip.

Best Cruises indian cruise

Indian Holiday Cruise

If you crave to go on a holiday and traverse the marvelous seas and the dense green surroundings of India, you can join on one of the luxury cruises that will take you through the superb yet unspoiled locations of this country.

Indians are now considering the potential of India’s boundless coastline and are reaping the benefits by coming up with a number of well-tailored cruise itineraries. A bevy of offers and destinations are on the cards to draw customers to go for cruises in India, and most border on the exquisite and unusual.

Among the famous destinations in India that you can visit are Mumbai, Goa, the backwaters of Kerala, Lakshadweep, Andaman, Sunderbans, Kochi, Maldives, Ganges River, and the River of Brahmaputra.

Here are the best cruises in India that you can get on for an adventurous journey:

Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

Sunderbans is the world’s biggest and grandest Royal Bengal tiger reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hence, it’s worth checking out.

Navigate through the mangrove ecosystems and visit the historical villages where you can witness enriching folk theatre performances by the villagers. Aboard a four-decked luxury cruise liner, you can sail your way with the MV Paramhamsa with all the modern facilities and amenities.

The journey starts from Kolkata and finishes in the Sunderbans before returning to Kolkata. The MV Paramhamsa will take passengers through turning rivers and streams of Sunderbans to give them an exceptional experience.

It is set on the vast delta created by the union of three famous rivers- Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. Vada Cruise aboard MV Paramhansa lets you cruise through the experience of roaring tigers. Consider it your fortunate day, if you catch a sight of the ‘Big Cat’ bathing while cruising through the waters of Sunderbans.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise

This cruise will carry you through the most distant water stretch in Kerala by crossing through the Vembanad Lake and the waters of Alleppey.

As a valued guest, you can experience enriching cultural performances and night transnational shows while you enjoy all the luxuries on board. You’ll also be served great cuisines prepared by the wonderful master chefs of the country.

The Oberoi Vrinda motor vessel attaches a special grace to the magical holidays on Kerala backwaters. While cruising on these exalted vessels, you can visit the famous backwater destinations of Kerala. This holds an excellent way to feel the serenity of the surrounding villages and the divine touch to God’s Own Country is by embarking on the Oberoi Vrinda.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise is a thoroughly outfitted floating villa, letting you view a superb environment and see the neighboring villages and their people from close points.

These motor vessels are purely operational in the largest extent of backwaters from Alleppy to the Kochi islands. While you’re on board, the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda will make sure that you visit a large number of canals and lakes and explore all corners of the Kerala backwaters. On your stay at the Oberoi Motor, you can enjoy recreational facilities in Vessel Vrinda like the Ayurveda massage parlor, relaxing deck, dining area, bar, and luxury cabins for the night.

Accommodation in these grand vessels is prepared in terms of eight luxury cabins that house huge beds and all modern facilities. The rooms have recreation amenities like television, DVD player, and electronic safe.

For most of your stay, the upper deck lounge of the vessel serves as the dining retreat. You can receive your breakfast on the deck while being in the sun. You can request authentic Kerala cuisine or seafood. Crabs, salad, and wine also complete the interesting menu here.

River Ganges Heritage Cruise

The water of the Ganges grants magnificent views of spiritual pilgrimage sites and the encompassing lush green forests.

The cruise is outfitted with 32 spacious rooms and a roomy terrace dining area that can hold up to 80 guests. It also has a live kitchen that serves local cuisines. This 260 km-long stretch luxury cruise will carry you through some of the best sightseeing spots. 

The great river the Ganges, also known as Ganga in Sanskrit, embodies elegance and timeless existence. For centuries, travelers searched several parts of the country through the Ganges and this is one of the reasons that the founder and director of the River Ganges Heritage Cruise, Mr. Raj Singh, chose to carry on with this tradition.

The embodiment of sophistication and luxury, Ganga Voyager extends travel encounters in the Indian Subcontinent by cruising in some of South Asia’s amazing luxury river cruise ships.

With the concept of making the trip along the ancient river routes of East India extraordinary, they have meticulously shaped up the itineraries to explore some of the most fascinating destinations from Kolkata to Varanasi. Explore new cultures, new encounters, and new destinations while you cruise on the Ganges.

Their award-winning river cruise encourages you to sail into a world of relaxation and style. With 28 well-equipped rooms, Ganges Voyager can host 56 guests. There are 35 crew members on board to make your journey carefree and only about loving memories. There are 5 categories of rooms to pick from, where you can unwind while they take you to amazing destinations.

Your cruise on Ganges Voyager is accompanied by gratifying food at their multi-cuisine dining room on the main deck. This is where their expert chefs serve their best translations of delicious cuisines.

The sun deck boasts a bar where the bartenders stir up extrinsic drinks. You can decide from their wide array of imported wines, teas and coffees, and relax in the open lounge while relishing the beautiful views outside.

M.V Mahabaahu Cruise

This luxury cruise begins from Kolkata and carries you through different tribal villages, tranquil monasteries, endless tea plantations, and other ancient destinations.

You’ll be taken through the most desirable northeastern parts of India like Assam and Tezpur on this cruise. The cruise also extends onboard amenities like a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a health spa. Well, you can also revel in cooking sessions, seeing several cultural shows and one-horned rhinoceros.

Sailing through the Brahmaputra, which is considered one of the majestic rivers of the world, on the genuinely luxurious MV Mahabaahu surely presents one of life’s magnificent pleasures. The Brahmaputra River starts in Tibet, where it is recognized as the Yarlung Tsangpo and is deemed sacred by Hindus and Buddhists alike. 

Civilizations have resided along the river for thousands of years, many of those people are isolated from each other due to the extensive forests. The Brahmaputra is the only river in India to be granted a male name and extends 2,900km from Tibet, through India to Bangladesh, where it runs into the Bay of Bengal.

This is certainly a magnificent river island system with the smallest and largest inhabited islands of the world situated in India.

It is the only traversable river in the world beneath the shadows of over 7,000 meters high, mounting snow-covered Himalayan ranges. This is also the only river connected to the Zambezi River in Africa from which elephant, jeep and boat safaris can take place in the Kaziranga National Park, named as the Serengeti of India.

Lakshadweep Cruise

Lakshadweep islands are well-known for exciting water sports, so you can surely opt for this cruise if you are an adventure junkie. Several cruises sail here, which means that you have a lot of options.

During the voyage, you will be able to visit the locals and catch a glimpse of their everyday lifestyle. You can join in turtle walking, coral reef strolling and bird viewing on some of the islands. Oh, you can also rent jet skis and water scooters to have more fun.

Those who prefer water sports and adventure pursuits will surely have a great time here. Everything from bathing to deep-sea fishing is possible.

Lakshadweep Islands is the smallest Union Territory of India, embracing just The 36 islands, islets, and atolls and the waters in between together convey 4, of space. Kavaratti is the official capital of the union territory.

“Lakshadweep” literally means a thousand islands, and it is situated about 220km from Kerala’s Malabar Coast. Most of the natives are followers of Islam, with a smatter of Hindus and Christians. Coconut farming, fishing, and coir production are the major occupations of the island people.

Out of 36 islands, only 10 are occupied by people. Several islands can only be visited during the day to traverse their flora and fauna. Meanwhile, the Pitti island is totally shifted into a bird sanctuary. Plenty of terns and turtles can also be found in this area.

The islands of Lakshadweep are abundant in wildlife and ecotourism is quickly catching up. Bird viewing and turtle walking are just some of the things you can do as a pastime here.

On the islands, tourists can go for adventure and water sports. You can also go sail on a boat, kayak, and deep-sea fishing. Water scooters and jet skis are open for rent.

There are pedal boats, kayaks, and glass-bottom ones that you can choose from in boat sailing. On a boat ride, you can easily view small corals beneath the shallow blue waters, fish that swim close to your boat, and numerous birds, too. Some agencies offer tools and crew on hire. A tour around the villages is exhilarating and you can meet the locals and socialize with them.

The Luxury Vrinda

Traverse the backwaters of Alleppey on this luxury cruise liner that grants different facilities like onboard meals and elegant luxury cabins to all its passengers. You can unwind and enjoy the wonderful scenes of the Vembanad Sea or you could catch up on off-board activities like house sailing, seeing a cultural dance, or fishing. 

The most excellent way to journey through the enchanting backwater of Kerala is to sail aboard a luxury backwater cruise. Go for the Luxury Vrinda, a luxury backwater cruise tour package by Indian Holiday to traverse the spectacular attraction of the Kerala backwaters while the vessel is coasting on the calm waters.

This cruise package of 5 days and 4 nights gives you an opportunity to explore the well-known Alleppey backwaters and the expanse around it. A trip in Kettuvallam, a popular houseboat, is a top attraction. You indulge in sightseeing, witness the way of the locals, experience sumptuous food, and so on during the tour.

Goa Cruise Destination

Goa is unquestionably one of the most famous cruise destinations in India. As the cruise sails through the glowing waters of the Mandovi River, you’ll be able to view the magnificent golden sunset along the coastlines.

While on the cruise, you’ll be given alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and pleasant delights as you pass pleasant sights of tranquil surroundings. You may even find dolphins.

Cruise in Goa provides one to explore the fascinating scenery, pristine waters, and marvel at the breathtaking landscape of the sunset. There are many types of voyages in Goa ranging from simple night cruises, elegant and sentimental dinner cruises, backwater cruises, and casino cruises. All of these normally start from Miramar Beach in Panjim.

Many Goa cruises also grant dinner options along with guaranteed enjoyment and entertainment activities that are offered throughout the day. Although this will depend upon the daytime, sunset, and moonlight.

Scheduling a cruise getaway in Goa is fairly easy as a number of them also offer online booking choices. Depending on the specifications and time that you prefer to spend on the boats, you can certainly pick a package that suits you the best.

Costa Neo Classica Cruise

This massive luxury cruise has a lot to offer for all its travelers. It rises from Mumbai and climaxes towards the Maldives. It holds 654 cabins, out of which, 428 cabins extend a pretty sea view and the rest of them even possess private balconies.

The ship has a wellness center, a swimming pool, a gym, four Jacuzzis, a library, a ballroom hall, and an onboard shopping mall too. This cruise surely has it all.

A ship where luxury reigns supreme, composed by the architect and designer Pierluigi Cerri, to embrace passengers in a mood that is extravagant and relaxed. Costa Victoria never stops to astound, as you will notice the moment you step into the Planetarium Atrium with its scenic lifts and sparkling reflections that take you up to the ship’s top decks.

The ship’s distinct style combines balanced forms with understated furnishings and magnificent construction work. It is a picturesque and welcoming ship, perfect if you want to be tempted by the sea.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

You can traverse the marvelous landscapes of rice paddy fields and bamboo on waters in the backwaters of Kerala. Get off-board to experience one of the most captivating and private tranquil boat rides in the peaceful Kerala backwaters for an unforgettable cruise.

A Kerala backwaters cruise engages you in a twisted network of rivers, inlets, lagoons, and lakes resembling the Arabian Sea coast. Delightfully picturesque and quiet, with rich wildlife on display, these cruises take place in a different landscape, with smaller boats allowing you to visit isolated areas that most tourist boats cannot.

Traversing the backwaters of Kerala is often the star of a visit to India’s southeastern part, with some 900km of waterways and lagoons creating a magnificent landscape that can perhaps be best compared to the evocative bayous of the USA. The Kerala backwaters extend from Kollam in the south to Cochin in the north and hold the state’s “rice bowl,” hence you will normally be cruising aboard a kettuvallam – a turned rice barge.

Most cruise voyages start in Alleppey, also known as the ‘Venice of the East for its extensive network of canals, with courses that depend on your embarkation and disembarkation points, the expanse of the backwaters, and the number of nights you’re employing onboard; voyages are tailor-made so you could be sailing for anywhere between just one night and a week.

Andaman Islands Cruise

Several cruise lines will take you through the dense green surroundings of the Andaman Islands. You can opt to go by yacht, a boat, a ferry, or a luxury ship cruise. You can also enjoy off-shore pursuits like snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and some other water sports.

Each island tour ensures an enriching adventure through the crystal clear waters so it will surely be quite an extravagant adventure. The cruise to Andaman is only open from the ports of Kolkata, Vizag, and Chennai.

While one can hover in the turquoise blue waters of the ocean, a view of far-sighted beaches packed with tropical palm trees, shacks, and the sun beaming at the top will cheer up more. These cruises are available in different timeline stays like 5 hours, 1-day, or 2-days, depending upon the tourists.

Andaman cruises are well-known for giving multi-amenities in the cruise itself like a cafeteria, good music, air-conditioned cabins, and bars. So, one can have a completely relaxing and peaceful atmosphere at a go. Not just that, some of the cruises are outfitted with facilities to satisfy anyone in activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing while drifting in-between waters.

Some of the cruises can also be rented for parties and make the life of people rolling while they rock on the cruise the entire night.

Final Thoughts

Enough of road trips, railway transports, and air travels, it’s time to traverse the Indian waterways.

Passionate enough to explore India over water on your next trip? Prepare for your holiday breaks soon, as the soaring temperature is just around the corner.

So, get ready, pick this list of cruise vacations in India, organize a trip to one of your favorite Indian destinations, and travel to enjoy an extraordinary holiday cruise.

Best Cruises Couples Fun cruises holiday cruise

Naturist Holiday Cruise

A non-nudist is always worried about the worst before boarding a Bare Necessities cruise. Nonetheless, this is a chance for you to gain new friends and freedom.

Apart from the prevalent understanding that nudists aren’t like most people, there’s also a more wholesome tell. They have an ostensibly carefree mentality, judging and whining less in their everyday life.

Even on nudist cruises with thousands of naked people, what you think of the nudist culture and environment will surely change. Everyone’s very welcoming, inviting, and there are also imposed and official rules that the community (and staff) implement.

If you like to cruise nude, be ready to gain new friends without having to worry about swinging.

Do I Have to be a Nudist to Join?

According to The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the majority of naturalists are college-educated people between the ages of 35 and 65. Approximately 70 percent of the passengers are repeat passengers because they had so much joy on their initial voyage. So much so that they’d prefer a nudist cruise over a regular one, unless it’s a family holiday.

The First Thing You’ll Discover: You Won’t Feel Fat

You’d think that revealing it all, or even just some skin, would exhibit what your inner critic describes as your “problem areas.” As such, a nude cruise might make you feel unattractive.

Here’s a tip: Try to give yourself about two hours aboard, and you’ll discover the opposite. Clothes are pure evil. You wouldn’t possess a muffin top if it weren’t for jeans.

Sharing the Naked Perspectives on the Nudist in You!

Au naturel voyages have been around for many years, although they have grown in popularity recently. They cater to couples who want to go naked and celebrate a carefree environment.

Aboard the ship, you will meet like-minded couples who are also having fun just like you and your partner. It’s also your choice whether you go naked or not. What’s important is that you board a cruise by an established line.

The Best Naturist Holiday Cruise

Are you ready for some clothing-optional fun?

Most adults-only cruises are for adults over 21 years of age. While the title “nude cruises” is famous slang, “clothing optional or naturist cruises” is a more precise description. Nudity or participation is totally voluntary. Instead, these cruises highlight revealing outfits, adult-only themes, and sensual behavior among adults in private. 

Discover different cultures and interesting destinations while having the ship as your home-away-from-home. Ships sail on a wide range of ports of calls and usually, the cruise line’s private island is a naked day for all passengers. The ports require clothing but also several offer topless beaches or optional clothing-optional tours. As such, they are excellent places to have a blast, meet new people, and share new encounters.

You are not required to be a nudist to sun your buns! But what an excellent way to traverse the islands. Your cruise experience varies from “mild to wild” depending on your likings. When you join a naturist holiday cruise, you can have comfort your way.

Bare Necessities’ Adriatic Odyssey Aboard the Royal Clipper

For numerous visitors to Italy, the other side of “the boot” is a riddle. But for Italians and savvy European explorers, this is where they prefer to vacation. It is also where you will be continuing your gastronomic journey of discovery on the Royal Clipper with cooking shows by a Michelin Star Guest Chef! 

Roundtrip from the island city of Venice, you’ll visit unique ports in Italy, the small republic of San Marino, passengers love Kotor, Dubrovnik, and Split, as well as new stops in nude-friendly Croatia.

You will once again enjoy cruising as it was 100 years ago, great food and an inclusive drink package*

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to cruise aboard this one-of-a-kind sailing ship to these unusual ports with the combined benefit of no black tie required. Indeed, clothes are not required!

Inspired by the tall ship, Preussen, the Royal Clipper has the fine characteristic of being the largest and only five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship. The Royal Clipper can carry 227 guests and 106 crew members with six distinct stateroom categories to choose from.

Bare Necessities Big Nude Boat Aboard the Carnival Pride

On the last day of every cruise, what’s being heard from most of the Bare Cruisers is that time really flew by. All passengers ask if they could stay aboard a little longer and the reply has always been no… until now. For our 75th charter, Bare Necessities is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind two-week voyage aboard the Carnival Pride! 

Sailing on an exclusive port, a brand-new itinerary that encompasses Colón, Cartagena, and San Juan, passengers have the chance to traverse every corner of the Caribbean – all with the continued bonus of six lazy days at sea to unwind onboard…au naturel!

Passengers have demanded a longer cruise and many of them have stretched their vacation time by taking an (admittedly less fun textile) voyage before or after their charter. European and Aussie passengers have said they want more extended cruises to make flying across the pond or from down under genuinely worthwhile.

This cruise is the solution for everyone who has said they craved more! More extra time in the sun, more crystal clear and warm water for slender dipping, more fascinating ports of call, more sea days to dip some rays, and more entertainment aboard a ship that includes passenger favorites like the chic, fast, over-the-top Carnival Pride.

Carnival Pride is the second ship in the Spirit Class which incorporates the Miracle and the Legend. Spirit Class ships are the same in layout and design but vary in decor. The ship’s theme is “Icons of Beauty” and among her numerous classic nude statues and paintings, you’ll feel right at home. The Pride has earned the Fun Ship 2.0 makeover as well as a fresh refurbishment in 2019.

The selection for dining aboard boasts an Art Deco-inspired main dining room, zen-like Bonsai sushi, and David’s specialty steakhouse. At the peak of the ship, you’ll see a 12-foot tall duplicate of the statue of David waiting to welcome you.

Opportunities for dining au naturel is possible at the Mermaid’s Grill on the Lido Deck with pretty mermaid statues embellishing the walls. They also have the incredibly famous Guy’s Burger Joint, and the deliciously sophisticated BlueIguana Cantina. Savor specialty coffees, 24-hour pizza, and ice cream, or look for something sweet at Cherry on Top.

Skinny-dip in the pools and wet yourself in the hot tubs. Enjoy a film under the stars at the Seaside Theater. Get lost in a good book, or just one another’s companionship, at the Serenity retreat.

You can take a ride on the waterslides. Music lovers can join the sing-alongs in the Piano Bar, and try not to miss the lavish song and dance productions in the Main Theater.

Dance the night away at Beauties Dance Club and experience live music shows all around the ship. Cap off the night with laughter at the Comedy Club. Activities swarm aboard Carnival Pride. Clothes-free, child-free and carefree once again while you’re onboard a Bare Necessities cruise. What could be better than that?

Bliss Nude Cruise by Royal Caribbean OASIS of the Seas

Bliss Cruise is America’s biggest adult-only, full-ship clothing-optional charter entertainment company. It has routes cruising from Florida to the Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean.

The sailing attracts numerous open-minded people such as lifestyle couples, nudists, and exhibitionists. They also cater to curious couples who want to experience something different from the regular cruise vacation.

Bliss passengers sold out the previous cruises of 2017, 2019, and even 2020 so they’ve listened to you. Bliss has chartered a ship for the biggest lifestyle party at sea onboard a recently renewed Oasis of the Seas bragging all-new cabin upgrades and improvements to its public areas you surely won’t recognize from its prior version. 

Why? Because you’ve created these floating parties the destination to witness and be seen among the most energetic, fun-loving couples at sea, all in a welcoming clothing-optional environment for fun-loving pairs.

Oasis of the Seas can make you feel like you’re in a floating city with all the activities on board. Your main guide to identifying what’s going on and when is the everyday Cruise Compass delivered to your cabin usually in the evenings.

Here are several things that the Bliss Nude Cruise November 2021 has to offer their clients:

  • Adult couples 21 or older (no kids allowed)
  • Open decks and pool areas are certainly clothing optional.
  • Clothing optional shore tours.
  • Meet & Greets to help you break the ice and socialize with people.
  • Seminars that teach and allow you to examine new areas of the lifestyle.
  • Multiple play areas to satisfy your level of pleasure and interest.
  • Evening performances and late-night dance parties in different venues.
  • Theme nights to score a little extra treat to dressing up & heading out for the night.

Bliss Nude Cruise by Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas

This is a full ship charter on the Jewel of the Seas cruising from the Port of Miami, Florida.

This is a very suitable port for various lifestyle couples. The vessel itself is clothing optional at the pools and open decks. They also boast loads of live music bands and everyday activities to help you get attached. The first-class production and DJs will make your cruise a total success. Multiple genres are staged just for you.

Educational classes and workshops are interesting. Meet and Greets help you discover like-minded pairs and play partners. Every night, there’s a theme to add some spice to the evenings, in addition to the most playrooms at sea both night and day.

Don’t delay in reserving your cabin along with over 1000 other couples. It’s never too early to book a prospective cruise.

Bliss Cruise is surely for you. If you’re a fun-loving couple, then grab this opportunity!

  • Adults aged 21 years or older (no kids allowed)
  • Outside cruise decks, sun deck, and pool and hot tub areas are totally clothing-optional, except while you are in port.
  • Clothing optional experiences and catamarans port days.
  • Meet & Greet ice breaker event to meet new couples.
  • Workshops or playshops that both interest and give you ways to freely explore new interests
  • Adult fun spaces where you can choose to satisfy your interests
  • Adult fun and evening dance parties all over the ship
  • Themed nights to let your inner fantasies emerge and try something new

Bliss Barcelona/Casablanca Voyage

This Bliss Cruise charter tours two continents: Spanish Europe and Africa as well as some of the most beautiful ports of call for 8 days/7 nights cruising round trip from Barcelona, Spain. Spanish ports extend anchorages off the hidden path such as Cadiz topped off with a magnificent port of call in Casablanca, Morocco.

Yes, Bliss Cruise has been to both places and you’ll surely love it. They’ve traveled the Spanish continent, Portugal, and spent almost two weeks recently in Morocco strolling the villages and countryside, and cities such as Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, Meknes, and the Atlas ranges. The cruise also spent a day and overnight in the Sahara in a Berber tent.

This Spanish/Moroccan experience at sea will unite you to the countries’ genuine hearts of local life and culture while the days at sea grants relationships to other open-minded, bold couples.

The ship highlights two specialty restaurants, concierge facilities, a piano bar, and a wine bar, plus a Spa and Wellness area, a coffee café, live performance throughout the ship, regular enrichment programs (like wine and champagne tasting), and this is just the “shortlist.” And did we mention beverages in the bar are included? 

Gain new friends to warm up your evening before dinner or feast all in this trendy hot spot before more playfulness and dancing or whatever your option of nightlife might be.

Finally, Bliss Cruise supplements their mischievous touch to intensify your onboard experience with the following:

  • Adults aged 21 years or older (no children allowed)
  • Meet & Greets events to help you break the ice and gain new couples.
  • Evening party and late-night dancing.
  • Sensual theme nights to score a little extra fun dressing up and heading out for the night.

Celebrity Summit – Port of Miami – Georgetown, Grand Cayman – Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

A cruise on a five-night charter from Miami is for couples who may not have enough time to travel and appreciates a value-based, fun-packed experience with other like-minded adult couples. A common complaint: Couples say “We don’t have enough time to do all the things or attend all the events we desire.”

Departure is from the Port of Miami, so be prepared to spend some extra time in town while enjoying all that the city can offer.

Their adventure at sea leaves Miami and bound for Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. At both ports of call, you can select from various shoreside events, water sports, diving, snorkeling, and clothing-optional parties on a private catamaran. These are organized so you can meet other couples and enjoy an all-over tan.

You can also fancy playtime back on board, experience specialty themes, and have excellent excuses to attend Meet & Greet events as well as fun workshops for adults only. It’s absolutely fun while on the sea with no stop signs.

You have five nights and days of action-packed holiday and educational events during the day, exquisite cuisine, and theme nights, plus late-night mischief that will keep you aroused to rock and roll.

You can take your pick from parties, receptions, Meet and Greet events as well as dining together to meet like-minded couples. Live music and DJs will set the pace so you’ll be falling into bed, totally exhausted from all the action.

Seems too busy for you? Don’t fret, you can set your own pace for fun and games. No one is grading you so be ready to let loose and has a blast.

Naturist Group Cruise from Dubrovnik to Split Croatia and Adriatic Ports

This is an accompanied European Naturist Cruise that is scheduled yearly for nudists. The holiday voyage cruises from Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia, visiting Adriatic anchorages of call for a week with a group host on board.

This yearly event is intended for nudist singles and couples cruising on an 18 cabin motor yacht, the Majestic. Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia are the main tourism hubs on the Adriatic. Although subject to revision, the itinerary includes Dubrovnik, Sipan or Slano, Korcula, Bisevo (Blue Cave), Vis, Hvar, Makarska, Omis, Split.

This naturist voyage cruises along the Croatian coast, with visits to historic towns, striking villages, and captivating islands, with lots of opportunities for nude sunbathing and swimming. Nudity is welcome and anticipated on board except when in port and during meal hours.

Premium superior motor yachts are recently-built mini grand vessels highlighting similar comfort. The 18 air-conditioned rooms are 8 to 14 square meters in size outfitted with double or twin beds, a hairdryer, and a safety deposit box. Rate covers daily breakfast. Additional refreshments and bar drinks are extra onboard. Plus dining and bar drinks in every port are extra.

Nudists Have the Key to Happiness

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the nude lifestyle is that, with every breeze, with every dip in the hot top, or with each mere sight downward, we can’t help but remember to savor the moment. And it could be that passengers don’t protest because they’re happier than an average person.

An investigation led by Matthew A. Killingsworth, Ph.D., and Daniel T. Gilbert, Ph.D., unveiled that most people aren’t concentrating on the present moment 47% of the time. However, happiness can only be encountered at the moment.

Absolutely no sexual misbehavior in public is permitted. Failure to comply may end in clients getting banned from the ship at the following port of call without refund or transportation.

Best cruises holiday cruise

Caribbean Cruise Holiday

With more than 7,000 islands to explore, the Caribbean is an astonishing place to visit. You recognize it for spots like Aruba, St. Kitts, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, all of which grant fun and sun throughout the year.

On an affordable cruise to the Caribbean, you can stroll through the cathedrals, forts, museums, and markets spread through the islands. You can also enjoy the crystal blue ocean. Meanwhile, the recommended activities in the Caribbean include touring the Sulphur Springs volcano in St. Lucia, Harrison’s Cave in Barbados, and visiting the Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

The Caribbean can be accessed year-round, but the majority of cruises sail between November and April when the weather is somewhat cooler. Nonetheless, it’s still a delightful escape from regions with cold winters.

Cruises from Florida, Texas, California, New York? There are tons of opportunities, and most lines sail to this destination. So, you won’t have any difficulty finding the right one for you.

Popular ports incorporate Belize City (Belize), which is the thrilling former capital of the country; Cozumel (Mexico), which is well-renowned for its scuba diving and Mayan ruins; and San Juan (Puerto Rico), where you can experience the fusion of colonial Old San Juan and the more modern New San Juan.

The Best Caribbean Holiday Cruises

Relaxation automatically comes standard when you pick a Caribbean cruise. You can sail away from your daily life and discover tropical bliss in the islands. Whether you prefer the Eastern, Western, or Southern region, there’s so much more to do and view during your cruise vacation.

Immerse your toes in white-sand beaches or traverse verdant mountainscapes. Bargain in local island markets for one-of-a-kind finds or visit historic attractions that grant insight into the origins of the intriguing native cultures. Go tubing down a river, plunge headfirst into refreshing waters, or zip-line through a rainforest.

All this, and even more when you decide to cruise the Caribbean.

4 Nights Caribbean Cruise Aboard the MSC Divina

  • Modern and family-friendly cruising with distinguished Mediterranean influences on everything from the line’s style and décor to cuisine and onboard enjoyment
  • From tropical island spas that relax you, to Mayan Ruins that move you, cruising to the Caribbean is an unimaginable vacation opportunity.
  • Home to the Kennedy Space Center, the Everglades, Cocoa Beach, and savory alligator meat – Canaveral Harbor, Florida has something unprecedented for everyone in the family.

The superb MSC Divina is the only ship at sea with a suite created by Sophia Loren, a legendary Italian actress, and the ship’s godmother.

The suite is furnished with photos of the actress throughout her life and highlights a bright red carpet and fittings. The MSC Divina also possesses an infinity pool along the back of the ship and a couple of Swarovski crystal staircases.

But this cruising adventure is more than just great looks. Delectable cuisine is served at each meal, from the laid-back Sacramento Tex Mex restaurant to the classic Black Crab restaurant. For fun, walk to the ship’s theater or shake it up at the night disco.

While MSC Cruises is a cruise line based in the Mediterranean, they are beginning to deliver their brand out to more destinations. The MSC Divina is now going to be based in the Caribbean year-round and leaves from Miami for itineraries all over this tropic region.

Don’t just see a movie onboard, feel it. The MSC Divina stars the XD Theater, which grants a 4D experience. You’ll take your seat in special chairs that will carry you on the adventure you see on the screen, so be sure to buckle up, because you’re in for a breathtaking ride.

Enjoy astounding views of the water girding the ship at the Galaxy Club Restaurant. Situated at the top of the ship, at night, this restaurant is known for its extraordinary experience where you eat in dim light to relish the true flavors of the food. After dinner, this spot becomes a discothèque great for a night of celebration.

4 Nights Caribbean-Eastern Cruise Aboard the Regal Princess

  • Best recognized for the Pacific Princess on the Love Boat, Princess Cruises has been leading its name in cruising and visits a wide array of destinations.
  • Take an escapade in the rainforest and sunny beach days at Princess Cays—two slices of the fabulous Eastern Caribbean cruise.
  • With incredible climate, gourmet fare, and some stupendous displays, you will find that Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades is one of the most charming ports in the entire US.

Debuted in June 2014, the Regal Princess is Princess Cruises’ most innovative ship.

This astonishing ship will be one of the biggest in the fleet and give cruisers a pack of new and exciting entertainment opportunities. For instance, the pool deck, which is intended to be the cruise line’s most prominent yet, will use water and light to entertain. It will feature water that shoots up to 33 feet in the air as the light flashes and the music plays.

The ship is also fitted with its own TV studio, where passengers can witness a taping of a cooking demonstration, comedy shows, or magic presentation — all of which will be broadcast onto the televisions in all staterooms. On top of that, there are more than a dozen spots where you can dine while onboard the Regal Princess, from the full-dress Chef’s Table Lumiere to the Gelato bar, highlighting the most gelato options at sea.

Princess Cruises lets you walk on water with their amazing SeaWalk hallmark. This is a glass walkway that is situated 128 feet above the water below. The walkway extends 28 feet over the edge of the ship as well, so when you stare straight down you see the ocean below. This incredible walkway will surely knock your socks off.

Regal Princess has done great with oceanview staterooms. All outside rooms on this ship incorporate a balcony. Feel the fresh sea breeze in the morning and catch the sunset while covered with your robe – all from your pleasant balcony.

The Regal Princess, along with her sister ship Royal Princess, is approximately 20 times larger than any other Princess vessel, so you’ll find much more space onboard. With a couple of pools, the larger-than-ever Movies Under the Stars screen, and presently a light, sound, and fountain display, you may never want to go to your stateroom.

4 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise Aboard the Celebrity Summit

  • With her innovative spaces like the Lawn and the AquaSpa, Celebrity Cruises provide their customers a taste of modern luxury.
  • From Cozumel to Grand Cayman, tropical delights are waiting on a Western Caribbean cruise.
  • In Miami, you’ll surely enjoy a small palate of the tropical weather many of you will encounter during your cruise, and you’ll see why Miami is one of the most attractive places to live in America.

Celebrity Summit was refurbished in 2019 to add innovation and feature Celebrity Cruises’ Edge-class. With the interior designer Kelly Hoppen, who outlined Celebrity Edge, all staterooms now possess beautifully updated and new amenities. The remainder of the ship is also refitted in contemporary luxury, with public areas like the Main Restaurant and Rendezvous Lounge experiencing their own incredible changes.

If you’re a suite guest, you experience the features of three exclusive areas — The Retreat Lounge, Luminae Restaurant, and the all-new Retreat Sundeck — for an intensified, pleasurable experience.

Five courses, perfectly designed by Michelin Chef Daniel Boulud and paired with exquisite wines by an expert sommelier; this is a meal you will surely never forget.

With a variety of seating opportunities from lounges to dining tables, the Sunset Bar on Celebrity Summit has been totally refitted to emit a casual country club ambiance and offers al fresco dining with superb views.

A chic new design, highlighting more than a dozen slot machines to test your luck, and an elegant new bar. For a more immersive casino action, you can join the Celebrity’s Blue Chip Club.

Designed while having the passengers in mind, the new Canyon Ranch at Sea spa on Celebrity Summit is a modified space. With fitness activity areas, salon services, and spa treatments, an indulgence to this spa will surely help you look and feel your best while you view the world with Celebrity Cruises.

Only for suite guests, The Retreat Sundeck is an all-new space produced for guests to encounter enhanced relaxation in a luxurious, isolated area of the ship. This area will highlight a new whirlpool, cabanas, and dedicated wait staff so make sure all your requirements are met.

3 Days in the Bahamas Aboard the Holland America Line’s Rotterdam

  • Tasty food and excellent service make Holland America one of the longest-running cruise lines.
  • Spend some time in the sunlight and pack your nights with tropical pleasures in the Eastern Caribbean.
  • With unimaginable weather, delectable fare, and some stupendous performances, you will see that Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades is one of the most charming ports in the entire US.

Holland America’s Rotterdam, the line’s third Pinnacle-class cruise vessel, highlights incredible dining, exhilarating entertainment, excellent accommodations, and the outstanding service mastered through 150 years of surpassing expectations.

Cruise to the world’s tropical spots with Holland America. This revered cruise line has to cruise from ports around the world like Ft. Lauderdale, Valparaiso, Barcelona, Sydney, and Montreal. All of their embarkation ports are convenient to get to with major airports and public transportation.

Holland America Line boasts of submitting an excellent variety of destinations. This cruise line reaches seven continents and over 320 ports worldwide while starting from all types of ports. This includes convenient close-to-home ports to far-away extrinsic departure ports. You can plan a unique romantic cruise to the Greek Isles or an enriching holiday in Asia.

In addition, Holland America’s relationships with Alaskan hotels and their possession of Half Moon Cay (their exclusive Caribbean island) have separated them in Alaska and the Caribbean. 

5 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise Aboard the Norwegian Pearl

  • Breaking the traditions, Norwegian Cruise Line supports freestyle cruising with a variety of specialty dining restaurants and entertainment opportunities.
  • Mayan ruins will amaze you and Jamaican fare will entertain you on a cruise to the Western Caribbean.
  • In Miami, you’ll experience a small taste of the tropical weather many of you will encounter during your cruise, and you’ll see why Miami is one of the most sought-after places to live in America.

Enjoy a totally rejuvenating event on the Norwegian Pearl. This ship has comfortable spaces, like the Tahitian Pool, where you can immerse in the sun, and the Corona Cigar Club where you’ll be granted with hand-rolled cigars and a glass of cognac.

Of course, you won’t want to miss out on a truly delightful adventure at the Mandara Spa, which offers massages, facials, and full-body relaxation. After all that leisure, you’ll be able to bust a move at the White Hot Party, Norwegian Pearl’s quintessential party event. 

Trying to look for a getaway without the requirement to fly far? Then Norwegian Cruise Line has alternatives for you. The cruise line has ships that depart from New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, and Seattle. If you want to travel abroad first, they have ships in Europe departing from Venice, Barcelona, and Copenhagen. Isn’t it time for you to sail with Norwegian?

Tour the world with the wonderful Norwegian Cruise Line that boasts over 120 different ports of call, situated in countries all over the world.

Norwegian Cruise Line is always cutting new ground in its itinerary offerings. You can pick from over 145 different itineraries, each of which has been meticulously chosen to display the destination uniquely and excitingly. Kick back on the stunning beaches of the Bahamas. Become a culinary specialist in the Mediterranean. Golf on professional bonds in Bermuda. 

5 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise Aboard The Grandeur of The Seas

  • Royal Caribbean International is recognized for ships with a wow factor. From ice skating rinks to zip lines, anything that you can think of, you will surely find it on a Royal Caribbean cruise.
  • If you’re looking for Jamaican waterfalls, interesting cultures, and cave tubing—cruise to the Western Caribbean.
  • In Miami, you can enjoy a small taste of the tropical weather which many of you will experience during your cruise, and you’ll see why Miami is one of the most favorite places to live in America.

The recently modernized Grandeur of the Seas is like a Royal Caribbean ship with a modern yet relaxing feel. The ship’s staterooms have been refitted with new bathrooms, linens, furniture, and flat-screen televisions for all passenger rooms.

The ship’s dining has also been modified to include a variety of options, from the exclusive experience of dinner at the Chef’s Table to the pristine and quick bites at the complimentary Park Café. These new traits just add to the already set and classic features like the rejuvenating Vitality Spa and thrilling rock-climbing wall aboard the Grandeur of the Seas. 

Royal Caribbean not only makes their ships have a wow factor, but they also make their itineraries just as interesting. Royal has ships based across the U.S. and in various international ports to give their passengers lots of possibilities to get to a cruise instantly and easily. Whether you cruise from Miami to Seattle or Perth to Rotterdam, there’s always a departure port for you.

With voyages to 72 countries on six continents, you can surely sail just about anywhere in the world with Royal Caribbean. This modern, innovative line offers unparalleled and exciting itineraries that are designed to wow. They also offer sailings that extend from a tropical paradise to a thrilling tundra.

Destinations include but are not limited to places like Alaska, Australia, Canada or New England, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Panama Canal, and South America. 

5 Days Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise Aboard The Carnival Sunrise

  • Fun with a capital F is what you can anticipate on a Carnival Cruise. With the most extensive fleet at sea, Carnival offers sailings excellent for the whole family.
  • Graceful weather, attractive tropical excursions, and port-intensive destinations are waiting for you in the Eastern Caribbean.
  • You’ll surely enjoy a little taste of the tropical weather which most of you will get during your cruise while in Miami, and you’ll find out why Miami is one of the most famous places to live in America.e

You don’t need to wake up early just to enjoy the sunrise aboard Carnival Sunrise, which promised to entertain and delight passengers of all ages. You will surely get your adrenaline pumping with various races down the waterslides, and then play a large version of your favorite board games on stage for rewards!

You can also wear your detective cap and solve the murder puzzle of Clue. Meanwhile, let the kids have their own blast at Camp Ocean as you unwind at the adults-only Serenity Retreat. Then take a bite at the diverse gourmet restaurants, which includes Guy’s Burger Joint, the Steakhouse, BlueIguana Cantina, and more!

No matter what you get into, you’re assured to have an astonishing time aboard Carnival Sunrise.

Beat the heat by chasing down the heart-pumping water slides. You’ll surely get your adrenaline pumping with the Twister Waterslide and be drenched by the PowerDrencher – all while owning the time of your life.

Experience a show that takes all your favorite songs and presents them in a way you’ve never seen before. You’ll be up and out of your seat swinging the whole time.

Take the whole family for a meal that’s part breakfast and part exploration into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

You’ve presumably played Yahtzee and Connect 4 since you were a child, but have you ever played an enormous version of them onstage? This is your opportunity to play your favorite games in front of a live audience for rewards!

If you have a longing for a genuine burger, then you have come to the correct place! Carnival has teamed up with Food Network celebrity Guy Fieri to form an authentic roadside burger joint, and you’ll enjoy the fresh, juicy burgers and crisp, hand-cut fries.

Do you want to dine at a more modern venue during your cruise? Then book a table at the Steakhouse for an artistic and tasty meal. You’ll surely enjoy premium cuts of beef prepared exactly how you want, as well as an extended selection of seafood, entrees, appetizers, and wine.

Perhaps you’ve attempted sushi on a cruise before, but you’ve never had it like this! You’ll experience the great menu of delectable sushi and sashimi, along with rolls, soups, sides, shakes, and desserts.

Craving for Mexican food? Then go to BlueIguana Cantina for freshly cooked tacos and burritos.

Final Thoughts

The sun-kissed sands of the Caribbean are calling! Relax on superb white sand beaches beset by crystal clear waters, explore the ancient treasures of the Mayans, or let your worries melt away while relaxing to steel drum harmonies. Discover the best Caribbean cruise to satisfy your vacation desires.

All seasons have a personality of their own. Summer is the perfect time for family to have some fun in the sun, while fall calls the adventurous to bathe themselves in the islands. Winter is highlighted by festivals and other celebrations. Spring is the ideal time for renewal and relaxation.

Cruise the Caribbean throughout the year, and you’ll surely discover a different side of the Caribbean each time, complete with the unique experiences that a Caribbean cruise has to offer.

Best cruises Cruise deals holiday cruise last-minute cruise deals

Last-Minute Holiday Cruise

Sometimes, you just don’t know when you’re going to have your time off. Luckily, we have listed last-minute cruise opportunities that will set sail soon.

If you’re capable of leaving at a moment’s or a week’s notice, you could get huge savings on your holiday with last-minute cruise discounts. Sometimes, you’ll also be ready to score last-minute cruise deals because of a cancellation, so you might see yourself in the best stateroom on a fantastic ship for a tiny price.

Cruising away to amazing ports and countries is adventurous and loads of fun! When someone asks if you have plans for the weekend, wouldn’t it be awesome to tell them that you’re sailing on one of many cruises to the Caribbean or Europe?

How to Book a Last-Minute Cruise

Whether you’re looking for a great deal or hoping for a quick holiday getaway, there are reliable ways to secure a cruise at the 11th hour.

However, booking a cruise at the last minute isn’t as simple as it used to be. Would-be cruisers have been securing their trips earlier than ever, thanks to early booking notices.

At the same time, several cruise lines have walked away from the practice of offering large discounts to load empty cabins in the final weeks before sailing. Instead, they usually try to maintain their prices at a base level even if it expects some cabins to go unsold.

The effect is that last-minute bookers are having a tougher time finding the type of cabins they desire on ships and the itineraries they want for a better price.

Still, all is not lost for those wishing to catch the waves on short notice. Whether you’ve hesitated in making your cruise plans or just love to travel on a whim, there are various ways to find and book a last-minute voyage.

You should understand the “booking window”

While cruise ship cabins are always booked up further in advance, the cruise “booking window” or the number of days between the moment a customer settled his schedule and a ship sails has broadened considerably.

The booking window can be as long as six months. This means a large percentage of cabins on any given cruise is already booked up, even three or four months out. That said, the booking window fluctuates broadly by itinerary.

Michelle Fee, CEO of Cruise Planners, one of the nation’s biggest travel agency networks, announces that the booking window is now a full year out for extended itineraries in faraway places such as Asia. But it is three to six months for shorter or closer-to-home trips. The recent category of cruises is where you’ll find the most luck spotting last-minute cabin availability and deals.

Try to look at the slow weeks 

You’re more likely to discover last-minute space on ships at fair or even rock-bottom prices during the slow seasons.

In the Caribbean, that would be during the fall season, when kids are back at school and hurricane-season worries are keeping some travelers away. In Alaska, where the cruise season only continues a few months between May and September, the first few weeks and last few weeks of that season are good hunting grounds for a last-minute deal.

Consider a repositioning cruise

Cruise lines sometimes require ships to move long distances between larger markets, resulting in “repositioning cruises” with unique itineraries that often are difficult to sell and, thus, available at the last minute.

Several lines move vessels from the Caribbean to Europe in the spring, for example, and then back to the Caribbean in the fall. These lead to long, one-off sailings with lots of sea days that only interest a small subset of cruisers. 

Repositioning sailings between Europe and Asia in spring and fall are another ideal spot to try to look for last-minute deals. Some cruise-focused websites such as VacationsToGo.Com present tabs placing last-minute repositioning cruises that you can classify by date and price.

Be flexible

If a cruise line is doing its revenue management properly, there always will be at least a few cabins open on any given voyage as the sailing date comes near.

It might not be the sort of cabin that you desire (a coveted midship balcony, for example) or at the price you were expecting to pay. But if you don’t mind the cabin type, the destination, cruise line, or ship, you’ll have a much easier time obtaining a last-minute deal.

Cruise Planners’ Fee states premium cabins such as suites, connecting cabins (popular with families), and rooms that have a third or fourth berth frequently are the first to sell out for any given voyage. But you never know what will be open when it comes to the last few weeks before the actual cruise.

Keep it close to home

The biggest difficulty to booking a last-minute cruise sometimes isn’t locating the right ship at the right price. Rather, it’s finding flights to get to that ship at the best price.

This is particularly real if you’re buying for a last-minute cruise that is far from where you live. The solution? Try to look at sailings in ports that you can reach by car or via an air route that is quick and cheap. 

For vacationers on the East Coast, that might suggest sailings out of New York or Boston. For a West Coaster, it could indicate sailing from Los Angeles or San Diego. 

Watch the news

Nearly every year there are one-off events–a terrorist attack in a European city, a major hurricane in the Caribbean–that make cruise bookings in a particular area freeze up. Some situations cause waves of cancellations.

When this occurs, cruise lines normally roll out last-minute deals just to get people booking again. In the wake of this year’s ban on Cuba cruise calls, for example, cruise lines were forced to leave the island from itineraries on short notice, setting off a wave of cancellations for trips that covered at least one Cuba call.

To get passengers back on board the affected ships, now sailing shifted routes, the cruise lines have been offering pretty good deals.

The Best Last-minute Holiday Cruises

Whether you’ve had some free time suddenly come up or you’ve been expecting to book a late holiday, there is always something very exciting and spontaneous about choosing to jump onboard a last-minute cruise.

Maybe you already know where exactly in the world you would like to visit and you have been expecting the best, last-minute cruise deal, or maybe you’ve been encouraged by our series of last-minute cruise deals to visit a place you’d never been before. Wherever you choose to go, you’ll surely be amazed at how much money you can save.

3 Nights Bahamas Cruise Aboard the Carnival Conquest

Cruising aboard Carnival Conquest takes you on a holiday at sea to an art form. The ship displays genuine mastery of the craft with an onboard photomontage of comedy scenes for you to enjoy. There’s fun everywhere you look, from the dance club (excellent for people-watching) to the entertainment lounges (ideal for show-watching). 

The Taste Bar presents small bites with great flavor, and the Alchemy Bar serves up not only one-of-a-kind beverages but a full experience for your senses. There’s even The Punchliner Comedy Club, which renders stand-up comedians a microphone and a spot to showcase their fun talents with puns for your enjoyment. And let’s not skip Seuss at Sea, which directs classic Dr. Seuss stories and characters into huge fun for all. 

You don’t have to be able to describe a Monet from a Renoir to dine in the two cunning dining rooms, you just need to be hungry. You don’t need a performing arts degree just to experience lively musical shows onstage at Playlist Productions, but you can assume you’re encountering art from your seat. 

You are not even required to learn a rule book just to enjoy Hasbro, The Game Show, where huge fun wins the stage in a live game show anyone can enjoy. With exquisite food, bars, and entertainment, Carnival Conquest has a spectacle for everybody.

3 Nights Caribbean Cruise Aboard the MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia is full of extraordinary features for the entire experience at sea in any season. 

Enjoy excellent dining options and out-of-this-world performance with new picturesque areas, an innovative ocean-view lounge, a two-deck inside promenade with an LED dome, and a thrilling amusement area connected to an outdoor water park. Also, MSC Meraviglia is one of the four ships that cruise to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, MSC’s private Bahamian destination. 

You can experience amazing shows that are presented in highly sophisticated venues like the Carousel Lounge and the multi-purpose karaoke bar, comedy club, TV studio and bar. Younger guests will enjoy the amusement park and sports center. The whole family can have hours of enjoyment in one of the most exhilarating water parks at sea.

3 Nights Western Mediterranean Cruise Aboard the MSC Splendida

Eco-ship MSC Splendida carries you on an enchanting voyage, bringing you to the very sought-after destinations in the world while being pampered on a beautiful destination in her own right. 

You’ll surely enjoy the live music and the amazing variety of designer-themed bars and restaurants with various gourmet choices to explore, from genuine Mediterranean specialties to spicy Tex-Mex. End the night with a world-class show in The Strand Theater, a winning streak in the Royal Palm Casino, or sway in the Club 33 Disco. 

There’s also a wide range of sports facilities that includes four swimming pools, a jogging track, a squash court, and a very modern gym with the latest equipment. Soothe your body and mind in the fascinating MSC Aurea Spa with indulging Balinese massages, thalassotherapy, high-level beauty treatments, a Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool, and solarium.

Sunbathe in the tranquillity and privacy of the adults-only Top 18 sun deck allowing stunning sea views, its dedicated spa service, and bar menu with gratis fruit skewers, while Kids and Teens naturally enjoy marvelous facilities and clubs of their own. 

Relaxing in the prestigious foredecks, there’s the private MSC Yacht Club, a luxurious ship-within-a-ship with 71 large suites with its Concierge Reception, 24-hour butler assistance, private Top Sail Lounge, pool deck, and bar.

5 Nights Eastern Caribbean Cruise Aboard the Carnival Magic

With a whole length of 1,004 feet, this one exceeded the Dream class idea of a large-scale, bow-to-stern cruise ship. It also features the food-and-entertainment area Ocean Plaza, the splashy fittings of Carnival WaterWorks.

It also boasts The Lanai, a comfortable, picturesque half-mile outdoor wraparound promenade deck. In other words, a journey aboard the Carnival Magic has no shortage of its namesake! 

It’s no surprise that Carnival Magic debuted all-new ways to have a good time onboard and keeps on proving it with the outdoor fitness-and-fun of SportSquare, highlighting the world’s first lines course at sea. 

This is also the vessel that catered the world to Cucina del Capitano, which serves up Italian favorites suited for a captain. And who can skip their initial taste of RedFrog Pub, with its laid-back ambiance. There’s also the private, savory beer, ThirstyFrog Red.

Staying with the times, Carnival Magic now even features fleet highlights like Guy’s Burger Joint, BlueIguana Cantina, Alchemy Bar, RedFrog Rum Bar, and the first-of-its-kind Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse. 

Carnival Magic has a tale of rousing good things while urging you to share them with guests.

3 Nights Pacific Coastal Cruise Aboard the Majestic Princess 

Sail aboard Majestic Princess® and experience the top picks you’ve always loved as well as interesting additions including two specialty restaurants with dinner menus designed by two Michelin-star awarded chefs. 

From the time you step aboard, it wants you to feel embraced and right at home. And with thoughtful service from a courteous staff that knows what hospitality means, you’ll find that the Princess® ship is your home away from home. 

4 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise Aboard The Independence of The Seas

This is surely a “no” to FOMO. Independence of the Seas® is supplying the Caribbean with a dose of unique adventures on a holiday getaway. 

Propel yourself into a virtual experience on the Sky Pad® bungee trampoline adventure. Then proceed head to head in a glow-in-the-dark laser tag encounter in Battle for Planet Z℠. You can spend your wonderful time and game-changing grub at Playmakers℠ Sports Bar & Arcade. 

And while onshore, keep the adventure running strong at a private destination that’s ultimately blended with thrill and chill — Perfect Day at CocoCay.

3 Nights Bahamas Cruises Aboard The Freedom of The Seas

The Augmented Freedom of the Seas® is truly as wow-worthy as the destinations it sails to. Top-rated shorelines. Bow-to-stern flourishes. The best of both worlds fused together for an all-in-one experience on the Amplified Freedom of the Seas®, sailing from Cape Liberty and Miami. 

Explore postcard-perfect destinations in the Great White North and picturesque tropical destinations across the Caribbean in between exceptional thrills onboard. This includes adrenaline-pumping slides and rides directly on the deck.

There’s also a new pool scene that was created to level up your time in the sun and fresh, genuine flavors that will satisfy any craving.

4 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise Aboard Celebrity Summit

As the $500 million fleet-wide modernization plan of Celebrity Cruises began, Celebrity Summit® has just created bigger waves in the cruise world. 

From fitting a brand-new stateroom and upgrading the design concepts and technology all throughout the ship to uniting The Retreat, an exclusive type of suite, the new venues, coupled with the award-winning Luminae, are sure to satisfy.

Glide into new eXhale bedding highlighting CashmereSM mattresses that will girdle you in luxury—literally.

Marvel at entirely distinct bathroom modernizations. You can wine and dine-in at the refurbished restaurants and lounges, such as the main dining room, Oceanview Café, Sunset Bar, and Rendezvous Lounge. Abandon your senses in the recently redesigned spa. Shop in new retail boutiques. 

The Celebrity RevolutionSM will surely transform the way you see the world aboard Celebrity Summit®.

5 Nights Mexico Cruises Aboard the Grand Princess

With its brand new top deck dining areas, Slice Pizzeria, The Mix, Salty Dog Grill, and Coffee & Cones, you’ll surely have even more tantalizing possibilities to choose from during your stay on board Grand Princess. 

You can relax at The Sanctuary, a peaceful haven only reserved for adults, you can also enjoy Movies Under the Stars® poolside, or watch an award-winning Broadway-style production program in the refitted and sophisticated Princess Theater, highlighting an even more immersive audio experience.

4 Nights Orient Far East Cruise Aboard the Costa Serena

The innovative Costa Flagship will be the vessel of space and light. Its name signifies harmony and serenity. The tranquil Samsara Spa glosses over two decks and is a refuge of wellness and relaxation. 

The stunning Samsara Suites have uninterrupted access to the Spa. Over 500 cabins will have balconies. Pick from 13 bars and 5 restaurants. There are 4 swimming pools, two of which have retractable glass roofs. The decks are large and panoramic, and the chic public areas are designed with your pleasure and relaxation in mind.

Which cruise lines are famous for last-minute availability?

Fee states that most last-minute sales appear on the larger ships leaving from U.S. home ports on Caribbean cruises. We’re talking cruising on the giant ships of the Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and some other similar lines.

It’ll be more difficult to spot a last-minute spot (let alone a deal) on one of the smaller luxury ships operated by the likes of Regent Seven Seas Cruises or Crystal Cruises, which most passengers book up far in advance.  

How to time your search?

A great time to begin looking for last-minute deals is about 90 days before the actual cruise. This is the “final payment” deadline for several cruises–the period where customers who have put down deposits on voyages must be settled.

After the deadline, cruise lines have a more solid idea of how many cabins they have left to be sold, and they alter the pricing accordingly. If a ship is heavily booked after the final payment, charges for the remaining cabins will stay the same if not higher. If there are a surprisingly large number of cabins left to sell, the price could come down.

The final payment deadline is modified by line and itinerary. At Royal Caribbean, it’s 75 days for a shorter cruise. Regent Seven Seas chops things off as far out as 150 days on some trips.

Final Thoughts

The pricing you spot online for last-minute cruises does not differ too much, whether you’re buying directly with a cruise line or at an online travel agency. But you sometimes can receive a greater deal if you pick up the phone to call a travel agent straight away.

Large cruise-selling travel agent networks, like Cruise Planners and Avoya Travel, frequently have access to lower “group rate” charges or added-value perks. This includes free beverage packages that cruise lines won’t allow travel agents advertise online.

Best cruises Cruise deals holiday cruise travel insurance

The Best Travel Insurance for Your Holiday Cruise

With cruise lines performing test cruises and declaring new departure dates, it’s time to start booking your next trip.

In the last few years, travel insurance has grown to be one of the most popular insurance products available. For one, it is remarkably cost-effective. It’s essentially indispensable on international trips and ideal for travelers of all ages and occupations.

Hence, it gives you peace of mind when traveling.

Travel insurance gives a good backup, particularly on cruises, where medical claims tend to be more high-priced than other trips. A travel insurance policy can protect you from a range of unexpected situations while you’re traveling.

Whether you’re looking for trip cancellation coverage to refund the costs of hotels, flights, and other pre-paid and non-refundable trip expenses you already paid, or if you require medical expense coverage to protect you from the huge costs of overseas treatment and hospitalization, a travel insurance policy can certainly reduce your risks.

Travel insurance is essential for travelers who need a solution to protect themselves from unforeseen situations that could alter their travel plans.

Whether you’re planning on going solo or with a group of friends or family, insurance companies can help you find a suitable domestic or international travel insurance policy that matches your needs. You can analyze all of your trip insurance options, obtain coverage online, and travel worry-free.

The best travel insurance policy gives you peace of mind no matter where your journeys take you. You’ll know where to go if something goes wrong, with 24/7 emergency support from your trip insurance provider.

It can be difficult to know where to start when searching for a travel insurance policy. There are many distinct variables involved in the quote procedure and insurance carriers extend a variety of plans and coverage levels to choose from. Nonetheless, an ideal policy grants sufficient coverage at a fair price.

Tips for Buying the Best Cruise Insurance

Whether it’s your first cruise or one of several, having the appropriate travel insurance is important. The common reasons cruise passengers make insurance claims are trip cancellation, travel medical charges, and trip interruption coverage.

Here are excellent starting points for coverage you’ll apparently want in a cruise insurance plan:

Trip cancellation insurance

This refunds you 100% for the pre-paid and non-refundable deposits you spend if you have to cancel for a ground covered by the policy.

Trip interruption coverage

This will compensate you a percentage of the unused trip expenses, such as 100%, 150%, or 200% of your tour is cut short because of ailment, injury, death, or other reasons.

Emergency medical expenses

This refers to medical expenses due to injuries and illnesses you get while on the trip. The best travel insurance plans have $500,000 in travel medical insurance, but you might find $100,000 to be enough for a cruise.

If you’re a senior, good travel medical coverage is vital. That’s because U.S. health plans commonly have very insufficient or no coverage outside the country. And Medicare doesn’t include medical care outside the U.S., with only very thin exceptions.

The medical benefits of a travel insurance policy can assist to cover any sudden accidents and illnesses. This can include treating a jellyfish sting from a snorkeling excursion or acquiring antibiotics for an unexpected illness like strep throat.

Make sure the travel insurance plan you purchase covers your pre-existing conditions. You can accomplish this by preparing a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver, but this requires to be added within 14 to 21 days (depending on the company) after arranging your initial trip deposit.

Emergency medical evacuation coverage

This comprises the costs to get you to the closest adequate medical facility or even back home if it’s medically needed.

If a consumer is cruising to a more isolated location, or one with poor quality or insufficient health care options, a supplemental evacuation insurance plan can be a huge plus. After all, normal air ambulance bills can easily rise to more than $40,000.

Cancel for any reason coverage

Canceling for reasons that aren’t registered in the policy isn’t covered unless you have already bought cancel for any reason coverage. This usually reimburses you 50% or 75% of trip expenses and lets you cut the trip for any reason you have.

Travel insurance, in general, is created to protect the consumer from the unexpected. So, if you think there is a situation that may affect your trip, you may want to reconsider a policy with a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) choice.

These are offered by certain types of travel companies, sometimes at an additional cost. Some grant cashback while others let you get a refund.

Additional coverage

You can add other insurance as required, such as lost/damaged luggage coverage. Discuss with your travel insurance agent to meet coverage to your particular requirements and concerns.

What a Better Prepared Cruise Voyager Should be Doing?

Here are other ideas for cruise passengers:

  • Always check the expiration dates on your passports and be informed of possible travel insurance claims in other countries well before you leave.
  • Obtain an international plan from your cell phone or data provider for the course that you’ll be away. The cost you spend for calls and data through the cruise lines are expensive, and this will allow you to operate smoothly when in ports.
  • Make sure you’re up to speed on the entry claims for the destinations you’ll be visiting. This often covers vaccinations or inoculations needed for certain places. You won’t be permitted to get off the ship if you don’t meet the country’s requirements, or in some instances, you won’t be permitted to step on the ship if you’re missing certain requirements.
  • Ditch the water bottles that aren’t filled with water at home. Most cruise lines are cognizant of this method and will confiscate your ‘liquid’ if it’s flammable.


To get the best cruise insurance, we’ve evaluated the best travel insurance plans with at least $100,000 in travel medical coverage and at least $250,000 in medical evacuation. We scored them according to the following determinants:

Price (50% of score)

We studied travel insurance rates for a 10-day $5,000 Holiday cruise for a couple and also a family, living in California, Florida, New York, and Texas. We gave weight to charges for the couple.

Coverage benefits (50% of score)

We obtained the following benefits, providing weight to travel medical coverage and emergency evacuation coverage, COVID-19 coverage, and cancel for any reason benefits: Emergency medical charges, cancel for any reason availability, Covid coverage, medical evacuation, luggage delay, luggage loss, missed connection, non-medical evacuation, travel delay.

Best Travel Insurance for Your Holiday Cruise

Listed below are the best travel insurance you can apply for before going on a cruise:’s mission is to help simplify the difficult world of travel insurance for consumers. They aim to provide travelers with the simplest way to compare and purchase trip insurance coverage from top-rated providers online.

Unforeseen costs are likely to befall any trip, and in some cases, these costs can be very expensive. Flights are delayed or canceled, hotels are double-booked and travelers get ill. It’s difficult to plan for everything, particularly during longer trips.

However, it is likely to protect yourself from many general costs with a protective travel insurance policy. Travel insurance includes the costs of hospitalizations, trip cancellations and dozens of other unforeseen events. A trip insurance policy can compensate for almost any cost during your trip, giving you peace of mind. helps you obtain a suitable travel insurance policy that meets your needs and budget. Their easy-to-use online travel insurance matching tool allows you to compare the costs and coverage levels of different policies from major insurance companies in only a few minutes. Best of all, you can purchase directly through their website and obtain your policy via email within minutes.

Their simple online form collects basic information, including age and other factors that could impact the costs of travel insurance. This information is presented to several insurance companies who return quotes for multiple types of coverage. The quotes are then presented in a simple, easy-to-browse setup to determine an appropriate policy.

In only a few minutes, you’ll be capable of viewing and comparing a variety of plans without filling out lengthy paperwork.

Comparing rates is an excellent way to stay notified while you’re buying an insurance policy. You’ll see all of the benefits available from major providers, including add-on coverages, multiple coverage limits, deductibles, and much more. And their comparison tool is, by far, the quickest way to find a reliable travel insurance policy at the right price.

They also offer other means to help you understand travel insurance before you select which policy to purchase. Their article base can be greatly helpful if you don’t understand specific contract terms or if you have questions about particular types of travel insurance coverage.

By learning how travel insurance works, you’ll be able to tailor your coverage to satisfy your needs.

Whether you’re touring for business or pleasure, the last thing you’ll require during your trip is the weight of unexpected hotel expenses, lost baggage or hefty medical bills. Their goal is to provide you with the resources that you need to bypass these costs by obtaining a suitable travel insurance policy.

Generali Global Assistance

As a member of the Assicurazioni Generali Group, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, they pride themselves on providing a straightforward approach to insuring and servicing millions of customers every year.

They are also part of The Europ Assistance (EA) Group, which established the travel assistance industry in 1963 and proceeds to be the head in providing real-time assistance anywhere in the world, carrying their motto #YouLiveWeCare. 

When you’re traveling, the best support creates a world of difference. At Generali Global Assistance, they pride themselves on providing the support that is essential for happy and safe travel. Their travel protection plans are formed on the diverse requirements of today’s travelers and are composed to help you travel smarter.

Insurance coverages are supported by the Generali U.S. Branch.

They encourage you to scan through their sister companies in the Generali Group. They may be able to support you with a range of services you require, from identity theft protection to caregiver connection.

One of the most significant parts of their travel protection plans is the access you receive to their network of employees and partners 24/7. This is to provide you the most reliable travel and emergency assistance services no matter where you are in the world.

Their award-winning team is always able to help, whether you’re purchasing a plan, require concierge services, or need emergency assistance on a trip. 

Squaremouth Travel Insurance

Using their comparison engine and over 87,000 customer reviews, travelers can scan, compare and buy travel insurance online. All policies acquired through Squaremouth come with our Zero Complaint Guarantee.

Founded in 2003, Squaremouth has consistently been distinguished nationally and internationally for its business growth, company culture and benefits, and customer service.

Squaremouth is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, with annexes in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their staff is emphasized as topic specialists in national publications, including The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today.

Squaremouth’s award-winning culture is established around company-wide transparency and collaboration. Everything at Squaremouth – from our office organization to employee salaries – is open. Major company settlements come down to a group vote, including company trips and booking decisions.

To highlight the value of reading policy documents from start to finish, Squaremouth granted one client $10,000 in a secret contest for being the first to read hers. Then, they gave another $10,000 to a children’s education charity and $5,000 each to two schools.

Squaremouth, a brand that puts a focus on customer service, rewards 20 excellent customer service providers in St. Petersburg, Florida with $1,000 cash tips. Then, one won an additional $10,000 as the Thank You Campaign’s grand prize winner.

AXA Assistance USA Platinum Plan

The AXA Assistance USA Platinum plan is everything the Gold is and more.

While you own all the standard comprehensive benefits you’d require, like trip cancellation, baggage protection, and trip delay, you also have discretionary add-ons. This includes Cancel for Any Reason and rental car collision assurance. But we recommend verifying with your rental car company to see if they will allow this type of insurance before purchasing it.

For athletic travelers, this plan incorporates coverage for lost golf rounds, lost skier days, and sports gear rental. Specifications about these coverages can be seen in the full plan certificate.

The AXA Assistance USA Platinum plan also includes all-natural disaster or man-made disaster coverage that provides potential reimbursement. This is ideal if your main residence or accommodations at your destination becomes uninhabitable. They also have bankruptcy coverage for the financial failure of your travel suppliers.

Like the other AXA plans, Platinum incorporates Travel Assistance Services, which cover Medical Repatriation and Political and Security Emergency Evacuation.

  • AXA also adds their “White-Glove” Concierge Services that features the following:Restaurant and accommodation referrals and reservations
  • Entertainment information and ticketing
  • Golf course information for referrals and tee occasions
  • Luxury rental information

Trawick International Safe Travels Voyager Plan

The Safe Travels Voyager is created for those who are searching for the highest available benefit limits to protect your trip. This plan has $100,000 trip cancellation coverage and a $250,000 per person limit for Primary Medical Coverage. It also covers Pre-Existing Medical Conditions on plans acquired before or with final trip payment.

Other benefits include minimum coverage of $2,000 for possible accommodations or lodging expenses and COVID-19 medical fees. It also meets the Costa Rica Travel Insurance Requirements.

The Voluntary Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) grants reimbursement for 75% of the prepaid, non-refundable, forfeited payments you spent for your trip if you cancel your trip for any cause not listed in the policy. However, you should file it with your initial policy and within 21 days of the trip deposit date. To qualify for the CFAR benefit, you must register your entire trip cost. As for CFAR trip cancellation benefits, you must cut your trip in its entirety, at least 2 days before your scheduled departure date.

This plan is only open to U.S. Citizens and U.S. Residents and can be acquired for trip costs up to $100,000. It adds $250,000 of primary Medical Coverage and a Trip Delay of $2,000 for accommodations/lodging charges. 

Best Cruise Insurance FAQ

Do I require a special cruise insurance plan?

You don’t need a travel insurance plan that’s particularly for cruises. Any suitable travel insurance plan with excellent medical benefits can work well for a cruise.

Can you purchase cruise insurance after booking?

You can purchase cruise insurance after booking your trip, or even just before departure. The only downside to waiting is that you likely won’t be able to incorporate pre-existing medical conditions, and you’ll miss the option to cancel for any reason.

Purchasing right after your book also lets you secure trip cancellation coverage right away.

Can I cancel a cruise without any insurance?

You can cancel a cruise but you may have to spend a cancellation penalty for the cruise and flights. You could also lose the expense of pre-paid shore excursions. If you don’t own travel insurance for these losses, verify the credit card you used for booking. Some credit cards also include trip cancellation coverage.

Final Thoughts

Don’t go on a cruise without purchasing travel insurance. However, you should also pay attention to what’s written in the policy. Make sure that your insurance covers you adequately for medical evacuation, medical treatment onboard, and other misfortunes like missed connections, stolen luggage, delays, and cancellations.

If you don’t have enough money to pay for cruise travel insurance, then you probably can’t afford to travel. It’s just not worth the risk of coming back home with a bill worth thousands of dollars because your trip went south.

Travel insurance companies note that travel insurance plans also generally incorporate your lost deposits if a travel supplier goes out of business. You won’t obtain this in a travel insurance policy marketed by cruise lines themselves, which also normally exclude pre-existing conditions from medical coverage.

Rizvi at Nationwide Insurance suggests that you buy your plan when you book your trip. That’s because it prevents you from jeopardizing your safety while traveling.

In most traveler’s experiences, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The peace of mind is always worth the extra cost.

Best cruises holiday cruise

Holiday Cruises in The Pacific Islands

As we become more hopeful about the resumption of cruising post-COVID, it is time to reflect on what the holiday season holds. Don’t ignore your New Year resolutions to be out of the country next Christmas!

Discover an island oasis that’s wild, rich, and brimming with life in the South Pacific. The South Pacific islands are the representation of paradise, and the bounty of wildlife is sure to capture your lust for adventure.

Shores of warm, powdery white sand and aqua waters are girdled by tropical rainforests and gliding mountains. The world’s second-largest double barrier reef encompasses the islands of New Caledonia, where a lagoon abounds with a kaleidoscope of fish and sea life. Majestic humpback whales travel between the islands of Tonga, the only South Pacific area to escape conquest.

In addition, the Loyalty Islands have a natural beauty that will spark your imagination, while the friendly locals will certainly make you feel right at home. Cruise to the South Pacific to enjoy some island time and relax into the uncomplicated life.

There are so many wonderful choices, so we have chosen our favorite itineraries to hone your appetite.

Picture Perfect Pacific Islands by Oceania Cruises

To have a luxury Polynesian experience to remember, start with two nights on unspoiled Moorea before boarding on an epic journey across the vast Pacific Ocean. You can cap it by sailing under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into pretty San Francisco.

Along the way, engage yourself in stunning scenery, roam along powder sand beaches, snorkel with astonishing marine life and learn of the fascinating history that shaped the Pacific Isles, from famed painters to powerful war machines.

South Pacific Cruises by Celebrity Cruises

The South Pacific embraces a massive area, making it difficult to visit a large piece of the region in one vacation. So much so that when you cruise to the South Pacific, the itineraries are jam-packed with tropical island ports of call and extrinsic adventures.

First, where precisely is the South Pacific? This superb region of the world is positioned in the Pacific Ocean, in the southern hemisphere. The South Pacific ranges between Australia and South America and surrounds Australia and New Zealand in the southwest of the Pacific to Hawaii. When it comes to South Pacific cruises, most people imagine the honeymoon-worthy destinations of Bora Bora and Fiji, but there is so much more to the South Pacific than just those common islands.

For most tourists, the stars of a cruise to the Pacific Islands are collected on the salty water girding the islands that appear in a rainbow of blues. On land, you’ll discover rainforests, historic sites, and white sand beaches to traverse.

Tahiti, French Polynesia & South Pacific Cruises by Princess Cruises

There’s more than one paradise to be discovered on a South Pacific cruise. It’s where hidden treasures like “Mystery Island” and the Tuamotu Archipelago attract exploration.

Choose a Tahiti cruise and other South Pacific cruises and you’ll not only find the pearls of the South Pacific, but you’ll also be submitted to its wonderful color, culture, and flavors through unparalleled programs onboard and ashore that will transform you forever.

French Polynesia Cruise in The South Pacific by Responsible Travel

Motivation for Paul Gauguin and Robert Louis Stevenson, French Polynesia seems too wonderful to be true. It’s time to go there yourself and leave facts from fiction. What better alternative than on a ship which carries vital supplies to the six inhabited Marquesas Islands as you cruise?

Usually, French Polynesia’s the Marquesas Islands are very difficult to reach. But not when you’re on this particular ship, which is a blend of freighter and cruise ship. That’s because it is packed with essential supplies.

You’ll reach 14 stops in 14 days, while the crew is busy unloading cement and dry stores and pulling up mind-boggling numbers of dried coconut meat (copra) and fresh fruit. You’ll be experiencing Polynesian music, feasting on slow-cooked dishes pulled from underground ovens, and seeing the most prominent stone tikis outside of Easter Island.

You’ll set off from Tahiti and travel north to Takapoto atoll (Fakatopatere), before a day at sea to arrive at the remote Marquesas and the islands Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Tahuata, and Hiva Oa – where Gauguin was motivated to create some of his most famous paintings.

You’ll identify that you’re fully in the Marquesas Islands when you notice the spiky mountain crown of Ua Pou island, “like the summits of some ornate church,” as Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated them, writing in 1880. Villagers assemble on the pier as you approach, as visitors are always treated to a gracious welcome.

The islands are the settings for several stories. Before Henry Melville penned Moby Dick, he wrote Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life. It is a story sparked by the time he jumped from a whaling ship in 1842.

You can backtrack his daring journey to avoid capture on Nuku Hiva Island. On the seventh day, you’ll arrive at the most remote island: Fatu Hiva. Then, you’ll retrace your tracks beyond the Marquesas, and make a stop in French Polynesia’s largest atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago, before a day in Bora Bora and then cruise back to Tahiti.

Cruises to The South Pacific by P&O Cruises

If you’re looking for a quick retreat to paradise, a P&O Islands cruise is just the one for you. Nothing speaks of ‘tropical holiday’ like island hopping from one unspoiled destination to the next, and when it comes to the Pacific Islands, they certainly do it best!

There’s the Frenchy-chic ambiance of Noumea, the antiquated culture of Lifou, and the Caribbean atmosphere in Vila. P&O Cruises has been sailing to the South Pacific for over 86 years.

There’s an astounding choice in P&O sailings to the Pacific Islands from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Auckland. No doubt, it is a cruise to suit every taste and budget.

From Brisbane, you can take the Pacific Island Hopper cruise and hit 3 tropical paradises in just 7 days. As a bonus, these cruises depart on a Saturday. So, you’re only using 5 days of your annual leave!

From Sydney or Melbourne, you can explore Vanuatu with calls to 4 astonishing and different islands. Or if you want to delve a little deeper, take one of their P&O Voyages of 13+ nights and call at up to 6 unspoiled islands with some spectacular cruising as well.

For something different, take one of their Papua New Guinea cruises. Extending from 8 to 11 nights and leaving from Brisbane and Sydney, you’ll visit one of the last frontiers of the South Pacific. There are sunken warships, fascinating cultural celebrations, and rich marine life to view close up. There’s an amazing variety of shore tours to pick from at most destinations.  

Tales of The Pacific: Easter Island to Tahiti by Adventure Smith Explorations

Trail in the wake of early Polynesian explorers on this 20-day Tahiti travel voyage aboard the 102-guest National Geographic Orion.

Sail to the farthest limits of Oceania, from remote and ambiguous Easter Island to the historically notable Pitcairn Islands, through the havens of the Tuamotu Archipelago and on to Tahiti. The voyage starts in one of the most remote landfalls of Polynesia: Easter Island.

Stroll the length of unharmed tropic beaches, meet the descendants of H.M.S. Bounty mutineers, and stream dive or snorkel through an atoll pass.

Highlights of this cruise include probing into the interesting lost culture of Easter Island and exploring ancient burial sites and mounting moai with an archaeologist. You’ll also discover the story of the ill-fated H.M.S. Bounty from Tahiti to Pitcairn Island, where descendants of its mutineers still live today.

Other activities features; diving or snorkeling the remarkable reefs of Fakarava (a section of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) and the Pitcairn Islands, distinguished as one of the most faultless reef systems in the world by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala. You’ll also learn about the incredible geology and wildlife of Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while also scanning for endemic bird species.

The 102-guest Nat Geo Orion will serve as a floating base camp during the trip. This small expedition ship is technologically exceptional and equipped with a complete set of exploration tools, including an ROV and enough kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and Zodiacs. Additionally, select cabins give private balconies for exceptional moments taking in the awe-inspiring wilderness.

The National Geographic Orion highlights a nearly 1:1 guest-to-crew ratio, assuring that your trip to paradise comes with attentive service.

The South Pacific by Virgin Holiday Cruises

First traversed by Captain Cook in the late 1700s, the islands of the South Pacific remain unchanged for the most part. Thus, it extends the opportunity to experience the build-up of volcanic islands and coral atolls scattered across the southern ocean.

From steep cliffs and mountain peaks to cascading waterfalls and sparkling blue lagoons, a journey of the South Pacific grants guests a mesmerizing holiday experience.

Very rare places allow visitors the opportunity to relax amid such gloriously magnificent surroundings, with some of the most exceptional waters, beaches, and natural geography to be discovered. Boasting a plethora of water sports and activities to have the whole family amused, a cruise of the South Pacific is ideal for visitors from honeymooners to growing families.

Voyages of the South Pacific usually call at the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea, and Huahine, granting the ideal combination of leisure and adventure.

Passengers can bask under the sun on the wonderful beaches, dive or snorkel in the clear warm waters, or swim the reefs scanning for sharks. The events for sailing, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing are also some of the grandest in the world. Passengers can also take advantage of opportunities for hiking and four-wheel safari tours, or roam through lush tropical foliage marveling at the striking herbs and flowers, coconut and pineapple plantations.

Other destinations that highlight heavily on cruises of the South Pacific incorporate the Marquesas, made popular by the TV show Survivor, and a variety of Western Samoa, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Apia, and Rarotonga.

South Pacific islands: Between Heaven and Earth by Silversea

Prince Albert II – Silversea Expeditions

Vivid marine life, cultural diversity, and grace beyond measure. It’s no wonder the South Pacific Islands have been encouraging travelers for years.

Isolated and renowned, the South Pacific Islands are possibly the world’s most alluring destination. Reaching from Micronesia in the north to Polynesia in the east and Melanesia in the west, the range embraces over 300,000m2 and homes almost 40,000 islands. So, to assume that the area is vast is no oversimplification.

Silversea Expeditions’ small ship cruises bring you to the beating core of these almost distant lands. Cruise in all-inclusive luxury aboard Silver Cloud or Silver Explorer and get to know a domain that is brimming with diversity. Conducted by a team of expert guides, you’ll be dipping into much more than the gin-clear waters that have created the South Pacific Islands so popular.

Twice The Tahiti by Star Collector

Perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of Tahiti, this unprecedented cruise starts twice the visits to ports. That way, you have double the chances to see and encounter what you love, and you can make all the things you passed up during your early stop.

It’s a top tropical selection among romantic couples, daring divers, and anyone in love with everything under the sun among infinite blue Pacific lagoons. Dive or snorkel among lively and dizzying schools of tropical fish and friendly dolphins in the large lagoon of Rangiroa, the second largest coral atoll in the world. 

Tour and learn about oyster pearl cultivation at the Anapa Pearl Farm on the west coast of Tahaa near Raiatea. Explore the turquoise Pacific oceans off the coast of Bora Bora on a Waverunner personal watercraft as your guide escorts you on a tour that roams the entire island. Doing so gives you broad views of the steep jungle inclines of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu from all sides.

Whether this is your first holiday or the extension of a lifelong obsession with this unspoiled tropical archipelago, this Tahitian cruise gives double the fun, relaxation, and romance.

Marquesas, Tuatomos, and Society Islands by Paul Gauguin Cruises

True beauty is on display everywhere you look on this two-week journey through the Marquesas, Tuamotus, and the Society Islands. This itinerary grants a lot of time to traverse at your own pace, from the pristine beaches and world-class diving of the Tuamotu Archipelago to the Marquesas Islands of Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Tahuata, and Nuku Hiva. All of these are as deep in culture as they are in rugged, natural grace. 

Tahiti and The Society Islands by Ponant Cruises

From Papeete, Ponant Cruises encourages you to board on a brand-new 8-day cruise to discover Tahiti and the Society Islands. Set sail onboard Le Paul Gauguin, for an extraordinary adventure to discover idyllic islands and atolls.

The excellent introduction to the picture-perfect attractions of the South Pacific, this excellent cruise whisks you away to places that played muse for authors James A. Michener, Herman Melville, artists Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse, and so much more.

You will be impressed by the unique beauty of Huahine, by the turquoise waters of the Motu Mahana, their private vanilla-scented little paradise, by the gorgeous lagoon of Bora Bora, with its clearly recognizable volcanic outline, and by Moorea, with its gradient pineapple plantations and its flourishing peaks overlooking the island.

Between pearl pastures and white sandy beaches, French Polynesia will expose its many secrets to you. Encompassed by superb lagoons of crystalline waters trimmed by exceptional coral reefs, the islands of Polynesia are unquestionably some of the most fascinating in the world and home to extraordinary and rich wildlife.

South Pacific and Tahiti Islands by Oceania Cruises

The picturesque islands of the South Pacific have enthralled explorers for centuries. Here you can slow down, take a deep breath, and surrender to the hypnotizing rhythm of waves tenderly lapping on the shore.

Gentle breezes take the scent of orchids and other tropical blooms, while crystalline waters grant access to thriving reefs and colorful sea life. Shop for a black pearl in Tahiti, check out for hot springs in Papua New Guinea, or see the ritual of Fijian firewalkers.

This range also includes destinations on several of the Hawaiian Islands, which include Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, where Volcanoes National Park gives drama and beauty in the form of lava formations and sumptuous waterfalls.

Final Thoughts

Saying goodbye to the year that has been and welcoming the new is the most suitable time to book your getaway. Not only will you have something amazing to look forward to, but you can also share your cruising decisions with family and friends.

Nobody will be annoyed when the time comes to discuss who is going to be where. Who knows? Many of them will probably vote to come along.

Best cruises holiday cruise

Holiday Cruises in The Norwegian Fjords

From the Northern Lights to the Midnight Sun, there are numerous reasons to book a cruise in the famous Norwegian Fjords. In fact, cruising is one of the most reliable ways to explore Norway.

Scandinavia can be a costly place to visit, so one of the pleasures of cruising is that you can save a lot of bucks by dining onboard your ship. The same thing goes for pre-booking excursions and spending in pounds sterling. Also, cruising allows you to explore lots of diverse destinations within the Norwegian Fjords in a comparably short period of time compared to a land-based holiday.

Norway is the most attractive country to visit when it comes to fjord cruises. Its climactic coastline serves as the gateway to well over 3,000 fjords.

A number of the country’s most magnificent fjords serve as popular excursions and ports of call on numerous cruise itineraries, which also visit several of Norway’s most scenic and historic coastal towns. With its roots lying far back in Viking history, Bergen is one of the most well-visited ports of call for fjord cruises. It is also an excellent place from which to explore Hardangerfjord.

The city’s Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf is its most renowned historic attraction, a World Heritage Site loaded with beautifully painted structures and quaint cobbled streets… At 111 miles long, Hardangerfjord is the third biggest fjord in the world, and an excursion to see its awesome power up close is necessary when visiting Bergen.

The Norwegian port of Flam highlights extensively on fjord cruises, largely due to its proximity to Naeroyfjord, a body of water that branches off Sognefjord. Plus, it’s an area of remarkable natural beauty that has earned a World Heritage Site status.

You’ll discover a huge variety of cruise lines and itineraries for cruises around the Fjords.

A Taste of Fjordland Cruise by Ambience Cruise Ship

Board the magnificent Ambience as she sets sail to remarkable Western Norway, calling first at Haugesund, former Viking stronghold.

Navigate through a breathtaking landscape, where dense forests adhere to towering mountain hills high above crystal-clear waters. The next stop would be the historic Bergen, fjordland capital, and the isolated Flåm, home of the famous mountain railway.

With a name that in itself implores images of warm welcome and festivity, 70,000-tonne Ambience, averaging over 800 feet from luxurious stem to stern, offers every modern succor, radiating the friendly service and traditional values that Newmarket Holidays’ customers have previously experienced at sea.

Across her 11 decks, she submits everything to ensure that life aboard is a joy from start to finish. Bringing an average of 1400 passengers in 798 comfortable cabins, many with private balconies, the ship extends an overall sense of spaciousness, particularly in the three-tiered central Atrium. It has an almost 700-sea and fully furnished show lounge, in which guests can be royally treated each evening, and on her wonderful top decks where guests can “soak up the sun.”

Classic Norwegian Fjords by Fred Olsen

The excellent Bank Holiday break, this five-night escape presents a taste of fjordland exploration with Fred Olsen.

Cruising from Newcastle means you won’t have to wait long to encounter the miracles of the fjords; you’ll navigate into Lysefjord the day after leaving to see its climactic cliffs, mountains, and interesting rock formations.

Bergen’s various attractions, such as the city’s UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, bustling fish market, the Troldhaugen Museum, and Fløibanen funicular railway, will then anticipate your discovery. Perhaps meet a local for a hike – it’s an excellent way to take in the highlights.

After the city sights of Bergen, it’s on to Eidfjord for a refinement of the fjordland village experience. Take a moment to celebrate in the natural landscape here or join a kayaking adventure to witness towering mountain peaks from the lustrous waters below them.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to the Vøringsfossen waterfall or experience an in-depth insight into the local scene at Hardangervidda Nature Centre. Finally, cruise back along Hardangerfjord and turn into Maurangerfjord for a close-up view of Furebergfossen Waterfall in its springtime glory. Doing so ensures your final moments in the fjords are ones to remember.

Norwegian White Christmas by Fred Olsen

Soak yourself in the stunning scenes and natural wonders of wintertime Norway – at a time of year with fewer tourists around – and experience enchanting Christmas and New Year celebrations onboard your smaller ship and during time ashore, for a celebratory adventure you will remember forever.

Visit the fashionable city of Stavanger, which is the place to be for picking up last-minute gifts for your friends and loved ones before enjoying a remarkable Christmas at sea. As Bolette sails on towards Arctic Norway, you’ll experience a day of traditional food, fun, and festivity, all while welcoming, attentive staff take care of everything for you.

Boxing Day will be very extraordinary, calling at Alta – one of the greatest places to see the extraordinary Northern Lights – for an overnight stay. With luck on your side, you may get to see Mother Nature’s multi-colored light display sweeping across the night sky. You could travel to the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel, too, to wonder at its hand-crafted structures and sculptures and have a chance to build your own Arctic art.

To view the year out in style, there’s an unmissable event to uncover the delights of one of Northern Norway’s most bizarre destinations. In the wonderful Vesterålen archipelago, miles of rugged coastline, pure countryside, and the “Blue Town” of Sortland await your exploration and discovery.

There’s also a visit to scenic Narvik, topped by the magnificent, snow-capped peak of Narvikfjellet Mountain and girdled by Arctic landscapes best seen from the town’s cable car, before your New Year’s Eve celebrations start in Bergen. Perhaps meet local revelers in the city heart in the evening and feel the thrill as the arrival of 2022 years.

Once done, you can head back on board to watch a dramatic fireworks display as the clock strikes midnight – an unimaginable way to start the New Year.

Cruise the Norwegian fjords with Saga

Visit this corner of the world and encounter life in Norway’s distant northern reaches. Discover Norway in complete bloom on a springtime journey or travel during the winter months and cherish the views of frosty fjords.

You’ll appreciate beautiful landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque villages clinging to the hillsides. Best of all, the line’s smaller ships can berth alongside the smaller towns and docks – getting you closer to the scenes and right into the heart of the action.

And you can now experience the wide-ranging Norwegian landscape from our new ship Spirit of Adventure. In their latest itineraries, they anchor in towns such as Flam and Geiranger, along with more bold destinations such as the ethereal North Cape at the ‘top of the world’.

Norway & Norwegian Fjord Cruises by Cunard

Discover a land spoilt by time and shrouded in folklore. Where icy waterfalls run down skyscraper cliffs and a smattering of fishing villages present the only signs of civilization.

From week-long round trips to more distant escapes, a Norwegian trip on Cunard unlocks the mystery of Norway’s spellbinding Fjords, intensifying every second you spend in this grand wilderness.

A Fjord’s voyage is to venture into different lands. Dreamlike and abstract, this is the terrain where Vikings once traversed. A land of folklore and myth, unaltered by time. Where wild waterfalls rapids down moss-covered cliffs and radiant lakes shine a radiant shade of blue.

The fjords aren’t the only wealth awaiting discovery in this magical region. Let the journey carry you to the beautiful Lofoten Islands, the magic of the aurora borealis, and how our onboard spa services take stimulus from the ocean itself.

Explore Norway’s striking coastline including Haugesund’s Viking heritage, Kristiansund’s art nouveau Opera House, and the sumptuous beauty of the fjords. Or take the chance to chase the Northern Lights.

Norwegian Fjords by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Enjoy a 7 nights Cruise onboard the Anthem of the Seas. Cruising from Southampton, visiting Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger, and Bergen in Norway before heading back to Southampton.

Every day onboard Anthem of the Seas is like starting on a whole new adventure. Discover the extraordinary encounters this Quantum Class ship has to offer.

Boasting an unimaginable range of groundbreaking innovations, like state-of-the-art technology, transformative venues, and the industry’s first-ever Virtual Balcony staterooms, this ship proves the encounter of a lifetime. This includes offering the most amazing activities and entertainment! Yesterday’s roller skating at SeaPlex® will be today’s bumper car showdown. And this morning’s awe-inspiring landscapes from the North Star® head to gravity-defying thrills on RipCord® by iFLY®. 

Norway by Celebrity Cruises

Enjoy a 7 nights Cruise aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. She is cruising from Southampton, visiting Kristiansand, Alesund, Molde, and Stavanger, as she heads back to Southampton.

There are lots to keep you and your loved ones involved onboard Celebrity Silhouette. From a comprehensive choice of sophisticated bars and lounges, state-of-the-art performance, restaurants that will carry you on a culinary adventure to refreshing treatments and therapies in The Spa.

Explore the newly revolutionized Celebrity Silhouette, navigating brand new itineraries around the UK with your drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips. You can also have the opportunity to explore the Jurassic Coastline from Portland, traverse the bustling Scottish cities and charming highlands from Inverness, Kirkwall, and Glasgow, and reveal the rich history of Belfast.

Another thing you can do is indulge yourself in the creative and cultural hub of Liverpool, home of the Beatles! Enjoy the world as you unwind on half an acre of real grass at the Lawn Club.   

Cruises to the Norwegian Fjord by Costa Cruises

Are you at the stake about your cruise destination and trying to look for a different kind of holiday? The Norwegian Fjords are what you are sure;y looking for: an exhibition of nature, between fairy tale and poetry.

A preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Norwegian Fjords are a treasure of mother nature: sea inlets that creep into the coast, sometimes for several kilometers, overwhelming the valleys that were once occupied by glaciers.

Norway is the “land of the fjords” because its western coast extends a collection of them without equal in the world: a view of raging waterfalls, monoliths of ice, imposing mountains, and labyrinths of rock overlooking the sea.

All Fjord offers different landscapes: there are over a thousand and you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Among the notable cities, you can visit on your cruise, as proposed, are Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, and Ålesund.

A Costa Norwegian Fjords cruise is a remarkable experience. Not only for the priceless spectacle of rocky coastline, which highlights its iconic attraction: the hinterland, with its history and antiquated culture, is equally fascinating.

And what about the usual picturesque hamlets? Nestled like jewels in the gorges carved out by the sea, or girdled by majestic mountains: the legacy of the era of the Vikings, these villages have survived virtually unaltered through the centuries and attract visitors from all over the world.

Cruising the Norwegian Fjords by Titan Travels

Sail on a voyage of Viking exploration to the beautiful fjords and sites of Norway on this stunning eight-night cruise.

Cruise from Southampton to the lustrous waters of the Lysefjord, lined by towering mountains and rugged cliff faces. Then, tucked away within Hardangerfjord – Norway’s second most distant fjord – you’ll see enchanting Eidfjord. 

Hardangerfjord offers views of superb orchards and towering mountains, before Braemar averts into Maurangerfjord to offer you an opportunity to capture the magnificent Forsberg Fossen Waterfall, and onwards to Nærøyfjord, one of National Geographic’s top two Natural World Heritage Sites. 

After indulging yourself in the outstanding glory and tranquillity of the magnificent waterways and pretty fjord villages, you’ll visit two of Norway’s most pulsing cities – Bergen and Stavanger – before traveling home.

Norwegian Fjord Cruises by MSC

The Norwegian Fjords are unquestionably among the most stunning natural landscapes in the world, capable of firing awe with their majestic beauty and timeless atmosphere.

Norway possesses over a thousand fjords, Geirangerfjord and the Naerøyfjord being the most abundant. Since 2005, they have been highlighted in the list of UNESCO heritage sites – and they’re now easy to get to on an exclusive MSC Norwegian fjords cruise.

The Norway fjords cruise is one of the greatest ways to visit these earthly and imposing scenes thanks to the deep water encompassing them, which is both smooth and easy to navigate. Through the Norwegian fjords cruise 2020-2021 seasons, you can appreciate these majestic examples of natural beauty first-hand and from the greatest possible vantage point.

Via the Fjord waters, it is now possible to reach some of Norway’s most charming cities, including Bergen. Far off the beaten path, Bergen is enveloped by the Sognefjord, the second largest fjord in the world which extends for 204 km.

The natural landscape encircling the fjords, with all their wild and unspoiled features, are nevertheless easy to traverse for adventurous guests. You can book your Norwegian fjords cruise excursion in advance and you look forward to special excursion journeys, both in the mountains and on the glaciers themselves.

Excellent itineraries for MSC cruises to Northern Europe incorporate a Norwegian fjords cruise option. For a truly memorable holiday discovering the Norwegian fjords and the main cities of Norway, start scanning by passenger and destination above.

Final Thoughts

Waterfalls plunge from invisible streams above and lush meadows paint the hillsides and the curves of protected coves. Small waterside villages will embrace you with brightly vibrant wooden cottages and the beguiling aroma of coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Sail through the Fjords of Western Norway to explore dramatic cliffs that tower above deep waters, extending many miles to the open sea. This matches the carved-out Ice Age glaciers.

Make your way along Sognefjord to the archaic township of Flåm, home to one of Europe’s most spectacular rail journeys, the Flåmsbana Mountain Railway. Explore the Geiranger for an overland adventure that will expose the surrounding fjord and scenery, or enjoy the unspoiled villages of Olden on Nordfjord, and Åndalsnes on Romsdalfjord.

Hit the ever-shifting Briksdal Glacier, just one of 50 arms of the tremendous Jostedal Glacier, the largest in continental Europe, and call at the exciting city of Bergen. It is a lively fishing port and once a key element of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. This is also where you can find restored wooden warehouses along Bryggen’s old wharves and the scenic views that unfold from the “city mountains” above the town.

Discover these extraordinary locations and landscapes, and much more, as you cruise Norway’s fjords with these cruise lines and their exceptional services.

Best cruises holiday cruise

Alaska Cruise Holiday

An Alaska cruise is the only way to genuinely explore one of the world’s last great wilderness. Every cruise line offers a different experience but all assure an up-close view of America’s last frontier.

Towering glaciers, immense forests, and rugged mountains dot the majestic landscape of the Inside Passage. Meanwhile, the towns (such as Skagway) are the ideal calling point for a raft of exciting excursions.

The most suitable time to cruise in Alaska is from May to September. During these months, you may be fortunate enough to spot migrating whales and other marine life like dolphins and seals. Onshore, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for bears, caribou, eagles, and more as Alaska’s verdant environment is home to an astonishingly rich array of wildlife.

Most Alaska cruises navigate from Vancouver and Trailfinders can efficiently arrange a tailored Western Canada itinerary. You may wish to add on a fly-drive itinerary, a guided coach tour, or the famous Rocky Mountaineer train.

If you would fancy sailing to Alaska from Seattle, why not add on a city break or a fly-drive holiday of the stunning Pacific Northwest region? Expert cruise consultants can contribute their advice and tailor your Alaska cruise holiday to your specific requirements.

Alaska Holiday Cruise Tour

Alaska cruise and land packages often include an Alaska cruise holiday with a multi-night land tour into the heart of Alaska’s expansive interior, including Denali National Park.

You can encounter the absolute spectacle of America’s Last Great Frontier with an Alaska Cruise tour. Land tours are available before or after your Alaska cruise with journeys by deluxe motorcoach or train and cozy stays at the finest Alaska hotels and wilderness lodges.

Celebrity Alaska Cruisetours

To completely experience Alaska, explore its interior where communities remain personally connected to the land and where wild animals wander.

With a Celebrity Alaska Cruisetour, you’ll relish the best of Alaska. This is possible by consolidating a seven-night sailing along its southeastern coastline with a small-group tour into its sumptuous inland destinations. You can also stay in the daintiest available lodges and board on remote roads and railways in deluxe transportation.

All aspects of your journey have been meticulously curated for you to discover the Last Frontier – on your own terms.

Holland America Alaska Cruisetours

Take a tour to Denali National Park on the posh McKinley Explorer, taking in the views through your glass-domed railcar.

Sojourn in Holland America’s elite McKinley Chalet Resort, with new Denali Square. Venture back to the jaunty days of the Klondike Gold Rush and into some of Earth’s most pristinely stunning wilderness on the ultimate Great Land holiday.

Land and Sea Journeys cover up to three days in Denali National Park, with a complete tour. Traverse this region’s wild terrain with Holland America.

Norwegian Alaska Cruisetours

Sail the ocean on the youngest and most modern fleet in Alaska. Take a tour into the wilderness on a dog sled ride in Juneau, see Misty Fjords aboard a jet-powered catamaran in Ketchikan, or catch it all in via the rails on the Skagway White Pass Scenic Railway.

Exclusive to Norwegian, all Cruisetours are managed by local Alaskan guides who carry along with their traditions and real-life experiences. Acquire a unique viewpoint of The Last Frontier through a one-of-a-kind Alaskan vacation.

Princess Alaska Cruisetours

All Princess Alaska cruise tours incorporate the state’s top two attractions: Pristine Glacier Bay National Park and scenic Denali National Park.

On land, you’ll stay at private Princess Wilderness Lodges near fabulous national parks. Most itineraries incorporate exclusive Princess Alaska rail service, providing you another way to view the wonders of the Great Land! No other cruise line allows direct-to-the-wilderness Alaska rail service.

Step right off your Princess ship onto a languishing rail car that will take you straight to your Princess Wilderness Lodge.

Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruisetours

Big, bold, and utterly breathtaking. No adventure stays with you, mind and soul, like a voyage through Alaska. So why travel the distance and leave without witnessing the best of it?

From the coastline to the core of the frontier, a Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruisetour land and sea package presents all the must-see sights by ship, train, and multi-night land tour.

Small Ship Holiday Cruises in Alaska

If you’ve sailed by big ship cruise lines in the past, it’s time to skip everything you thought you understood about cruising. And if you’ve dodged cruising because you thought it would be like wandering in a floating mall, it’s time to think again. Small ships and adventure cruises are certainly something else altogether.

The Small Ship Advantage

A cruise on a small ship is not loaded with fancy distractions, sleek resorts, and packaged tours. Rather, small ships are excellent for a closer exploration of off-the-beaten-track waterways, narrow channels, and small ports that passengers on large ships will never witness.

When Lindblad Expeditions’ guests tour a small port in Alaska’s Inside Passage, they don’t surprise the local communities. Their largest ship carries just 62 guests.

Small ship guests would rather wait for whales in Frederick Sound than waste the afternoon in a casino. They stay outside on the deck as the Captain places its nose under a waterfall, rather than watch a video. On a small ship, the center is very frequently outside on what Nature has presented for entertainment, rather than on amusements fitted to occupy your attention on board.

Your time is used wisely, too. Rather than creating a beeline from port to port, small ship Captains have the versatility – and the capability – to linger when whales are placing on a show, a glacier is calving spectacularly, or to endeavor out sea otters when a nearby fisherman radios the word.

On a small ship cruise, you are not just a guest. You are a partaker. Whether kayaking next to a glacier, exploring in a rainforest in Alaska, or enjoying a magnificent spring garden in British Columbia, a small-ship cruise is an engaging adventure for all the senses.

Alaska Cruises Small Ships Versus Big Ships

Some people automatically assume that bigger is better. But it’s the case with small cruise lines.

They understand that closeness is better than far away, that individuality is better than mass-produced, and that a few like-minded companions are surely better than thousands of strangers.

No waiting in line. No striving to find a window seat. No crowds.

That’s why all of their vessels only carry around 100 guests, and why almost all of their cabins face outside with big windows or portholes. That’s why they serve delightful informal meals in cozy dining rooms where you can sit wherever and with whomever you like.

UnCruise Adventures Alaska Cruises

From its beginnings in 1996, UnCruise has endeavored to give enriching, adventurous travel activities. These provide guests a familiarity and gratitude for new cultures and the natural world.

The line started as American Safari Cruises and founded yacht cruising in Alaska. They’ve since turned their name to UnCruise, and as the name implies, grant unique cruises, unlike most others on the market.

Small, rugged, and environmentally mindful, UnCruise is for adventurers and thrill-seekers with an esteem for the finer things in life.

UnCruise’s small, modern yachts and excursion vessels are far more special than the mega-ships you may usually connect with cruising. On UnCruise, you’ll experience a vacation in which you get to appreciate most of your fellow travelers, whether you’re on a 22-person boutique yacht or the biggest ship, the S.S. Legacy, with 84 total passengers, as well as your crew and expedition guides.

Some of UnCruise’s vessels navigate to Alaska, such as the Legacy, Safari Endeavour and Explorer, and Wilderness Discoverer and Explorer. On these ships, you’ll discover various public decks, a large dining room, lounge, fitness area, salon, library, and view deck. The comfortable, warm ships are unwinding and spacious sanctuaries after long days of adventure.

Guests with limited mobility may be fit to sail with UnCruise, though the vessels do not meet all suitable ADA Accessibility Guidelines for buildings and facilities. Passengers with some mobility who take their collapsible wheelchair with them can typically be accommodated, though it is strongly reinforced that they travel with someone who can aid them throughout the cruise. The S.S. Legacy, which cruises to Alaska, has one elevator that unites the three public decks.

Lindblad Expeditions Alaska Cruises

If you’re trying to get off the overwhelmed path and explore Alaska’s wilderness, Lindblad Expeditions should be at the peak of your list.

In the line’s 30-plus years cruising to Alaska, Lindblad has reached a point to seek out the most adventurous pursuits for nature-lovers to experience and has stocked its fleet with instruments made for exploration, like a hydrophone to listen to whales and an underwater HD video camera. Lindblad possesses some permits that enable guests to visit isolated parts of Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Park, all while stopping close by the line’s beautiful and comfortable expedition ships.

Most of the destinations on an Alaska cruise with Lindblad are sites you may have never heard of, and with just 62 guests on each ship, you’re sure to be amongst like-minded, fearless travelers like yourself.

The excellence of Lindblad’s expedition ships is that they can efficiently reach places that large ships simply cannot. In Alaska, this indicates heading to fast-moving channels where you’re more likely to witness whales, moving through a series of locks in the Pacific Northwest and into shallow bays perfect for kayaking, or getting up close and personal with remarkable waterfalls.

The National Geographic Sea Bird and Sea Lion, both of which navigate to Alaska, carry 62 guests in 31 outward-facing cabins each. The ships are air-conditioned and heated throughout, and have lots of indoor and outdoor public areas to spend time in.

The National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion are not wheelchair-friendly and are not equipped with elevators on board. In addition, some docks require walking through shallow water that may be hard for those with mobility issues. Check with your Cruise Specialist before booking if you have any inquiries regarding accessibility needs.

American Cruise Lines Alaska Cruises

Cruising America’s waterways since 1991, American Cruise Lines gives different, small ship cruises to Alaska, the Mississippi, and the East Coast equipped for interested yet laid-back travelers.

There are no meticulous dress codes or itineraries onboard an American Cruise Lines. Just relaxed, spacious ships cruising to some of the country’s most fascinating towns and cities.

The line’s all-American crew is courteous and kind and welcomes traveler’s onboard with open arms. Each guest can anticipate personalized attention and hospitality. With a focus on history, culture, and the vast outdoors, an American Cruise Line cruise to Alaska is both winning and revitalizing.

American has a fleet of eight ships, all manufactured in the United States. The fleet is one of the brand-new in the industry, with an average ship age of four years. These small, modern vessels can only carry 100 to 185 passengers and are created to feel both comfortably spacious and intimate.

The American Spirit cruises to Alaska and was designed to steer the state’s inland waterways. The Spirit carries 100 guests and highlights oversized staterooms, hotel-sized bathrooms, ship-wide wireless internet access, four decks, and a wide, glass-enclosed fine dining room. The top deck boasts sunshade areas, a putting green, and an exercise machine. There are diverse lounges throughout the second and third decks where guests can unwind, take in the landscape, and mingle with friends new and old.

On the Spirit, guests can decide to stay in one of six classes of suites, ranging from “A” to “Owner’s Suite.” All rooms are between 248 and 350 square feet, and always highlight an outside view, if not a full private balcony.

American Cruise Lines greets guests with disabilities on board and endeavors to make travel as comfortable as possible for all guests. All ships are outfitted with handicap-accessible rooms, and most of the lounges, sun decks, and dining rooms onboard are wheelchair-friendly.

Each ship offers elevator service to all decks. If you have any inquiries regarding accessibility, feel free to reach your Cruise Specialist.

Luxury Alaska Holiday Cruise

Each cruise line offers a sweeping experience to its passengers, but a genuine luxury cruise adventure is head and shoulders above the rest of the cruise enterprise. These cruises intrigue the traveler who requires the most exquisite quality available and luxury cruise ships offer services and amenities that challenge the best resorts worldwide.

Luxury cruises are distinguished by an elegant onboard atmosphere, an extensive variety of exotic destinations, spacious accommodations, and an immense level of personalized service. In other words, the best of everything. Luxury vessels have luxuriant public areas and offer wonderful art collections, gourmet cuisine, fine wine, fresh flowers, and attention to detail.

Although the style varies from traditional ships to yachts to sailing vessels, the common denominator is quality.

Crystal Alaska Cruises

Crystal Cruises is distinguished for its excellent service, over-the-top performances, thoughtful itineraries, and world-class dining.

Cruising to Alaska on a Crystal Cruise connects all of these amenities with the journey of a lifetime, viewing animals and environmental wonders up close in all their natural beauty. Whether you’re going on a family holiday, celebrating an anniversary, or just want to cruise solo, Alaska is an impressive and remarkable place to visit.

The Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony cruise to Alaska regularly, and also happen to position as the top two best ships in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler readers. The two ships only carry 1,070 and 922 guests, respectively, and flaunt some of the highest space-to-guest ratios at sea. Plus, with hundreds of exquisite staterooms, that space is furnished with lots of activities to keep you entertained while at sea.

The ships are outfitted with a driving range and putting green, pools and Jacuzzis, a movie theater, a full-size paddle tennis court, a Resorts World at Sea casino, and a 360-degree Promenade Deck, ideal for unwinding with a book or taking a walk by the sea.

Crystal Cruises aims to give an enjoyable, relaxing cruising experience to all passengers. As such, several Crystal Cruises ships, as well as the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, were built to be accessible for guests with physical challenges.

These boat ramps give way to most decks and public spaces, as well as wheelchair-friendly elevators. Regular wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and electric scooters are also permitted inside the vessels as long as they do not exceed 22-inches in width. Some staterooms with extra-wide doors are available, including wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and cabinets with low-hanging rods.

Some ships also provide services particularly geared toward those with hearing impairments, including closed-captioning programming and infrared hearing systems. Chat with a Cruise Specialist before booking provides all of the special needs you may have.

Oceania Alaska Cruises

With a focus on culinary perfection, interesting destinations, and intimate yet comfortable ships, Oceania Cruises is a fine line for any guest looking for a travel experience that hits a balance between casual and elegant.

The midsize premium line was established in 2002 and cruises to ports in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the South Pacific. Oceania cruises to Alaska with less than 700 guests, taking discerning tourists to Sitka, Skagway, Juneau, and the Icy Point Strait, as well as ports in Canada.

Space, style, and tranquility are the star of the game aboard an Oceania Cruise to Alaska. Both suites and staterooms accommodate a queen-size Prestige Tranquility Bed, also topped with a two-inch pillow-top cushion, covered with 1,000-thread-count linens, a plush down comforter, and hand-quilted throws. Every room also has a refrigerated mini-bar stocked with free and unlimited sodas and bottled water, supplied daily; Bulgari amenities, a full-sized bathtub. a flat-screen TV and DVD player, and Wireless Internet access.

Twice daily-maid service implies you’ll always feel spoiled and tidy, and signature Belgian chocolates presented with nightly turndown service serves as just another note of Oceania’s attention to detail. There are lots of suites and staterooms to choose from, including more economical alternatives like an Inside Stateroom or Ocean View Stateroom, all the way up to the extravagant Vista Suite or Owner’s Suite.

For passengers staying in a suite, amenities and services cover 24-hour butler service, course-by-course in-suite dining, priority shore excursion and restaurant reservations, free garment pressing and shoe service, and more.

Oceania strives to make the cruising experience relaxed and enjoyable for all its customers. As such, Oceania has made sure to produce ships that are available throughout, with highlights like corridors that provide for 180-degree wheelchair turns. The Regatta has many accessible staterooms and suites, which highlight wider doors at the entryway and bathrooms that support wheelchairs and have roll-in showers, grab bars, and an alert button.

Room kits emphasizing visual and tactile alert systems are available for passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing, and televisions render closed captioning on most channels. Though the entrances on decks are wooden, not automatic, the more than 400 staff members on board are always nearby to help with opening doors. These staff members can also help in carrying trays on buffet lines, getting drinks, and providing special needs as they arise.

Let your Cruise Specialist know of any particular needs at the time of booking and they will be glad to arrange the necessary preparations.

Regent Seven Seas Alaska Cruises

Regent Seven Seas brings travelers on journeys around the world, hitting more than 300 ports on six continents.

The luxury line, once known as Radisson Seven Seas, has been bestowed “Best Luxury Line,” “Best for Suites, Classic Luxury,” and “Cruise Line with the Highest Client Satisfaction” in later years by the U.S. News & World Report, travAlliancemedia and TravelAge West. This is thanks to its all-inclusive characteristics, luxe amenities, delightful onboard dining, and interesting destinations around the globe.

Regent’s small, intimate ships are ideal for couples, retirees, and social groups alike, as well as families who are trying to travel together in a refined setting.

Regent Seven Seas has a line of four ships, all labeled as small-ship luxury vessels. Both the Seven Seas Mariner and Seven Seas Navigator cruise to Alaska, taking between 490 and 700 guests in a special, stylish setting.

Onboard these ships, guests can experience fine dining, lavish suites with panoramic ocean views, luxurious lounges, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and top-notch spa services. The Navigator features 245 suites, all facing the ocean and some with private balconies. They also boast a guest-to-staff ratio of 1 to 1.42.

The Mariner is considered as the world’s first all-suite, all-balcony luxury liner, with 350 suites and more than 400 professional, courteous crew. Whether you are savoring a champagne toast in the main dining room or locating a wild moose from the Observation Lounge, you’ll be in the lap of indulgence aboard a Regent Cruise to Alaska.

All of Regent’s ships hold between four and six wheelchair-friendly staterooms. These rooms are furnished with roll-in showers, grab bars, a lowered washbasin, a fold-down shower stool, a handheld showerhead, and ramped doors. Public areas are wheelchair-accessible as well, with sufficient room to provide for 180-degree turns, automatic doors, entrances with gradual includes, convenient gaming tables and show seating and accessible seats in the main dining hall.

Guests with hearing impairments can ask for a portable room kit that informs guests of door knocking, phone ringing, and smoke. Rooms are outfitted with closed-captioned TV and TTY textphones. Passengers with vision impairments can ask for menus and itineraries in Braille; elevators and room numbers are written in Braille, too.

Inform your Cruise Specialist at least 90 days before cruising if you have any accessibility needs, and as far in advance as possible if you’d prefer to book a wheelchair-accessible room since space is limited.

Silversea Alaska Cruises

Since its early days in the 1990s, Silversea has established itself to be among the cream of the crop in extravagance cruising. Starting with a flute of champagne upon boarding and lasting until you’ve returned home, Silversea prides itself on outstanding service, and overall high-quality product, and a wide-reaching list of destinations.

Cruise to Alaska with Silversea and tour cities like Juneau, Skagway, and Sitka, while viewing stunning sights like the Hubbard Glaciers and the Chugach Mountains.

Among Silversea’s fleet of special, boutique ships, both the Silver Explorer and Silver Shadow cruise to Alaska. The vessels were all refurbished in 2017, and take between 130 and 382 passengers, with a crew almost equal to the corresponding number of guests.

Onboard, guests can spend time in the Internet cafe, panorama lounge, card room, spa and salon, library, casino, pool deck, or entertainment lounge. There are lots of activities prepared to keep you busy, as well as calm areas to just lay back and relax. Silversea possesses one of the highest space-per-guest ratios among luxury lines, so whether you’re inside your suite or out on the deck, you can experience the luxuries of sea life sans crowds.

Silversea greatly encourages guests that are using wheelchairs to travel with someone who can assist them both onshore and onboard, and expects them to bring their collapsible wheelchair. Not all shore excursions are fit for guests with impaired mobility. Guests who need oxygen while onboard can be granted an oxygen concentrator if they alert Silversea before the voyage.

Seabourn Alaska Cruises

When Seabourn was established in 1986, the owners attempted to reinvent luxury cruising and provide guests a casual yet polished elegance once only available to owners of the world’s top yachts.

They’ve superseded in their vision, building a fleet of ships with all-suite, ocean-view conveniences. It’s an almost all-inclusive cruise fare full of world-class dining and premium complimentary drinks with an onboard staff approximately equal to the number of guests on every ship.

Sailing with Seabourn is an extravagant travel experience unlike any other. Cruise to Alaska aboard the Seabourn Sojourn, the second in the line’s new range of ships.

She debuted in 2010 in London and took just 450 passengers. The Sojourn possesses a high space-to-guest ratio, with lots of public areas to mingle and unwind, from the living-room-style Seabourn Square to the various open terraces on the ship’s seven decks.

Like all Seabourn’s vessels, the Sojourn has all-suite accommodations and has the biggest ultra-luxury ship spa at sea. On the Sojourn, you can spend your time playing mini-golf, dine in a sophisticated dining room or casual patio grill, relax in the spa, and enjoy a show in the Grand Salon, all in the highest peak of comfort and style.

As the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality “Access to Freedom” declared Seabourn as the winner, it also has produced great efforts to improve travel opportunities for people with disabilities.

Seabourn is delighted to welcome guests with disabilities to every extent feasible. The line’s vessels have all been devised to include accessible suites, which have wider entry doors to provide wheelchair and scooter access, roll-in showers with grab bars, shower seats, and hand-held shower nozzles, and lowered cabinet and towel bars.

For ports that require passengers to be taken ashore on tenders, such as Juneau and Ketchikan, disembarkation may be challenging. Scooters and wheelchairs that are measuring more than 100 pounds (without the battery) are not permitted to be transferred from the ship to tender and/or from tender to shore.

Service animals are allowed on board, though they must be up to date with vaccinations. For hearing impaired guests, supported listening suite kits can be accommodated. If you need any special services while on board, let your Cruise Specialist know before booking.

Final Thoughts

Because of Alaska’s size which is as wide as the lower 48 states and bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined, a cruise is by far the most reliable way to observe the most of this incomparable destination.

Whether you navigate northbound, southbound, or roundtrip, your cruise will visit bizarre ports and sights such as Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier, College Fjord, and more. To experience even more of Alaska’s grand natural beauty and culture, a cruise tour will take you inward for excellent mountain views of Mount Denali, gold panning in Fairbanks, salmon fishing around Anchorage, and so much more!