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Historically, the most indulgent way to travel through Egypt is by Nile cruise. They have been carrying their passengers between Luxor and Aswan for well over a century.

Cruising along the river at a comfortable pace, you view the country through the perceptions of early visitors who, like us, came to wonder at the tombs and temples left behind by the Ancient Egyptians.

Strolling through the shaded corridors of a tomb, its walls surfaced in hieroglyphics and paintings of ancient gods, your imagination will surely run wild. Enormous columns still stand at ruined temples, while scorched canopies are proof of sacrilege by early Christians.

This is a trip not just through the land, but through thousands of years of history, culture, religion, and architecture.

Recommended Nile Cruise Route

Starting in Luxor and ending in Aswan, our recommended route usually lasts for five days and four nights. This provides you a large amount of time to both view the sites and spends time unwinding on board.

The first night is usually spent at Luxor itself, the second at Edfu, and the third and fourth at Aswan. Along the way, you may visit Luxor and Karnak Temples, numerous tombs at the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Edfu, the Temple of Kom Ombo, and Philae Temple. You may also spend time traversing Aswan’s markets, Nubian Museum, and dam.

Cruising the route in reverse takes a day less as you’re heeding the direction of the river. There’s also the opportunity to embark on a seven-night round trip, witnessing the highlights at a more calm pace.

Luxor and Karnak Temples

The town of Luxor rests on the locality of Thebes, the capital of Ancient Egypt. It has an immense collection of temples and tombs in the world.

Here you can take a tour of the enormous Karnak Temple complex, which was built over 120 years ago. You can also explore the smaller Luxor Temple, which was constructed around 1,400 BC. These temples were once united by an avenue overlaid with sphinxes, some of which survive.

Around 30 various pharaohs were summoned to Karnak Temple over the years. As you roam around, your guide will lead you to the diversity of building styles and describe the various depictions of gods that the Ancient Egyptians prayed to at different times.

What struck visitors the most is the size and scale of the complex. It’s the second-largest ancient sacred site in the world after Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. You could consume hour upon hour traversing its halls, pillars, and stone statues.

Most visitors were most impressed by the Great Hypostyle Hall, which comprises 134 columns rising to 24 m or 80 ft above.

Luxor Temple is right in the center of the town, its ancient columns opposing new roads and buildings. The temple was built as a sign of devotion for the god Amun, his wife Mut, and their son Khons, the moon god.

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by two vast seated statues of Rameses II, and throughout the complex, you can appreciate intricately detailed hieroglyphics drawn on the walls and columns. Your guide will assist you in deciphering them and explain their significance.

You will be back to Luxor Temple in the evening and at this time, it’s lit up as opposed to the night sky so you can still have a chance to roam around its courtyards when they’re at their most climatic.

Valley of the Kings

Across the river from Luxor, on the Nile’s west bank, you’ll see the Valley of the Kings. It was used as a pharaoh burial site for over 500 years and has at least 63 known tombs.

It’s assumed that more are still awaiting their discovery, each one accommodating up to 150 chambers. The famous chambers that are among them are the tombs of Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, the second female pharaoh, and both Rameses II and III.

The chambers are open for visitors on a rotational basis to support their preservation, so your guide will inform you of the best opportunities on the day you visit.

The tombs are etched into the sides of the mountain walls and can look unassuming from the outside. Going inside is amazingly exciting, as you stow away from the blazing sunlight to sudden darkness and uncanny silence.

You’re guided down through corridors with walls covered in intricate paintings and hieroglyphics. The text describes the tomb’s owner, different gods, and scenes from the Ancient Egyptian era. These courses finally open out to a burial chamber, where the departed pharaoh would have been laid to rest encompassed by its treasured possessions for the afterlife (most of these items are now in museums).

Temple of Edfu

For some, the Temple of Edfu (or Temple of Horus) is the most remarkable destination. That’s because it’s exceptionally conserved. At most temple sites you can only observe the remains of columns and walls. But here, even the roof is still intact.

Moving inside, the immense walls and restrictive darkness of some of the rooms furnish you with a true feeling of how the temple would’ve been in its heyday.

Edfu is more modern than Karnak and Luxor, having been constructed between 237 and 57 BC during the Ptolemaic dynasty. It was built as a sign of dedication to the falcon god, Horus, who was claimed to have beaten the god Seth on the site. Detailed engravings on the walls describe scenes from their battle and aspects of life during Egypt’s Greco-Roman period.

Some of the temple’s furnishings were confiscated by early Christians at a time when all other religions were considered forbidden in Egypt. You can still see scorch marks in areas where imagery was destroyed. Being able to view these sheets of history and proof of different cultures that have come and gone is what fascinates most visitors about Egypt.

Temple of Kom Ombo

As you travel further south of Edfu, you’ll reach the Temple of Kom Ombo which lies right on the riverbank and is toured on the same day (unless you’re on the slower-paced seven-night cruise).

The site is unique for having it split into two separate temples dedicated to two distinct gods: Haroeris (or Horus the Elder) and Sobek, the crocodile god of fertility and protector against the threats of the Nile.

Also built during the Ptolemaic dynasty between 180 and 47 BC, the temple would have been flawlessly symmetrical, with duplicate courts, halls, shrines, and chambers for the two gods. Today, much of it is in vestiges, but high columns and archways still mount over you. It’s mind-boggling to think about how they were constructed with just basic tools.

Following the temple is a crocodile museum, a haven for around 300 mummified crocodiles. Located inside the temple, they were likely to have been consecrated in honor of Sobek.

Temple of Philae

It’s considered Philae was the last temple devoted to the Ancient Egyptian religion, with the modern Egyptian hieroglyph inscribed there in the 4th century. Constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty which is also dedicated to the goddess Isis, it is noted as the southern boundary of Egypt.

The temple was formerly held on Philae Island in the Nile, but since the original Aswan Dam was constructed in the early 20th century it had sustained from flooding. With the second dam on the border, UNESCO and the Egyptian government resolved that the temple should be relocated, piece by piece, to another island, Agilka, just a little south of Aswan.

The exceptional effort took ten years to finish but, visiting the temple, you’ll be glad they did it.

Reaching Philae by boat, you will be greeted by one of Egypt’s most charming temples. Its island position gives it a distinctive atmosphere from the other temples and grasping that it was once located somewhere else makes it all the more impressive.

A colonnaded courtyard leads to the main temple building. The path is marked by 18 m (59 ft) high pylons (grand gateways). There’s also the Kiosk of Trajan, a small, undeveloped pavilion with intricately carved pillars set by the water.


While there’s certainly less to expect in Aswan in terms of Ancient Egyptian ruins, the city still possesses an interesting history of its own and bestows an entire another side to Egypt through its Nubian culture (an ethnic society originating from Sudan and southern Egypt).

Some visitors also think it’s by far the loveliest city on the Nile and a magnificent place to unwind while watching feluccas forming between immense boulders in the river. Roam through its markets while they sell you popular Nubian crafts and food, such as spicy stewed meat, or visit its temples, monasteries, and mosques.

You’ll get to visit Aswan Dam as part of your cruise. The dam was constructed between 1960 and 1970 to deliver water for irrigation, produce hydroelectricity, and control flooding. It also indicated the loss of the whole Nubian villages as they became engulfed in the waters of Lake Nasser, a by-product of the dam’s structure.

You can learn more about Aswan’s Nubian people at the city’s Nubian Museum. This is an amazing highlight for most visitors as the exhibits display numerous relics and artwork from Nubia. It also depicts the Nubian way of life in southern Egypt. You can also view old photographs of some of the communities that now rest at the bottom of the lake.

Just past Elephantine Island in the middle of the Nile, relocated Nubians have developed traditional mud-brick homes.

Holiday Cruises in Egypt

A Nile cruise is a carefree and romantic way to tour the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Serving as floating hotels, the cruisers equip the river between Luxor and Aswan, checking off twice a day at important monuments en route. Most boat tours sail between three and seven nights and proceed to Aswan High Dam, the Valley of the Kings, and Karnak Temple.

On an Audley tailor-made Egypt cruise, you can decide to cruise aboard a large, luxurious cruiser with a multitude of modern facilities, a common wooden dahabiya, or a restored steamship. Though the smaller boats are more fundamental, they make up for this in style and visit places that larger boats cannot access.

Huge ocean liners and modern entertainment crafts have no spot on the slow-paced Nile. Instead, the waterways are glorified with traditional feluccas and the sailing boats used to carry tourists around.

More than 280 ships still anchor in the vast waters of Luxor and Aswan, the place of the country’s best-preserved shrines. Cruising is considered the best method for visitors to witness the grandeur of the Nile and the fabled temples and monuments that mount it. This includes Luxor, Karnak, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Dendera, and the famous Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.

River cruise ships were limited to sailing Luxor and Aswan as a result of safety concerns that happened when a terrorist attacked a temple near Luxor in 1997. But they are now open again for business, though a massive security presence remains part and bundle of the region. There have been no terrorist events along the Nile in more than a decade, although that cannot be assumed for the rest of the country.

The mighty Nile spreads 4,184 miles in length and breathes through nine nations, from Lake Victoria in Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea near Alexandria, Egypt.

Unlike most rivers, it runs from south to north. It doesn’t demand more than a quick look to enjoy its value. Overlooking its shores rests the nation’s breadbasket: fields of corn, alfalfa, wheat, sugar cane, and sesame.

That persistent pulse you hear, like a heartbeat, is the music of irrigation pumps. Not surprisingly, agriculture is the region’s second-largest enterprise, after tourism. Once you move away from the Nile, all that is left is desert.

Historically, the Nile has possessed three seasons: flooding, farming, and harvesting. Since the Aswan High Dam was constructed in 1971, the river depth has been adjusted, depending on the requirements of navigation and irrigation. Today, Nile river cruises, lasting three to seven nights, are what include most cruise packages to Egypt.

Although the riverboats that sail through the Nile river manage not to range in size, there is still a great amount of distinction in quality. While some river cruise lines have ships in the region, they don’t always extend the itineraries.

For this holiday try to book your journey at Viking, Sonesta Nile Cruises, Avalon Waterways, Abercrombie & Kent, Movenpick, Sanctuary Retreats, Water Ways, Uniworld, Nile Exploration, Oberoi, and Travcoa.

Nile Cruise Boat Options

While the center of a Nile cruise is heavily set on visiting the temples and tombs, squandering time on your boat is all part of the adventure.

There are lots of boats to decide from. All produce a relaxing extent to recline after being on your feet all day. Some have dive pools, libraries, or spas onboard, as well as sun decks.

All refreshments are served on board, normally consisting of both foreign and local Egyptian dishes, such as ful medames (mashed fava beans), falafel, and sweet delicacies.

M/S Mayfair

The M/S Mayfair is a classic, great-value alternative. Passengers for this vessel like its modern interiors, which have a fine nautical theme.

Its 52 cabins and two suites are roomy and outfitted with dark wood furniture. It also has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in lots of natural light, and you’ll also have your own bathroom. The vessel is equipped with a sunny terrace on the top deck with a Jacuzzi, a small pool, and a bar, while the Mayfair’s Nile Avenue restaurant can be found below the deck.

M/S Sun Boat IV

M/S Sun Boat IV has a classical Egyptian style, with wooden floors and wide windows. Passengers were overwhelmed by the high staff-to-passenger ratio, which guarantees a high level of service.

The 36 cabins and four suites are disseminated across all four decks and also possess en suite bathrooms. Some rooms also have four-poster beds. The vessel is equipped with an outdoor bar so you can unwind on the deck with a drink, as well as a dive pool. In Luxor and Aswan the boat has a secluded mooring point away from other vessels.

Steam Ship Sudan

Meandering aboard the Steam Ship Sudan will carry you back to the early days of Nile exploration. The paddle steamer ship was constructed in 1885 for King Fouad, but improvements over the years have kept its quality and character.

Agatha Christie, after being a cruiser on Sudan, was encouraged to write Death on the Nile. Scenes from the later film adaptation were shot on the vessel for their grand originality.

The ship holds 18 cabins and five large suites, and its application of period furniture, mahogany wood, and brass is in keeping with the age. While there are some facilities onboard, we recommend Sudan if you’d prefer a classic Nile cruise.

Oberoi Zahra

For those on the seven-night cruise trying to look for a touch of luxury, we suggest the Oberoi Zahra.

Its luxurious interiors generate the illusion that you’re staying in a five-star hotel. A refurbishment subdued its 70 cabins to 25 cabins and two large suites, each allowing panoramic views of the Nile through ample-sized windows.

While on board the vessel, you can make use of the spa, gym, pool, and library. The restaurant menu switches each evening, and live entertainment is presented in the evening as well

Combining Cairo with Your Nile Cruise

We strongly suggest that you visit Cairo before your cruise. It is just a one-hour flight from Luxor and an hour and a half flight from Aswan, so it can be easily incorporated Egypt’s capital into your trip.

Making a stay for two nights allows you to visit Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities with a separate guide and Egyptologist. You’ll achieve an exceptional grounding in Ancient Egyptian history and the twisted belief system Ancient Egyptians followed. You’ll also get to learn some of the relics retrieved from the tombs and temples that you are about to visit on your Nile cruise.

Distinguishing where each of the sites matches Egypt’s timeline meant you got far more out of your trip.

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Indian Holiday Cruise

If you crave to go on a holiday and traverse the marvelous seas and the dense green surroundings of India, you can join on one of the luxury cruises that will take you through the superb yet unspoiled locations of this country.

Indians are now considering the potential of India’s boundless coastline and are reaping the benefits by coming up with a number of well-tailored cruise itineraries. A bevy of offers and destinations are on the cards to draw customers to go for cruises in India, and most border on the exquisite and unusual.

Among the famous destinations in India that you can visit are Mumbai, Goa, the backwaters of Kerala, Lakshadweep, Andaman, Sunderbans, Kochi, Maldives, Ganges River, and the River of Brahmaputra.

Here are the best cruises in India that you can get on for an adventurous journey:

Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

Sunderbans is the world’s biggest and grandest Royal Bengal tiger reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hence, it’s worth checking out.

Navigate through the mangrove ecosystems and visit the historical villages where you can witness enriching folk theatre performances by the villagers. Aboard a four-decked luxury cruise liner, you can sail your way with the MV Paramhamsa with all the modern facilities and amenities.

The journey starts from Kolkata and finishes in the Sunderbans before returning to Kolkata. The MV Paramhamsa will take passengers through turning rivers and streams of Sunderbans to give them an exceptional experience.

It is set on the vast delta created by the union of three famous rivers- Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. Vada Cruise aboard MV Paramhansa lets you cruise through the experience of roaring tigers. Consider it your fortunate day, if you catch a sight of the ‘Big Cat’ bathing while cruising through the waters of Sunderbans.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise

This cruise will carry you through the most distant water stretch in Kerala by crossing through the Vembanad Lake and the waters of Alleppey.

As a valued guest, you can experience enriching cultural performances and night transnational shows while you enjoy all the luxuries on board. You’ll also be served great cuisines prepared by the wonderful master chefs of the country.

The Oberoi Vrinda motor vessel attaches a special grace to the magical holidays on Kerala backwaters. While cruising on these exalted vessels, you can visit the famous backwater destinations of Kerala. This holds an excellent way to feel the serenity of the surrounding villages and the divine touch to God’s Own Country is by embarking on the Oberoi Vrinda.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise is a thoroughly outfitted floating villa, letting you view a superb environment and see the neighboring villages and their people from close points.

These motor vessels are purely operational in the largest extent of backwaters from Alleppy to the Kochi islands. While you’re on board, the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda will make sure that you visit a large number of canals and lakes and explore all corners of the Kerala backwaters. On your stay at the Oberoi Motor, you can enjoy recreational facilities in Vessel Vrinda like the Ayurveda massage parlor, relaxing deck, dining area, bar, and luxury cabins for the night.

Accommodation in these grand vessels is prepared in terms of eight luxury cabins that house huge beds and all modern facilities. The rooms have recreation amenities like television, DVD player, and electronic safe.

For most of your stay, the upper deck lounge of the vessel serves as the dining retreat. You can receive your breakfast on the deck while being in the sun. You can request authentic Kerala cuisine or seafood. Crabs, salad, and wine also complete the interesting menu here.

River Ganges Heritage Cruise

The water of the Ganges grants magnificent views of spiritual pilgrimage sites and the encompassing lush green forests.

The cruise is outfitted with 32 spacious rooms and a roomy terrace dining area that can hold up to 80 guests. It also has a live kitchen that serves local cuisines. This 260 km-long stretch luxury cruise will carry you through some of the best sightseeing spots. 

The great river the Ganges, also known as Ganga in Sanskrit, embodies elegance and timeless existence. For centuries, travelers searched several parts of the country through the Ganges and this is one of the reasons that the founder and director of the River Ganges Heritage Cruise, Mr. Raj Singh, chose to carry on with this tradition.

The embodiment of sophistication and luxury, Ganga Voyager extends travel encounters in the Indian Subcontinent by cruising in some of South Asia’s amazing luxury river cruise ships.

With the concept of making the trip along the ancient river routes of East India extraordinary, they have meticulously shaped up the itineraries to explore some of the most fascinating destinations from Kolkata to Varanasi. Explore new cultures, new encounters, and new destinations while you cruise on the Ganges.

Their award-winning river cruise encourages you to sail into a world of relaxation and style. With 28 well-equipped rooms, Ganges Voyager can host 56 guests. There are 35 crew members on board to make your journey carefree and only about loving memories. There are 5 categories of rooms to pick from, where you can unwind while they take you to amazing destinations.

Your cruise on Ganges Voyager is accompanied by gratifying food at their multi-cuisine dining room on the main deck. This is where their expert chefs serve their best translations of delicious cuisines.

The sun deck boasts a bar where the bartenders stir up extrinsic drinks. You can decide from their wide array of imported wines, teas and coffees, and relax in the open lounge while relishing the beautiful views outside.

M.V Mahabaahu Cruise

This luxury cruise begins from Kolkata and carries you through different tribal villages, tranquil monasteries, endless tea plantations, and other ancient destinations.

You’ll be taken through the most desirable northeastern parts of India like Assam and Tezpur on this cruise. The cruise also extends onboard amenities like a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a health spa. Well, you can also revel in cooking sessions, seeing several cultural shows and one-horned rhinoceros.

Sailing through the Brahmaputra, which is considered one of the majestic rivers of the world, on the genuinely luxurious MV Mahabaahu surely presents one of life’s magnificent pleasures. The Brahmaputra River starts in Tibet, where it is recognized as the Yarlung Tsangpo and is deemed sacred by Hindus and Buddhists alike. 

Civilizations have resided along the river for thousands of years, many of those people are isolated from each other due to the extensive forests. The Brahmaputra is the only river in India to be granted a male name and extends 2,900km from Tibet, through India to Bangladesh, where it runs into the Bay of Bengal.

This is certainly a magnificent river island system with the smallest and largest inhabited islands of the world situated in India.

It is the only traversable river in the world beneath the shadows of over 7,000 meters high, mounting snow-covered Himalayan ranges. This is also the only river connected to the Zambezi River in Africa from which elephant, jeep and boat safaris can take place in the Kaziranga National Park, named as the Serengeti of India.

Lakshadweep Cruise

Lakshadweep islands are well-known for exciting water sports, so you can surely opt for this cruise if you are an adventure junkie. Several cruises sail here, which means that you have a lot of options.

During the voyage, you will be able to visit the locals and catch a glimpse of their everyday lifestyle. You can join in turtle walking, coral reef strolling and bird viewing on some of the islands. Oh, you can also rent jet skis and water scooters to have more fun.

Those who prefer water sports and adventure pursuits will surely have a great time here. Everything from bathing to deep-sea fishing is possible.

Lakshadweep Islands is the smallest Union Territory of India, embracing just The 36 islands, islets, and atolls and the waters in between together convey 4, of space. Kavaratti is the official capital of the union territory.

“Lakshadweep” literally means a thousand islands, and it is situated about 220km from Kerala’s Malabar Coast. Most of the natives are followers of Islam, with a smatter of Hindus and Christians. Coconut farming, fishing, and coir production are the major occupations of the island people.

Out of 36 islands, only 10 are occupied by people. Several islands can only be visited during the day to traverse their flora and fauna. Meanwhile, the Pitti island is totally shifted into a bird sanctuary. Plenty of terns and turtles can also be found in this area.

The islands of Lakshadweep are abundant in wildlife and ecotourism is quickly catching up. Bird viewing and turtle walking are just some of the things you can do as a pastime here.

On the islands, tourists can go for adventure and water sports. You can also go sail on a boat, kayak, and deep-sea fishing. Water scooters and jet skis are open for rent.

There are pedal boats, kayaks, and glass-bottom ones that you can choose from in boat sailing. On a boat ride, you can easily view small corals beneath the shallow blue waters, fish that swim close to your boat, and numerous birds, too. Some agencies offer tools and crew on hire. A tour around the villages is exhilarating and you can meet the locals and socialize with them.

The Luxury Vrinda

Traverse the backwaters of Alleppey on this luxury cruise liner that grants different facilities like onboard meals and elegant luxury cabins to all its passengers. You can unwind and enjoy the wonderful scenes of the Vembanad Sea or you could catch up on off-board activities like house sailing, seeing a cultural dance, or fishing. 

The most excellent way to journey through the enchanting backwater of Kerala is to sail aboard a luxury backwater cruise. Go for the Luxury Vrinda, a luxury backwater cruise tour package by Indian Holiday to traverse the spectacular attraction of the Kerala backwaters while the vessel is coasting on the calm waters.

This cruise package of 5 days and 4 nights gives you an opportunity to explore the well-known Alleppey backwaters and the expanse around it. A trip in Kettuvallam, a popular houseboat, is a top attraction. You indulge in sightseeing, witness the way of the locals, experience sumptuous food, and so on during the tour.

Goa Cruise Destination

Goa is unquestionably one of the most famous cruise destinations in India. As the cruise sails through the glowing waters of the Mandovi River, you’ll be able to view the magnificent golden sunset along the coastlines.

While on the cruise, you’ll be given alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and pleasant delights as you pass pleasant sights of tranquil surroundings. You may even find dolphins.

Cruise in Goa provides one to explore the fascinating scenery, pristine waters, and marvel at the breathtaking landscape of the sunset. There are many types of voyages in Goa ranging from simple night cruises, elegant and sentimental dinner cruises, backwater cruises, and casino cruises. All of these normally start from Miramar Beach in Panjim.

Many Goa cruises also grant dinner options along with guaranteed enjoyment and entertainment activities that are offered throughout the day. Although this will depend upon the daytime, sunset, and moonlight.

Scheduling a cruise getaway in Goa is fairly easy as a number of them also offer online booking choices. Depending on the specifications and time that you prefer to spend on the boats, you can certainly pick a package that suits you the best.

Costa Neo Classica Cruise

This massive luxury cruise has a lot to offer for all its travelers. It rises from Mumbai and climaxes towards the Maldives. It holds 654 cabins, out of which, 428 cabins extend a pretty sea view and the rest of them even possess private balconies.

The ship has a wellness center, a swimming pool, a gym, four Jacuzzis, a library, a ballroom hall, and an onboard shopping mall too. This cruise surely has it all.

A ship where luxury reigns supreme, composed by the architect and designer Pierluigi Cerri, to embrace passengers in a mood that is extravagant and relaxed. Costa Victoria never stops to astound, as you will notice the moment you step into the Planetarium Atrium with its scenic lifts and sparkling reflections that take you up to the ship’s top decks.

The ship’s distinct style combines balanced forms with understated furnishings and magnificent construction work. It is a picturesque and welcoming ship, perfect if you want to be tempted by the sea.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

You can traverse the marvelous landscapes of rice paddy fields and bamboo on waters in the backwaters of Kerala. Get off-board to experience one of the most captivating and private tranquil boat rides in the peaceful Kerala backwaters for an unforgettable cruise.

A Kerala backwaters cruise engages you in a twisted network of rivers, inlets, lagoons, and lakes resembling the Arabian Sea coast. Delightfully picturesque and quiet, with rich wildlife on display, these cruises take place in a different landscape, with smaller boats allowing you to visit isolated areas that most tourist boats cannot.

Traversing the backwaters of Kerala is often the star of a visit to India’s southeastern part, with some 900km of waterways and lagoons creating a magnificent landscape that can perhaps be best compared to the evocative bayous of the USA. The Kerala backwaters extend from Kollam in the south to Cochin in the north and hold the state’s “rice bowl,” hence you will normally be cruising aboard a kettuvallam – a turned rice barge.

Most cruise voyages start in Alleppey, also known as the ‘Venice of the East for its extensive network of canals, with courses that depend on your embarkation and disembarkation points, the expanse of the backwaters, and the number of nights you’re employing onboard; voyages are tailor-made so you could be sailing for anywhere between just one night and a week.

Andaman Islands Cruise

Several cruise lines will take you through the dense green surroundings of the Andaman Islands. You can opt to go by yacht, a boat, a ferry, or a luxury ship cruise. You can also enjoy off-shore pursuits like snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and some other water sports.

Each island tour ensures an enriching adventure through the crystal clear waters so it will surely be quite an extravagant adventure. The cruise to Andaman is only open from the ports of Kolkata, Vizag, and Chennai.

While one can hover in the turquoise blue waters of the ocean, a view of far-sighted beaches packed with tropical palm trees, shacks, and the sun beaming at the top will cheer up more. These cruises are available in different timeline stays like 5 hours, 1-day, or 2-days, depending upon the tourists.

Andaman cruises are well-known for giving multi-amenities in the cruise itself like a cafeteria, good music, air-conditioned cabins, and bars. So, one can have a completely relaxing and peaceful atmosphere at a go. Not just that, some of the cruises are outfitted with facilities to satisfy anyone in activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing while drifting in-between waters.

Some of the cruises can also be rented for parties and make the life of people rolling while they rock on the cruise the entire night.

Final Thoughts

Enough of road trips, railway transports, and air travels, it’s time to traverse the Indian waterways.

Passionate enough to explore India over water on your next trip? Prepare for your holiday breaks soon, as the soaring temperature is just around the corner.

So, get ready, pick this list of cruise vacations in India, organize a trip to one of your favorite Indian destinations, and travel to enjoy an extraordinary holiday cruise.

Best Cruises Couples Fun cruises holiday cruise

Naturist Holiday Cruise

A non-nudist is always worried about the worst before boarding a Bare Necessities cruise. Nonetheless, this is a chance for you to gain new friends and freedom.

Apart from the prevalent understanding that nudists aren’t like most people, there’s also a more wholesome tell. They have an ostensibly carefree mentality, judging and whining less in their everyday life.

Even on nudist cruises with thousands of naked people, what you think of the nudist culture and environment will surely change. Everyone’s very welcoming, inviting, and there are also imposed and official rules that the community (and staff) implement.

If you like to cruise nude, be ready to gain new friends without having to worry about swinging.

Do I Have to be a Nudist to Join?

According to The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the majority of naturalists are college-educated people between the ages of 35 and 65. Approximately 70 percent of the passengers are repeat passengers because they had so much joy on their initial voyage. So much so that they’d prefer a nudist cruise over a regular one, unless it’s a family holiday.

The First Thing You’ll Discover: You Won’t Feel Fat

You’d think that revealing it all, or even just some skin, would exhibit what your inner critic describes as your “problem areas.” As such, a nude cruise might make you feel unattractive.

Here’s a tip: Try to give yourself about two hours aboard, and you’ll discover the opposite. Clothes are pure evil. You wouldn’t possess a muffin top if it weren’t for jeans.

Sharing the Naked Perspectives on the Nudist in You!

Au naturel voyages have been around for many years, although they have grown in popularity recently. They cater to couples who want to go naked and celebrate a carefree environment.

Aboard the ship, you will meet like-minded couples who are also having fun just like you and your partner. It’s also your choice whether you go naked or not. What’s important is that you board a cruise by an established line.

The Best Naturist Holiday Cruise

Are you ready for some clothing-optional fun?

Most adults-only cruises are for adults over 21 years of age. While the title “nude cruises” is famous slang, “clothing optional or naturist cruises” is a more precise description. Nudity or participation is totally voluntary. Instead, these cruises highlight revealing outfits, adult-only themes, and sensual behavior among adults in private. 

Discover different cultures and interesting destinations while having the ship as your home-away-from-home. Ships sail on a wide range of ports of calls and usually, the cruise line’s private island is a naked day for all passengers. The ports require clothing but also several offer topless beaches or optional clothing-optional tours. As such, they are excellent places to have a blast, meet new people, and share new encounters.

You are not required to be a nudist to sun your buns! But what an excellent way to traverse the islands. Your cruise experience varies from “mild to wild” depending on your likings. When you join a naturist holiday cruise, you can have comfort your way.

Bare Necessities’ Adriatic Odyssey Aboard the Royal Clipper

For numerous visitors to Italy, the other side of “the boot” is a riddle. But for Italians and savvy European explorers, this is where they prefer to vacation. It is also where you will be continuing your gastronomic journey of discovery on the Royal Clipper with cooking shows by a Michelin Star Guest Chef! 

Roundtrip from the island city of Venice, you’ll visit unique ports in Italy, the small republic of San Marino, passengers love Kotor, Dubrovnik, and Split, as well as new stops in nude-friendly Croatia.

You will once again enjoy cruising as it was 100 years ago, great food and an inclusive drink package*

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to cruise aboard this one-of-a-kind sailing ship to these unusual ports with the combined benefit of no black tie required. Indeed, clothes are not required!

Inspired by the tall ship, Preussen, the Royal Clipper has the fine characteristic of being the largest and only five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship. The Royal Clipper can carry 227 guests and 106 crew members with six distinct stateroom categories to choose from.

Bare Necessities Big Nude Boat Aboard the Carnival Pride

On the last day of every cruise, what’s being heard from most of the Bare Cruisers is that time really flew by. All passengers ask if they could stay aboard a little longer and the reply has always been no… until now. For our 75th charter, Bare Necessities is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind two-week voyage aboard the Carnival Pride! 

Sailing on an exclusive port, a brand-new itinerary that encompasses Colón, Cartagena, and San Juan, passengers have the chance to traverse every corner of the Caribbean – all with the continued bonus of six lazy days at sea to unwind onboard…au naturel!

Passengers have demanded a longer cruise and many of them have stretched their vacation time by taking an (admittedly less fun textile) voyage before or after their charter. European and Aussie passengers have said they want more extended cruises to make flying across the pond or from down under genuinely worthwhile.

This cruise is the solution for everyone who has said they craved more! More extra time in the sun, more crystal clear and warm water for slender dipping, more fascinating ports of call, more sea days to dip some rays, and more entertainment aboard a ship that includes passenger favorites like the chic, fast, over-the-top Carnival Pride.

Carnival Pride is the second ship in the Spirit Class which incorporates the Miracle and the Legend. Spirit Class ships are the same in layout and design but vary in decor. The ship’s theme is “Icons of Beauty” and among her numerous classic nude statues and paintings, you’ll feel right at home. The Pride has earned the Fun Ship 2.0 makeover as well as a fresh refurbishment in 2019.

The selection for dining aboard boasts an Art Deco-inspired main dining room, zen-like Bonsai sushi, and David’s specialty steakhouse. At the peak of the ship, you’ll see a 12-foot tall duplicate of the statue of David waiting to welcome you.

Opportunities for dining au naturel is possible at the Mermaid’s Grill on the Lido Deck with pretty mermaid statues embellishing the walls. They also have the incredibly famous Guy’s Burger Joint, and the deliciously sophisticated BlueIguana Cantina. Savor specialty coffees, 24-hour pizza, and ice cream, or look for something sweet at Cherry on Top.

Skinny-dip in the pools and wet yourself in the hot tubs. Enjoy a film under the stars at the Seaside Theater. Get lost in a good book, or just one another’s companionship, at the Serenity retreat.

You can take a ride on the waterslides. Music lovers can join the sing-alongs in the Piano Bar, and try not to miss the lavish song and dance productions in the Main Theater.

Dance the night away at Beauties Dance Club and experience live music shows all around the ship. Cap off the night with laughter at the Comedy Club. Activities swarm aboard Carnival Pride. Clothes-free, child-free and carefree once again while you’re onboard a Bare Necessities cruise. What could be better than that?

Bliss Nude Cruise by Royal Caribbean OASIS of the Seas

Bliss Cruise is America’s biggest adult-only, full-ship clothing-optional charter entertainment company. It has routes cruising from Florida to the Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean.

The sailing attracts numerous open-minded people such as lifestyle couples, nudists, and exhibitionists. They also cater to curious couples who want to experience something different from the regular cruise vacation.

Bliss passengers sold out the previous cruises of 2017, 2019, and even 2020 so they’ve listened to you. Bliss has chartered a ship for the biggest lifestyle party at sea onboard a recently renewed Oasis of the Seas bragging all-new cabin upgrades and improvements to its public areas you surely won’t recognize from its prior version. 

Why? Because you’ve created these floating parties the destination to witness and be seen among the most energetic, fun-loving couples at sea, all in a welcoming clothing-optional environment for fun-loving pairs.

Oasis of the Seas can make you feel like you’re in a floating city with all the activities on board. Your main guide to identifying what’s going on and when is the everyday Cruise Compass delivered to your cabin usually in the evenings.

Here are several things that the Bliss Nude Cruise November 2021 has to offer their clients:

  • Adult couples 21 or older (no kids allowed)
  • Open decks and pool areas are certainly clothing optional.
  • Clothing optional shore tours.
  • Meet & Greets to help you break the ice and socialize with people.
  • Seminars that teach and allow you to examine new areas of the lifestyle.
  • Multiple play areas to satisfy your level of pleasure and interest.
  • Evening performances and late-night dance parties in different venues.
  • Theme nights to score a little extra treat to dressing up & heading out for the night.

Bliss Nude Cruise by Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas

This is a full ship charter on the Jewel of the Seas cruising from the Port of Miami, Florida.

This is a very suitable port for various lifestyle couples. The vessel itself is clothing optional at the pools and open decks. They also boast loads of live music bands and everyday activities to help you get attached. The first-class production and DJs will make your cruise a total success. Multiple genres are staged just for you.

Educational classes and workshops are interesting. Meet and Greets help you discover like-minded pairs and play partners. Every night, there’s a theme to add some spice to the evenings, in addition to the most playrooms at sea both night and day.

Don’t delay in reserving your cabin along with over 1000 other couples. It’s never too early to book a prospective cruise.

Bliss Cruise is surely for you. If you’re a fun-loving couple, then grab this opportunity!

  • Adults aged 21 years or older (no kids allowed)
  • Outside cruise decks, sun deck, and pool and hot tub areas are totally clothing-optional, except while you are in port.
  • Clothing optional experiences and catamarans port days.
  • Meet & Greet ice breaker event to meet new couples.
  • Workshops or playshops that both interest and give you ways to freely explore new interests
  • Adult fun spaces where you can choose to satisfy your interests
  • Adult fun and evening dance parties all over the ship
  • Themed nights to let your inner fantasies emerge and try something new

Bliss Barcelona/Casablanca Voyage

This Bliss Cruise charter tours two continents: Spanish Europe and Africa as well as some of the most beautiful ports of call for 8 days/7 nights cruising round trip from Barcelona, Spain. Spanish ports extend anchorages off the hidden path such as Cadiz topped off with a magnificent port of call in Casablanca, Morocco.

Yes, Bliss Cruise has been to both places and you’ll surely love it. They’ve traveled the Spanish continent, Portugal, and spent almost two weeks recently in Morocco strolling the villages and countryside, and cities such as Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, Meknes, and the Atlas ranges. The cruise also spent a day and overnight in the Sahara in a Berber tent.

This Spanish/Moroccan experience at sea will unite you to the countries’ genuine hearts of local life and culture while the days at sea grants relationships to other open-minded, bold couples.

The ship highlights two specialty restaurants, concierge facilities, a piano bar, and a wine bar, plus a Spa and Wellness area, a coffee café, live performance throughout the ship, regular enrichment programs (like wine and champagne tasting), and this is just the “shortlist.” And did we mention beverages in the bar are included? 

Gain new friends to warm up your evening before dinner or feast all in this trendy hot spot before more playfulness and dancing or whatever your option of nightlife might be.

Finally, Bliss Cruise supplements their mischievous touch to intensify your onboard experience with the following:

  • Adults aged 21 years or older (no children allowed)
  • Meet & Greets events to help you break the ice and gain new couples.
  • Evening party and late-night dancing.
  • Sensual theme nights to score a little extra fun dressing up and heading out for the night.

Celebrity Summit – Port of Miami – Georgetown, Grand Cayman – Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

A cruise on a five-night charter from Miami is for couples who may not have enough time to travel and appreciates a value-based, fun-packed experience with other like-minded adult couples. A common complaint: Couples say “We don’t have enough time to do all the things or attend all the events we desire.”

Departure is from the Port of Miami, so be prepared to spend some extra time in town while enjoying all that the city can offer.

Their adventure at sea leaves Miami and bound for Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. At both ports of call, you can select from various shoreside events, water sports, diving, snorkeling, and clothing-optional parties on a private catamaran. These are organized so you can meet other couples and enjoy an all-over tan.

You can also fancy playtime back on board, experience specialty themes, and have excellent excuses to attend Meet & Greet events as well as fun workshops for adults only. It’s absolutely fun while on the sea with no stop signs.

You have five nights and days of action-packed holiday and educational events during the day, exquisite cuisine, and theme nights, plus late-night mischief that will keep you aroused to rock and roll.

You can take your pick from parties, receptions, Meet and Greet events as well as dining together to meet like-minded couples. Live music and DJs will set the pace so you’ll be falling into bed, totally exhausted from all the action.

Seems too busy for you? Don’t fret, you can set your own pace for fun and games. No one is grading you so be ready to let loose and has a blast.

Naturist Group Cruise from Dubrovnik to Split Croatia and Adriatic Ports

This is an accompanied European Naturist Cruise that is scheduled yearly for nudists. The holiday voyage cruises from Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia, visiting Adriatic anchorages of call for a week with a group host on board.

This yearly event is intended for nudist singles and couples cruising on an 18 cabin motor yacht, the Majestic. Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia are the main tourism hubs on the Adriatic. Although subject to revision, the itinerary includes Dubrovnik, Sipan or Slano, Korcula, Bisevo (Blue Cave), Vis, Hvar, Makarska, Omis, Split.

This naturist voyage cruises along the Croatian coast, with visits to historic towns, striking villages, and captivating islands, with lots of opportunities for nude sunbathing and swimming. Nudity is welcome and anticipated on board except when in port and during meal hours.

Premium superior motor yachts are recently-built mini grand vessels highlighting similar comfort. The 18 air-conditioned rooms are 8 to 14 square meters in size outfitted with double or twin beds, a hairdryer, and a safety deposit box. Rate covers daily breakfast. Additional refreshments and bar drinks are extra onboard. Plus dining and bar drinks in every port are extra.

Nudists Have the Key to Happiness

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the nude lifestyle is that, with every breeze, with every dip in the hot top, or with each mere sight downward, we can’t help but remember to savor the moment. And it could be that passengers don’t protest because they’re happier than an average person.

An investigation led by Matthew A. Killingsworth, Ph.D., and Daniel T. Gilbert, Ph.D., unveiled that most people aren’t concentrating on the present moment 47% of the time. However, happiness can only be encountered at the moment.

Absolutely no sexual misbehavior in public is permitted. Failure to comply may end in clients getting banned from the ship at the following port of call without refund or transportation.

Best Cruises Best cruises holiday cruise

Greek Cruise Holiday

It’s undeniable that the Greek Islands have always been the best preferred destination for travelers.

For one, Greece is an enchanting, romantic destination. This is where you can walk alongside stunning coastlines, explore the remains of ancient cultures, and feast on fresh Mediterranean cuisine.

On one of the luxury Greek Island cruises, you can travel to far-flung beaches, drift out to sea on catamarans and kayaks, and dip into tiny tavernas where you can eat and drink like a local. From the sun-soaked stone structures in Santorini to the white-sand beaches in Mykonos, a Greece cruise is the best way to experience the magnificent Greek Islands, especially on holidays.

Ancient History

Greece is truly a world-renowned destination for history buffs. That’s because you can roam through the Acropolis and marvel at human creation, or visit the Museum of Cycladic Art to investigate Aegean and Cypriot artifacts.

You can also explore the 400-year-old remains of a city buried under volcanic ash outside of Santorini. Another excellent getaway idea is to traverse the historic forts of Corfu, or jump on a boat ride to Delos that is said to be the birthplace of Apollo.

Natural Wonders

Get marveled at Elafonisi Beach, a paradise of pink, powdery coast and shallow waters off the island of Crete. Take a memorable cruise through the remarkable Corinth Canal on a shore excursion in Athens. Stand in awe at the foot of Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain and the mythical home of the Greek gods.

Truly, there are a lot of places you can explore in Greece.


Cruises to Santorini, Greece allows you to discover the simple beauty and history of the island.

Though it’s no longer a well-kept secret, Santorini’s beauty cannot be abbreviated. The island’s colorful structures rise against the blue-and-white buildings and the turquoise Aegean sea below.

Less speculative than Athens, more tranquil than summer party town Mykonos, Santorini is one of the most-visited stops on any number of Mediterranean cruises, and for excellent reason.

Santorini’s cruise port was built when the island’s volcano erupted in 1650 BC. The port is positioned at the base of the capital city of Fira. When your Santorini cruise harbors in Fira, you’ll need a small boat to the shoreline and then, in the picturesque Greek style, make your way to the top of the island by either cable car, donkey, or on foot.

While you’re on a Santorini cruise, the island will reveal to you its romantic, carefree spirit. Once there, you can traverse the village of Oia, observe the sunset from Amoudi Bay, or take a half-day excursion to Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni (two islands shaped by volcanic eruptions) for a plunge in their ancient, therapeutic hot springs.

Top Sights and Attractions for Cruises to Santorini

Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is one of Santorini’s hidden jewel. It is a small port on the northwest side of the island where tourists and locals mingle for romantic evening walks along the bay’s rocky shores. You can savor a drink and fresh seafood, like cooked octopus or a fried cheese dish called saganaki, in various waterfront restaurants. 

Oia Village

The village of Oia (pronounced Ia) can be found north of Fira, located atop a sizable cliff. The village gives you a panoramic view of the island of Thirassia in the distance.

While in Oia, you’ll see shops, taverns, restaurants, and different attractions. This includes art galleries and the Maritime Museum, which memorializes the naval archives of the area.

Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach is known for its black sand and is home to a popular beach resort. During the summer season, Kamari Beach is an amazingly popular destination for tourists. They boast water sports, energetic resort nightlife, and the comfort of being right at the waterfront while envelope conveniently by bars, nightclubs, and cafes. 

Venetsanos Winery

One of the most bizarre wineries you’ll ever visit, Venetsanos Winery was literally sculpted into the cliffs just beyond the port of Athinios. The winery was designed and created in 1947 and ran until 1967. After a 47-year pause, the winery became operational again in 2014.

Because of the steep cliffside, the winery was constructed to accommodate Santorini’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere. What’s cool about this winery is that they use the soil inclination to demonstrate the four levels of wine-making. 


Mykonos (also known as Hora) is conceivably the most recognized and famous of the Greek isles. That’s because it is considered as the refined and glossy younger sibling of Athens.

Its gleaming white buildings pop against soberly blue waters and bougainvillea blossoms. Mykonos cruises relish in incredible nightlife, alluring white-sand beaches, and a stay-up-all-night character. So much so that it is one of the most sought-after destinations for Mediterranean cruises.

Approachable, warm, and friendly even during high tourist season, Mykonos is an effortlessly cool destination.

Cruises to Mykonos, Greece harbor into the New Port, where at least 2-3 cruise ships visit daily, and even more arrive on the island on bustling summer weekends. The peak period for Mykonos is July and August when temperatures spike.

The Old Port of Mykonos allows excursions to the neighboring island of old Delos if you’re looking for a quick getaway from the main island. You can also see Little Venice, molded after the Italian town, and take in glimpses of the Aegean from on high.

As you proceed on your cruise, you’ll look back fondly on the pure beauty of Mykonos.

Top Sights and Attractions for Cruises to Mykonos

Little Venice

Little Venice or Alefkandra was founded by rich Italian merchants in the 18th century. See one of Mykonos’ trademark sunsets off of the Aegean Sea from Little Venice. The seaside is filled with fishing houses, painted in every color possible. For visitors, just follow the road from the Mykonos city’s heart to its landmark windmills.

The Windmills

The Windmills are an exceptional staple of the island’s landscape. Settlers built the windmills in the 16th century to mill wheat; today, the windmills face the harbor to welcome you to Mykonos. Only seven of these spontaneously recognizable structures are maintained and still standing today. 

The Island of Delos

According to Greek mythology, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the island where the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis were born. No town or village was ever made on top of the ruins that were originally built on Delos.

To view this well-preserved island for yourself, you can take a small boat from Mykonos to the island. Delos also has a small cafe and little museum filled with Greek vases and sculptures.

Ano Mera

About a twenty-minute car drive inland is Ano Mera, a town where you can experience a more laid-back, small-town energy to contrast with the bustling town of Mykonos. Climb to the Gyzi Castle for a glimpse of the surrounding village and where you’ll discover ruins of an old cemetery and a local market. Check out the Paleokastro Monastery or the Panagia Tourliani to witness historic religious places in Ano Mera. 

Athens (Piraeus)

As the capital of Greece and one of Europe’s most busy cities, Athens boasts 5,000 years of history.

At night, the city of Athens shines from afar, light echoing off the ancient ruins. Today travelers gather to learn of its history while on cruises from Athens. After all, the art, theatre, architecture, and philosophy of Athens had ripple impacts through the foundation of entire civilizations.

Take in thousands of years of history through timeless trips while taking a cruise to Athens. The departure port of Piraeus is one of the most bustling commercial ports in the world, sustaining many Mediterranean cruises, and sits on a natural, sandy lagoon where local Athenians often unwind on summer weekends. It also gives travelers a chance to explore, shop, and eat traditional Greek dishes.

A Greek island cruise from Athens wouldn’t be impeccable without viewing the metropolis’ major sites. This includes the impressive Acropolis, the Parthenon, a hike up Mount Lycabettus, and trips to museums that hold marvelous treasures dating back to the 5th century BC.

Though Athens is a city of ruins, it’s the very heart of modern Greece.

Top Sights and Attractions for Cruises to and from Athens

The Acropolis and the Parthenon

Greek island cruises from Athens are incomplete without a trip to the Acropolis.

You’ll hike the 490 feet up into the Plaka District along narrow, paved streets beset by aromatic olive trees. At the Acropolis, the world-famous Parthenon stands isolated from any other edifice in the modern or ancient world. It’s instantly recognizable as a representation for everything Athens, comparable to Rome’s Colosseum or the Taj Mahal in Agra.

When you visit the Parthenon, you’ll see why its Doric pillars have withstood war, invasion, disruption, and simply the test of time. 

Plaka District

The Plaka district encircles the Acropolis. Walk through this charming stretch of narrow cobblestone streets into handcrafted shops, restaurants, innumerable cafes, and bars.

In the 1970s, the district was a top area for nightlife, but breaking down on the local noise ordinances turned the Plaka District into a calmer, more commercialized neighborhood. Shops and restaurants immediately boomed there, and now the Plaka is famous with tourists looking for shopping and leisure.

Olympic Stadium

Athens is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and it’s one of the most important events in the world today. That said, Athens has hosted the Olympic Games in 1896, 1906, 2004, as well as the Special Olympics in 2011.

The city’s Panathenaic Stadium, a 45,000-seat open-air stadium, is immediately recognizable and centrally positioned in the heart of Athens. 

Acropolis Museum

Make it a point to visit the Acropolis Museum, boasting a full catalog of Greek art, culture, and philosophy recording back to the 5th century BC. You’ll uncover artifacts from the Bronze, Roman, and Byzantine ages as well.

This collective effort between a Greek architect and an American architect began in 2009, making it one of Athen’s most modern, can’t-miss attractions for tourists and history buffs. 

Mount Lycabettus

Athens is distinguished for its hilly, rolling landscape. Its highest point is Mount Lycabettus, which rises over 900 feet high. Going to the stop is an adventure in and of itself.

Begin by taking a cable car to the top of the mountain. Then, hike around 100 steps from the cable car station to the summit. There, you’ll see breathtaking scenic views of the metropolis, the port of Piraeus, and its various docked ships. 

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

There is no shortage of memorable experiences to have in Greece. Its seascapes and cityscapes are fascinating, from the majestic ruins of the Acropolis to the buzzing, modern city square of Athens.

You can visit an olive farm in Crete or board a tour of Mykonos Town’s organic wineries. Another thing you can do is take an exclusive cooking lesson on how to create local favorites in Santorini’s main square.

Greek Island Holiday Cruises

The Greek Islands offer a captivating history tied with legend and magnificent landscapes. Plus, it features olive groves, small villages adhering to hillsides, and clear turquoise seas. It is absolutely a winning mixture for a refreshing island-hopping holiday.

Cruise lines offer a wide selection of Greece cruises on a variety of small ships, consisting of small luxury vessels, megayachts, tall sailing ships, and gulets.

Southern Cyclades and Turkish Coast by Star Clipper

A seven-night tall ship sailing from Athens along the picturesque Turkish coast leads to the charming Greek Islands of Rhodes, Santorini, and Hydra.

Travel the rich history of Rhodes island before touching Bodrum, which was formerly the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Navigate through the pure stretch of the Dalyan River, past hot sulfur pools and peaceful villages, to the volcanic island of Santorini. Walk along streets lined with white-stone houses and blue roofs or cherish the fantastic views from the cliff tops.

Cruise to the traditional Greek island of Hydra, the last stop before returning to Athens, ending this unforgettable sailing cruise around the Southern Cyclades.

Classical Greece by Variety Cruises

Explore the treasures of Greece, including stunning Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos on this relaxing megayacht voyage from Athens.

Traverse the authentic Greece of dazzling white cliff-top villages, ancient olive groves, and isolated turquoise bays on this unprecedented megayacht cruise. The cozy small yachts can tour islands well off the usual tourist trail, anchor in calm bays for relaxing swim stops, and moor in picturesque harbors near old bars and tavernas.

Search the immaculate twin bays of Kythira, the classical Greek fishing town of Hydra, and the captivating old walled town of Monemvasia. The same thing goes for the fascinating Mykonos and stunning Santorini. Optional excursions include exploring the ancient places of Knossos, Delos, Mycenae, and Akrotiri on Santorini.

Venice to the Adriatic and Greece by Viking Cruises

Uncover early civilizations on this 7-night cruise beyond the Adriatic Sea to Croatia’s exciting Dalmatian coast, Montenegro, and the remarkable Greek Islands. Covers return flights from the UK and shore tours.

Sail from Venice along the scenic Adriatic coast to explore the historic architecture and medieval towns of the Eastern Mediterranean.

After an overnight stay in the beautiful city of Venice, journey to the walled cities of Split, home to the Palace of Diocletian and 12th-century Dubrovnik. From there, you can traverse the well-preserved medieval town of Kotor which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spend a whole day on the gorgeous island of Corfu with its traditional pastel houses. You can also explore the legendary city of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, then arrive in ancient Athens, home to the Temple of Zeus and the renowned Acropolis.

Treasures of the Adriatic by CroisiEurope

This unique cruise travels in the exceptional natural beauty and architectural richness of Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, and Albania, with highlights including the magnificent island of Corfu and the attractive town of Sarande, the gateway to the old ruins of Butrint.

Explore four varying countries on this relaxing roundtrip voyage from Dubrovnik, with a wonderful choice of optional shore excursions.

Experience an overnight stay in Dubrovnik, nicknamed the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, before sailing along with the stunning Albanian and Montenegrin coastlines to the magnificent Greek island of Corfu. Take the chance to travel to the UNESCO-listed old town and the embellished 19th-century Achilleion Palace.

The Albanian town of Sarande is the gateway to the unimaginable ruins of Butrint, which can be toured on an optional excursion. There is also the opportunity to explore UNESCO-listed Gjirokaster, controlled by the mighty Gjirokaster Fortress.

Proceed to Vlore, the third-largest city in Albania. Spend time at leisure or choose the optional full-day tour that can take you to the UNESCO-listed city of Berat with its white Ottoman houses, and Apollonia, the biggest archaeological site in Albania.

A mixture of ancient and modern, Durres is a quick drive from the Albanian capital of Tirana and its engaging National History Museum. Enjoy a visit to the charming town of Bar in Montenegro, with its enchanting old town, before sailing back to Dubrovnik.

Divine Cyclades by Elixir Boutique Cruises

This unwinding modern yacht cruise on 58-passenger Elysium showcases 14 unspoiled Greek Islands. This includes picture-postcard Santorini and the archaeological site of Delos, with the chance to swim and snorkel.

This brand new Greek Islands yacht cruise is the latest island-hopping experience, taking in 14 incredible islands and extending refreshing swim stops plus precisely designed wellness activities.

Set sail from Piraeus to Cape Sounion for your initial swim in the azure waters, before experiencing an alfresco dinner onboard as you view the sunset. Step ashore on the white-washed island of Sifnos, experience a swim off the volcanic island of Milos, and explore the hidden gem of Kimolos and its neighboring authentic fishing villages. Nearby is Goupa with its interesting boat garages, known as ‘strata.

Manganari is one of the most stunning sandy beaches in Greece and ideal for a refreshing dip. The next stop is the famous island of Santorini with its popular blue-domed churches, where you can enjoy a memorable sunset over the Aegean.

Traverse the extraordinary sea caverns on Pano Koufonisi island, enjoy a swim at the isolated island of Despotiko, and walk the winding alleys of Naxos island. You can also explore the UNESCO-listed island of Delos, the mythological birthplace of god Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, before traveling to lively Mykonos with its iconic windmills.

The lesser-known island of Serifos and attractive Kythnos is the last port of call on this impressive yacht cruise.

Greece Intensive Voyage by Azamara Cruises

Discover the myths and spectacular sceneries of the Greek Islands on this luxury cruise by visiting Mykonos with its towering windmills and the ancient sites of Rhodes.

The artistic landmarks waiting to be discovered in Greece are endless. This includes ancient ruins blanched by the sun for over a millennium and is commonplace throughout the country. So much so that it is an excellent example of modern architecture and bewitching designs.

Sail from Athens with its ancient wonders to the charming island paradise of Mykonos. From here, island-hop to magnificent Patmos and historic Rhodes before arriving on Crete, for a visit to Agios Nikolaos which seamlessly fuses the beauty of a small fishing village with the beauty of a chic resort town.

The next morning, you’ll arrive in picture-postcard Santorini, a pleasure to travel. Continue to the wonderful seaside town of Pylos and the lemon-scented island of Corfu. Explore UNESCO-listed Kotor with its towering ancient walls, before setting sail to the romantic Venice where this cruise comes to an end.

Autumn Escape in the Aegean Sea by Ponant

Sail across the Aegean Sea in Autumn, exploring Greece and its popular Cyclades and Dodecanese islands.

Join your luxury megayacht in Athens for this six-night Mediterranean voyage. First get to Kusadasi in Turkey. It is an old fishing town with a history dating back 5,000 years. Not far from the Ephesus site, Kusadasi is now one of the country’s most popular seaside resorts.

You can also explore Delos, a small island in the Cyclades archipelago. Like an open-air museum, Delos contributes unique assertions of the civilizations that succeeded one another in the Aegean world.

Sail on to Mykonos, which is also known as the “Queen of the Cyclades.” It is an archipelago of white windmills, sinuous lanes, and whitewashed structures, with a small port where fishing boats and dinghies slackly bob at the bottom of the terraces.

Then explore Patmos, dubbed as the “Jerusalem of the Aegean Sea”. This island, where Saint John is said to have penned the Apocalypse, offers unique landscapes blending white sandy beaches and rocky coves.

Santorini, one of the gems of the Cyclades awaits, unfolding the grandiose circle of its caldera. Afterward, set sail to Nafplio, the exit point for visiting the great Epidaurus Theatre and the Mycenae site, registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO before visiting the island of Hydra, renowned for its incomparable light.

Adriatic and Aegean Allure by Oceania Cruises

Sail the clear waters of the Adriatic and Aegean on this magnificent luxury cruise, with highlights including invigorating Mykonos, the stunning Croatian city of Split, and an overnight stay in enchanting Venice.

Explore a land of pristine scenery, and notes of the Greco-Roman Era, Middle Ages, and Renaissance on this superb journey to the highlights of the Adriatic and Aegean.

Drift along Mykonos’ winding streets past whitewashed residences and stand beneath the iconic windmills before traveling to Kusadasi, gateway to the old ruins of Ephesus. Traverse the picturesque Patmos, home to the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of St John, and explore Turkey’s most famous beach resort, Marmaris.

Take the chance to visit Chania’s museums, which document its strong history and folklore. You can also explore the ancient Olympia from Katakolon to honor the temples, altars, and treasuries. Stand on the spot where ancient athletes trained before competing. The Greek island of Corfu possesses incredible scenery, while the Croatian city of Split is notable for the UNESCO-listed Diocletian Palace.

Continue to lovely Ravenna, once the western metropolis of the Roman Empire and home to an unimaginable eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most of the early Christian collections. Discover the Habsburg splendor of Rijeka, and enjoy an overnight stop in enchanting Venice, a city well-known for its canals, bridges, and opulent palazzi.

Final Thoughts

Temples, amphitheaters, and villages that were buried in volcanic ash are still revealing the secrets of the past. Greece and the Greek Isles possess history for the ages.

Cruise to Greece to enjoy climactic sunsets across crystalline waters while traversing the white cliffs of Milos. You can also bring yourself to the ancient past at ruins located on nearly every Greek island.

The Temple of Aphaia hovers over Aegina, while Delos Island hosts the unimaginable Terrace of the Lions. You’ll discover the world-famous Acropolis on Rhodes Island and the Akrotiri on Santorini. But don’t skip to watch the sunrise over the Aegean while touring the renowned windmills of Mykonos.

Some Greece cruises add calls to the Turkish port of Kusadasi for visits to the remarkable remains of Ephesus and to the fascinating city of Istanbul in the north. On mainland Greece, calls to Katakolon are a chance to see the equally extraordinary remains of Olympia.

Greek Island cruises may also take in the climatic island of Sicily, the Italian Riviera, and the Croatian shore and islands.

Best Cruises holiday cruise

Christmas Cruise Holidays

Whether you need a break from holiday overkill or are thinking of a new family travel tradition, cruising for Christmas may be what you need. You can use the kids’ Christmas break to traverse new cultures or escape on your own while allowing the cruise line to handle the party planning.

Here are five selections to consider as you initiate your holiday cruising plans:

Christmas Markets

The top-of-mind voyages for rejoicing in Christmas are likely to be those that call upon European Christmas markets in the weeks leading up to December 25.

There are various river cruises dedicated to exploring the markets and even several sailings that incorporate ports known for their Christmas markets.

The river cruises navigating during the holiday season typically engage you in the traditions of each country on the route with food, music, and decorations. The outdoor markets themselves introduce a variety of handmade items, as well as a bounty of food and beverage.

The atmosphere is far more relaxed and friendly than your normal crowded shopping mall at home, making it easy to drop holiday stress and slip into a jolly attitude.

Polar Cruises

For a little more enthusiasm during the holiday season, you can escape either north or south for an experience that includes wildlife viewing, striking scenery, and possibly even the northern lights.

Arctic cruises are more attractive during the summer months, but a few select voyages are now possible during the holiday season, particularly designed for viewing the northern lights. Cruises to Antarctica start from November to March — the only time of year when travel to the region is easy.

In addition to the adventure, you can anticipate some holiday decorations and festivities onboard most ships.

Christmas in the South Pacific

If your aim for Christmas is skipping the kitchen, a relaxing cruise in the South Pacific might be to your desire. The weather is warm, although you should expect the probability of rough seas on your way out of and back into Australia.

Several cruise lines make their way into the Australia-Pacific region (from Europe and Alaska) prior to the holiday season. Hence there is an abundance of opportunities, ranging from small to mega-ships, with cruises in almost all price ranges.

Unless you cruise with an adult-only cruise line, such as Viking Ocean Cruises, there will be a number of children onboard for the week of Christmas. Count on holiday decoration throughout the ship plus traditional feasts and treats served onboard.

Exotic Beaches

A complete escape might include beaches a little farther from home. Some far-flung destinations will feature Christmas celebrations like those at home, while others (like those in Asia) may have few or no signs of the Christmas holiday. Either way, you’ll encounter celebrations on board and lots of amusement, away from the cold.

Christmas and New Year’s Combo Cruises

You can opt to party all week on a cruise for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. There are 10-day cruises that take both December 25 and January 1 in almost every region of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asia.

Cruise lines sail between the two holidays seamlessly, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the fun without the burdens of taking down decorations and planning the New Year’s Eve party.

Best Christmas Holiday Cruises

If you’re looking for a holiday break getaway that offers quality family time as well as value, consider selecting a Christmas cruise for your family vacation.

Cruising is absolutely perfect for a family vacation. That’s because there is onsite childcare for young children, adults can spend time together, and off-ship tours create wonderful family-bonding experiences.

These warm-weather vacations are very nice because sailing over Christmas break suggests that your children won’t miss school. That said, we have listed 17 Christmas holiday cruises that you and your family might enjoy.

Adventures by Disney

For families visiting Europe, Adventures by Disney offer its holiday version of the Danube River cruise. You can spend your Christmas day at Vienna’s Hofburg Palace for a concert by the Vienna Boys Choir, followed by a holiday lunch at Griechenbeisl, the oldest restaurant in the city.

This week long cruise voyage from Germany to Hungary comes with Christmas markets at nearly every port for last-minute gifts and exclusive souvenirs. Onboard activities incorporate a mulled wine tasting, and Disney’s Adventure Guides accompany younger travelers in decorating gingerbread houses and a gift exchange.

Disney Fantasy

If you wish to spend your holidays at sea this year, consider taking the Disney Fantasy cruise. There’s no lack of Christmas fun aboard the ship including decorations, a grand 3-deck tree, and holiday-themed events every day.

This is a perfect time to watch your children and grandchildren wonder at the seasonal festivities. There is also enough time to spend with your spouse. This superb ship flaunts two adult-only restaurants, an adult-only pool, and a couple of massages at the extravagant spa.

Disney is a trailblazer for family cruising, and the holidays are a moment when this marvelous cruise line really shines. Special events incorporate Mickey’s Tree-Lighting Magic, where Mickey and his brilliant friends lead carols and turn on the lights of the grand Christmas tree in the atrium.

Your kids will surely love Santa’s Winter Wonderland Ball, a welcome party honoring Santa and Mrs. Claus, with cheerful music and of course snow! Another young cruiser pick is the trademark Deck the Deck Holiday Party, a celebration where Disney friends limbo under enormous candy canes and dance to the “Yuletide Slide”.


Everyone with an interest in the natural environment wouldn’t want to miss a journey to the Galapagos. That’s because this is where the extraordinary abundance of creatures in the air, on land, and in the ocean makes every single day a magical event.

Choose the fashionable Silver Origin for the very best Galapagos experience, cruising from San Cristóbal on 18th December 2021.

Regent Seven Seas

Those who truly want a getaway should check Regent Seven Seas’ 21-night sailing from Singapore to Sydney.

Passengers are allowed 13 days on land, including stops in Bali, Komodo, Cairns, and Brisbane, and up to 34 shore excursions. The excursion features a visit to magnificent temples in Bali, Komodo National Park, the Great Barrier Reef, and an off-road experience in Brisbane.

Disney Dream

At Disney Dream, adults can unwind at the Quiet Cove Pool, an adult-only area where you can swim, dip in the whirlpool spas, and bask in the glorious sun. Another area where kids aren’t allowed is Remy, a sophisticated French dining experience often preferred to mark a special anniversary.

Adults can also go to Palo, a northern Italian-themed restaurant. After dinner, jive the night away in the 18+ nightclub where your older grandchildren can inform you about the latest music trends. Disney Cruise Line also provides itineraries that emphasize adults-only excursions.

There are holiday activities for the whole family like constructing gingerbread houses, meeting Santa Claus, and singing along with carolers. Plus, special activities just for kids involve creating holiday cards and decorating stockings and cookies.

Make sure your little ones don’t miss the “Story Time with Mrs. Claus”, as she unravels Christmas stories from a rocking chair set near the grand tree.

Sometimes sailing days can be rough, but make sure your children stay up the first night as Mickey, Minnie, and all the characters walk with their festive attire and light up the tree. The whole ship is decorated with wreaths and garland so young cruisers will know that Christmas is near!

If your cruise includes a tour at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay, the celebration continues with “snow flurries,” a Christmas tree, Disney character’s meet-and-greets, and festive music.


Cruising from the UK in the winter months can be tricky, but choose this long journey to the Caribbean and back on board Saga’s pretty new boutique ship Spirit of Adventure. It will leave from Southampton on 6th December 2021, and you will surely enjoy 30 luxurious days away from it all, with loads of sunshine too.

Harmony of the Seas

Crashing through the seas sailing on this amazing ship will be a gift for everyone in your family. There are phenomenal kid’s clubs that host and supervise children all day and night. That way, adults can still enjoy a well-earned vacation time.

One great idea for adults is the Vitality Spa, which has dedicated couples suites. Another area that is child-free is the Solarium, where there is an adults-only swimming pool and whirlpools. For a special dinner, grant a late reservation at Chops Grille, Royal Caribbean’s trademark steakhouse, located in Central Park.

This ship is distinguished for the thrilling Ultimate Abyss, a slide that carries thrill-seekers 150 feet above sea level. Other adventurous cruisers can surf on two FlowRider simulators or slide down through multi-story water slides.

During the holiday sailings, young cruisers can see special presentations by Santa’s elves, and participate in gingerbread cookie decorating, family storytime, and much more. The ship also hosts tree and menorah-lighting ceremonies, and the whole ship is transformed into a winter wonderland.

While onboard, watch out for the Holly Jolly Holiday Parade, joyful photo opportunities, caroling, holiday movie screenings, and holiday craft-making for all ages.

Tradewind Voyages

This is a journey of a lifetime, a circumnavigation of Australia on board the unique Golden Horizon, the world’s biggest tall ship. The 72-day circumnavigation, which begins in Bali on 8th December and coming back on 18th February 2022, can be split into shorter 14 to 16-day sectors if you have less time available.


Seabourn’s 14-day Northern Lights, North Cape, and Norway cruise will connect the comfort and extravagance of Seabourn at its best!

Boarding the recently launched Seabourn Venture, it will depart from Tromso on 23rd December 2021. It will feature activities like sledding, cross country skiing, traversing by Zodiac, and a journey to see the Aurora Borealis.

Norwegian Encore

Sailing on the Norwegian Encore will make your set a new holiday tradition for your family. Relish tons of holiday activities like a Broadway show, a sumptuous dinner in the classic main dining room, or prefer one of the ship’s signature dining experiences while the children are engaged in their own activities.

Norwegian Encore will debut Onda by Scarpetta, which designates the Italian restaurant’s initial venture at sea. Onda boasts house-made pasta and seafood specialties. The highlight is Scarpetta’s popular Spaghetti Tomato and Basil, which aims to provide guests with a genuine dolce vita experience.

When the kids aren’t wandering at the decorated tree, savoring special meals, and attending holiday happenings, they can still enjoy all the fun this cruise line has to offer. This includes the largest race track at sea that has over 1,100 feet of pedal-to-the-metal speed. There’s also a laser tag which passengers can play day or night under the open sky.

Your family will also enjoy the aqua park where adventurous cruisers can mount slides that reach 11 feet off the side of the ship and a breathtaking twin loop. Plus, the multi-story AquaRacer is built for dare-devil fun.


Pick AmaWaterways’ latest AmaDahlia cruising the Nile in Upper Egypt and you can visit the amazing treasures of the Nile Valley, along with the chance of visiting the pyramids and the magnificent Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You can also take a pre-cruise extension to Jordan to witness the Red Rose city of Petra, and a post-cruise visit to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Masada.

Royal Caribbean

If your conception of a white Christmas is a more of a white sand beach, less a range of snow, Royal Caribbean’s 3 to 12-night Caribbean trips may be what you’re looking for.

Dubbed as the “greatest holiday celebration at sea,” 16 of Royal Caribbean’s vessels will celebrate the holidays and the New Year with poolside carolers, tree and Menorah lighting ceremonies, and cookie decorating. Passengers cruising on New Year’s Eve will be shaking confetti out of their hair completely into January, after experiencing live music, balloon drops, and a champagne toast.

Pride of America

Norwegian Cruise Line offers the only cruise ship traveling to four Hawaiian Islands during its seven-day, year-round course. You can marvel at Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai that includes two overnight stays to maximize your time in paradise. This is an excellent time to prolong your cruise vacation in Hawaii by combining a pre-or post-cruise stay.

During Christmas, the enchantment of the holiday will fill the air on the ship with cheerful décor which includes poinsettias, Christmas trees, glimmering lights, and beautiful seasonal decorations. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, crew members entertain guests with carols and children will be greeted by Santa.

Guests will also experience a specialty dinner menu and sweet goodies including special holiday cookies, yule logs, pumpkin pie, and much more. Don’t forget to carry your camera with you to take snapshots of a Gingerbread House and Holiday Village that will be placed in the ship’s atrium.

Pride of America Cruises navigate year-round from Honolulu, Oahu on a seven-day inter-island cruise with almost 100 hours in port, providing your children adequate time to experience Hawaii. A unique treat is the Kilohana Manor House & Kalamaku Show excursion, where guests will witness torches blaze, hulas, and dynamic fire dances. Lastly,you can plan pre-cruise tours in Honolulu, Oahu to visit the Polynesian Culture Center & Kualoa Ranch.

SeaDream Yacht Club

The intimate al fresco yachts of SeaDream marries the pleasures of outdoor living with the ideal food and service of a luxury yacht.

A comfortable flight to Barbados is followed by 15 days of beach parties, snorkeling, hiking in the lush hills, and absolute relaxation in the West Indies and the Virgin Islands. Flight is from Bridgetown on 19th December 2021, then stay on board for the return voyage departing Marigot on 27th December 2021.

Carnival Panorama

What’s very nice about Carnival Panorama is that the whole ship is “decked out” in holiday brightness. The ship’s grand atrium is furnished like a Christmas Wonderland, and there are numerous opportunities for professional photographers to capture photos of the whole family in their holiday outfits.

While your children are having fun in their supervised children’s clubs, parents can see the amazing Playlist Productions shows, check out the awesome Alchemy Bar, or make plans to indulge in great dining spots. This includes Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, Cucina del Capitano, and Ji Ji Asian Kitchen. For daytime recreation, head to Serenity, an adults-only retreat.

If there are adventurers in your family, the first-ever Sky Zone® at sea presents Carnival Panorama as a winner with this indoor trampoline park and challenge zone. Here, the kids can play gravity-defying dodgeball or slam-dunk basketball.

The holidays are what truly sparkle aboard Carnival Panorama as there’s a huge Christmas tree outfitted with customized lighting and synchronized music. There are also roaming carolers, holiday music fused into the live entertainment, and “snow falls” in the atrium.

There’s even an extravagant holiday show with performances by children from Camp Ocean, and appearances by Santa Claus and The Grinch, which is part of the line’s fleet-wide Seuss at Sea program.

Crystal Cruises

This 15-day cruise on the Crystal Symphony starts in Auckland and travels the coast of New Zealand before passing the Tasman Sea for Sydney and Melbourne.

You can take a helicopter tour of New Zealand’s only active volcano and visit the adorable fur seals in Wellington. Another thing you can do is journey to Middle-earth to see filming locations of the hit trilogy film the Lord of the Rings, and explore Melbourne as you sip champagne aboard the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

The best part? You’ll be among the first in the world to celebrate the New Year, parked beneath Sydney’s Harbour Bridge with one of the world’s grandest fireworks displays loading the night sky overhead.

Crystal River Cruises

If culture, history, and exquisite architecture are your thing, move close to home on a Danube river cruise. The luxurious Crystal Ravel traverses on an 11-day journey from Budapest to Regensburg leaving on 22nd December 2021. It includes overnight stays in Budapest, Vienna, and Regensburg, as well as magnificent scenery, and captivating ports of call.

Final Thoughts

Taking a cruise with your family over the winter holidays is something extraordinary. A warm cruise break from school and work is something your family will look forward to every December.