Gay cruises

Gay cruises

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These days, cruising is no longer limited to men and women. It is now available for the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Mind you, gay cruises are complete with action-packed and thrilling activities and then stopping at a local winery.

Some gay cruises are exclusive, meaning you will only be sailing with other gay guests. But some lines include small groups of gay travelers within a much larger cruise. 

So whether you want to party with thousands of new friends or walk among historic towns with your BFFs, there is a cruise for you. You can even try cruising on huge ships, small luxurious yachts, or traditional sailing boats.

We have compiled all the different options to make it easy for you to figure out which type of gay cruise is perfect for you.

Gay River Cruises

Gay River Cruises
Gay River Cruises

Going on a cruise doesn’t always mean that you have to sail on the high seas. Some luxurious cruises only take place on rivers of the Mediterranean, Asia, or India. This enables you to relax onboard while exploring old and exotic towns, wineries, and other places along the way.

These are usually very romantic cruises that are ideal for gay couples or those looking for a journey with a heavy focus on culture.

Here are some of our recommended gay river cruises:

  1. Brand G Vacations
  2. Olivia Travel
  3. Vacaya
  4. Uniworld

Gay Party Cruise

Gay Party Cruise

The cruise industry has come a long way. From acknowledging LGBTQ+ passengers, gay party cruises have now become a standard offering on most cruises.

Gay party cruises usually take place on larger cruise ships, with lots of pools, bars, and different entertainment. This includes DJs and drag performers. This explains why gay party cruises are typical among the young and energetic crowd.

LGBTQ+ cruise passengers have always been very enthusiastic when it comes to party cruising. Hence, this cruise offering is ideal for those who are up for a good time.

Compared to a few years ago, members of the LGBTQ+ community are now more open about their sexual orientation while onboard. Mind you; there are dozens of Facebook pages and online forums where information about gay party cruises are available. And that enthusiasm isn’t limited to the virtual world.

Here are our top picks for best gay party cruise liners:

  1. Celebrity Cruises
  2. Royal Caribbean International
  3. Holland America Line
  4. Norwegian Cruise Line
  5. Cunard Line
  6. Princess Cruises

Gay Cruises for Lesbians

Gay Cruises for Lesbians
Gay Cruises for Lesbians

Gay cruise is not all about gay men. A company like Olivia Travel organizes an exclusive lesbian cruise to stunning locations.

This allows lesbians to relax and enjoy themselves with their friends and loved ones.

Olivia Travel is a travel company devoted to providing great cruise, resort, riverboat, and adventure vacations for lesbians. They also host the incredible Tahitian Intimate Luxury Cruise.

The islands that surround Tahiti and the panoramic views are truly breathtaking. Plus, you’ll get to explore some of the best locations the islands have to offer. 

They also offer snorkeling tours and underwater walks in the island’s beautiful turquoise blue and green water and crystal-clear lagoons. You can also experience helicopter tours and sunset tours by jet boats, which are a great way to explore Tahiti.

You can also explore the lush rainforests of the island and its warm breezes that encourage you to slow down and appreciate nature.

The excitement doesn’t end ashore!

When you return to the ship, you’ll be entertained by Barbara Higbie, DJ Rockaway, and Teresa Trull, which are just some of the headline acts on this cruise.

This 8-day/7-night cruise is perfect for those who want to experience the best French Polynesia has to offer.

Gay Adventure Cruise

Gay Adventure Cruise
Gay Adventure Cruise

If you’re seeking for some luxury cruise with a side of adventure, you might want to check out Out Adventures.

Out Adventures is the world’s top provider of a small group of gay travelers. This includes cruises, culture tours, and active adventures. Their customizable gay travel packages deliver exceptional value and beautiful memories.

Meanwhile, their gay cruises are not like any other cruises. You’ll only spend your days with a few dozen fellows instead of partying your face off with a few thousand men. By keeping things intimate, their most extensive excursion only carries 40 passengers.

Their cruises feature upscale yachts and riverboats, intimate ports of call, and exquisite onboard dining experience. With the size of their ship, they can dock in village berths, anchor in hidden bays unreachable by larger vessels, and make last-minute itinerary changes based on the passenger’s choice.

The Out Adventures features the following voyages:

But keep in mind that you have to be healthy and fit if you would like to take part in all the fun activities Out Adventures has to offer.

Solo Gay Cruise

Solo Gay Cruise
Solo Gay Cruise

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, the beauty of traveling alone is still incredible.

But it can be tough scouting out the perfect cruise when traveling on your own. That’s because solo travelers are often discouraged at the prospect of going on a journey. Not to mention that you usually have to pay an expensive single supplement just to have a room for yourself.

Luckily, there is a solo gay cruise that lets you enjoy your time without paying a hefty sum.

One company that offers such a cruise is Vacaya. It is a top travel company that offers a “Solo Traveler Program ” for the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

They also have the “Room Share Programme,” wherein you are paired with another single traveler. This program is a fantastic way of cutting off the expensive single supplement. Plus, the pairing is based on each other’s personality. 

Another way of cutting off that single supplement is book bunk beds or split beds. This is suitable for younger travelers.

Cabins come in bunk beds or a double bed, which is split if not booked by a couple. You will be placed with other solo travelers if the cruise is fully booked.

Some cruise lines offer discounts of up to 30% for solo travelers. But keep in mind that these cruise lines are not an exclusive gay cruise, but a small group of gay guys among a more extensive cruise.

Atlantis Gay Cruise

Atlantis Gay Cruise
Atlantis Gay Cruise

Atlantis Cruises was founded in 1991. It is the most popular and well-known gay cruise company in the world.

They offer large, full-ship gay cruises where all the guests onboard are members of the LGBTQ+ community. They also charter top-of-the-line cruise ships from well-known companies. This includes Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Atlantis Cruises are very party-focused, and many guests go on these cruises because of the party atmosphere. Some passengers might not even get off the ship at the ports. The music tends to be electronic, circuit party style, and not necessarily pop or top 40.

Although not for everyone, Atlantis Cruises is famous for providing an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. 

Their primary client market comes from the US, but people worldwide go on their cruises. The average age range is usually mid 30’s and 40’s, but you’ll see guests of every age onboard ranging from 18 to 80.

When you are on a gay cruise, it is not surprising to see that most passengers are members of the LGBTQ+ community. There is nothing to worry about, though, as the staff and crew are trained to provide a welcoming and gay-friendly experience. It’s a very open environment where you can relax both mentally and physically. It is a friendly surrounding with a great social atmosphere and great entertainment onboard.

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