Holiday Cruises in The Norwegian Fjords

From the Northern Lights to the Midnight Sun, there are numerous reasons to book a cruise in the famous Norwegian Fjords. In fact, cruising is one of the most reliable ways to explore Norway.

Scandinavia can be a costly place to visit, so one of the pleasures of cruising is that you can save a lot of bucks by dining onboard your ship. The same thing goes for pre-booking excursions and spending in pounds sterling. Also, cruising allows you to explore lots of diverse destinations within the Norwegian Fjords in a comparably short period of time compared to a land-based holiday.

Norway is the most attractive country to visit when it comes to fjord cruises. Its climactic coastline serves as the gateway to well over 3,000 fjords.

A number of the country’s most magnificent fjords serve as popular excursions and ports of call on numerous cruise itineraries, which also visit several of Norway’s most scenic and historic coastal towns. With its roots lying far back in Viking history, Bergen is one of the most well-visited ports of call for fjord cruises. It is also an excellent place from which to explore Hardangerfjord.

The city’s Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf is its most renowned historic attraction, a World Heritage Site loaded with beautifully painted structures and quaint cobbled streets… At 111 miles long, Hardangerfjord is the third biggest fjord in the world, and an excursion to see its awesome power up close is necessary when visiting Bergen.

The Norwegian port of Flam highlights extensively on fjord cruises, largely due to its proximity to Naeroyfjord, a body of water that branches off Sognefjord. Plus, it’s an area of remarkable natural beauty that has earned a World Heritage Site status.

You’ll discover a huge variety of cruise lines and itineraries for cruises around the Fjords.

A Taste of Fjordland Cruise by Ambience Cruise Ship

Board the magnificent Ambience as she sets sail to remarkable Western Norway, calling first at Haugesund, former Viking stronghold.

Navigate through a breathtaking landscape, where dense forests adhere to towering mountain hills high above crystal-clear waters. The next stop would be the historic Bergen, fjordland capital, and the isolated Flåm, home of the famous mountain railway.

With a name that in itself implores images of warm welcome and festivity, 70,000-tonne Ambience, averaging over 800 feet from luxurious stem to stern, offers every modern succor, radiating the friendly service and traditional values that Newmarket Holidays’ customers have previously experienced at sea.

Across her 11 decks, she submits everything to ensure that life aboard is a joy from start to finish. Bringing an average of 1400 passengers in 798 comfortable cabins, many with private balconies, the ship extends an overall sense of spaciousness, particularly in the three-tiered central Atrium. It has an almost 700-sea and fully furnished show lounge, in which guests can be royally treated each evening, and on her wonderful top decks where guests can “soak up the sun.”

Classic Norwegian Fjords by Fred Olsen

The excellent Bank Holiday break, this five-night escape presents a taste of fjordland exploration with Fred Olsen.

Cruising from Newcastle means you won’t have to wait long to encounter the miracles of the fjords; you’ll navigate into Lysefjord the day after leaving to see its climactic cliffs, mountains, and interesting rock formations.

Bergen’s various attractions, such as the city’s UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, bustling fish market, the Troldhaugen Museum, and Fløibanen funicular railway, will then anticipate your discovery. Perhaps meet a local for a hike – it’s an excellent way to take in the highlights.

After the city sights of Bergen, it’s on to Eidfjord for a refinement of the fjordland village experience. Take a moment to celebrate in the natural landscape here or join a kayaking adventure to witness towering mountain peaks from the lustrous waters below them.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to the Vøringsfossen waterfall or experience an in-depth insight into the local scene at Hardangervidda Nature Centre. Finally, cruise back along Hardangerfjord and turn into Maurangerfjord for a close-up view of Furebergfossen Waterfall in its springtime glory. Doing so ensures your final moments in the fjords are ones to remember.

Norwegian White Christmas by Fred Olsen

Soak yourself in the stunning scenes and natural wonders of wintertime Norway – at a time of year with fewer tourists around – and experience enchanting Christmas and New Year celebrations onboard your smaller ship and during time ashore, for a celebratory adventure you will remember forever.

Visit the fashionable city of Stavanger, which is the place to be for picking up last-minute gifts for your friends and loved ones before enjoying a remarkable Christmas at sea. As Bolette sails on towards Arctic Norway, you’ll experience a day of traditional food, fun, and festivity, all while welcoming, attentive staff take care of everything for you.

Boxing Day will be very extraordinary, calling at Alta – one of the greatest places to see the extraordinary Northern Lights – for an overnight stay. With luck on your side, you may get to see Mother Nature’s multi-colored light display sweeping across the night sky. You could travel to the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel, too, to wonder at its hand-crafted structures and sculptures and have a chance to build your own Arctic art.

To view the year out in style, there’s an unmissable event to uncover the delights of one of Northern Norway’s most bizarre destinations. In the wonderful Vesterålen archipelago, miles of rugged coastline, pure countryside, and the “Blue Town” of Sortland await your exploration and discovery.

There’s also a visit to scenic Narvik, topped by the magnificent, snow-capped peak of Narvikfjellet Mountain and girdled by Arctic landscapes best seen from the town’s cable car, before your New Year’s Eve celebrations start in Bergen. Perhaps meet local revelers in the city heart in the evening and feel the thrill as the arrival of 2022 years.

Once done, you can head back on board to watch a dramatic fireworks display as the clock strikes midnight – an unimaginable way to start the New Year.

Cruise the Norwegian fjords with Saga

Visit this corner of the world and encounter life in Norway’s distant northern reaches. Discover Norway in complete bloom on a springtime journey or travel during the winter months and cherish the views of frosty fjords.

You’ll appreciate beautiful landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque villages clinging to the hillsides. Best of all, the line’s smaller ships can berth alongside the smaller towns and docks – getting you closer to the scenes and right into the heart of the action.

And you can now experience the wide-ranging Norwegian landscape from our new ship Spirit of Adventure. In their latest itineraries, they anchor in towns such as Flam and Geiranger, along with more bold destinations such as the ethereal North Cape at the ‘top of the world’.

Norway & Norwegian Fjord Cruises by Cunard

Discover a land spoilt by time and shrouded in folklore. Where icy waterfalls run down skyscraper cliffs and a smattering of fishing villages present the only signs of civilization.

From week-long round trips to more distant escapes, a Norwegian trip on Cunard unlocks the mystery of Norway’s spellbinding Fjords, intensifying every second you spend in this grand wilderness.

A Fjord’s voyage is to venture into different lands. Dreamlike and abstract, this is the terrain where Vikings once traversed. A land of folklore and myth, unaltered by time. Where wild waterfalls rapids down moss-covered cliffs and radiant lakes shine a radiant shade of blue.

The fjords aren’t the only wealth awaiting discovery in this magical region. Let the journey carry you to the beautiful Lofoten Islands, the magic of the aurora borealis, and how our onboard spa services take stimulus from the ocean itself.

Explore Norway’s striking coastline including Haugesund’s Viking heritage, Kristiansund’s art nouveau Opera House, and the sumptuous beauty of the fjords. Or take the chance to chase the Northern Lights.

Norwegian Fjords by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Enjoy a 7 nights Cruise onboard the Anthem of the Seas. Cruising from Southampton, visiting Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger, and Bergen in Norway before heading back to Southampton.

Every day onboard Anthem of the Seas is like starting on a whole new adventure. Discover the extraordinary encounters this Quantum Class ship has to offer.

Boasting an unimaginable range of groundbreaking innovations, like state-of-the-art technology, transformative venues, and the industry’s first-ever Virtual Balcony staterooms, this ship proves the encounter of a lifetime. This includes offering the most amazing activities and entertainment! Yesterday’s roller skating at SeaPlex® will be today’s bumper car showdown. And this morning’s awe-inspiring landscapes from the North Star® head to gravity-defying thrills on RipCord® by iFLY®. 

Norway by Celebrity Cruises

Enjoy a 7 nights Cruise aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. She is cruising from Southampton, visiting Kristiansand, Alesund, Molde, and Stavanger, as she heads back to Southampton.

There are lots to keep you and your loved ones involved onboard Celebrity Silhouette. From a comprehensive choice of sophisticated bars and lounges, state-of-the-art performance, restaurants that will carry you on a culinary adventure to refreshing treatments and therapies in The Spa.

Explore the newly revolutionized Celebrity Silhouette, navigating brand new itineraries around the UK with your drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips. You can also have the opportunity to explore the Jurassic Coastline from Portland, traverse the bustling Scottish cities and charming highlands from Inverness, Kirkwall, and Glasgow, and reveal the rich history of Belfast.

Another thing you can do is indulge yourself in the creative and cultural hub of Liverpool, home of the Beatles! Enjoy the world as you unwind on half an acre of real grass at the Lawn Club.   

Cruises to the Norwegian Fjord by Costa Cruises

Are you at the stake about your cruise destination and trying to look for a different kind of holiday? The Norwegian Fjords are what you are sure;y looking for: an exhibition of nature, between fairy tale and poetry.

A preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Norwegian Fjords are a treasure of mother nature: sea inlets that creep into the coast, sometimes for several kilometers, overwhelming the valleys that were once occupied by glaciers.

Norway is the “land of the fjords” because its western coast extends a collection of them without equal in the world: a view of raging waterfalls, monoliths of ice, imposing mountains, and labyrinths of rock overlooking the sea.

All Fjord offers different landscapes: there are over a thousand and you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Among the notable cities, you can visit on your cruise, as proposed, are Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, and Ålesund.

A Costa Norwegian Fjords cruise is a remarkable experience. Not only for the priceless spectacle of rocky coastline, which highlights its iconic attraction: the hinterland, with its history and antiquated culture, is equally fascinating.

And what about the usual picturesque hamlets? Nestled like jewels in the gorges carved out by the sea, or girdled by majestic mountains: the legacy of the era of the Vikings, these villages have survived virtually unaltered through the centuries and attract visitors from all over the world.

Cruising the Norwegian Fjords by Titan Travels

Sail on a voyage of Viking exploration to the beautiful fjords and sites of Norway on this stunning eight-night cruise.

Cruise from Southampton to the lustrous waters of the Lysefjord, lined by towering mountains and rugged cliff faces. Then, tucked away within Hardangerfjord – Norway’s second most distant fjord – you’ll see enchanting Eidfjord. 

Hardangerfjord offers views of superb orchards and towering mountains, before Braemar averts into Maurangerfjord to offer you an opportunity to capture the magnificent Forsberg Fossen Waterfall, and onwards to Nærøyfjord, one of National Geographic’s top two Natural World Heritage Sites. 

After indulging yourself in the outstanding glory and tranquillity of the magnificent waterways and pretty fjord villages, you’ll visit two of Norway’s most pulsing cities – Bergen and Stavanger – before traveling home.

Norwegian Fjord Cruises by MSC

The Norwegian Fjords are unquestionably among the most stunning natural landscapes in the world, capable of firing awe with their majestic beauty and timeless atmosphere.

Norway possesses over a thousand fjords, Geirangerfjord and the Naerøyfjord being the most abundant. Since 2005, they have been highlighted in the list of UNESCO heritage sites – and they’re now easy to get to on an exclusive MSC Norwegian fjords cruise.

The Norway fjords cruise is one of the greatest ways to visit these earthly and imposing scenes thanks to the deep water encompassing them, which is both smooth and easy to navigate. Through the Norwegian fjords cruise 2020-2021 seasons, you can appreciate these majestic examples of natural beauty first-hand and from the greatest possible vantage point.

Via the Fjord waters, it is now possible to reach some of Norway’s most charming cities, including Bergen. Far off the beaten path, Bergen is enveloped by the Sognefjord, the second largest fjord in the world which extends for 204 km.

The natural landscape encircling the fjords, with all their wild and unspoiled features, are nevertheless easy to traverse for adventurous guests. You can book your Norwegian fjords cruise excursion in advance and you look forward to special excursion journeys, both in the mountains and on the glaciers themselves.

Excellent itineraries for MSC cruises to Northern Europe incorporate a Norwegian fjords cruise option. For a truly memorable holiday discovering the Norwegian fjords and the main cities of Norway, start scanning by passenger and destination above.

Final Thoughts

Waterfalls plunge from invisible streams above and lush meadows paint the hillsides and the curves of protected coves. Small waterside villages will embrace you with brightly vibrant wooden cottages and the beguiling aroma of coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Sail through the Fjords of Western Norway to explore dramatic cliffs that tower above deep waters, extending many miles to the open sea. This matches the carved-out Ice Age glaciers.

Make your way along Sognefjord to the archaic township of Flåm, home to one of Europe’s most spectacular rail journeys, the Flåmsbana Mountain Railway. Explore the Geiranger for an overland adventure that will expose the surrounding fjord and scenery, or enjoy the unspoiled villages of Olden on Nordfjord, and Åndalsnes on Romsdalfjord.

Hit the ever-shifting Briksdal Glacier, just one of 50 arms of the tremendous Jostedal Glacier, the largest in continental Europe, and call at the exciting city of Bergen. It is a lively fishing port and once a key element of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. This is also where you can find restored wooden warehouses along Bryggen’s old wharves and the scenic views that unfold from the “city mountains” above the town.

Discover these extraordinary locations and landscapes, and much more, as you cruise Norway’s fjords with these cruise lines and their exceptional services.

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