Holiday Cruises in The Pacific Islands

As we become more hopeful about the resumption of cruising post-COVID, it is time to reflect on what the holiday season holds. Don’t ignore your New Year resolutions to be out of the country next Christmas!

Discover an island oasis that’s wild, rich, and brimming with life in the South Pacific. The South Pacific islands are the representation of paradise, and the bounty of wildlife is sure to capture your lust for adventure.

Shores of warm, powdery white sand and aqua waters are girdled by tropical rainforests and gliding mountains. The world’s second-largest double barrier reef encompasses the islands of New Caledonia, where a lagoon abounds with a kaleidoscope of fish and sea life. Majestic humpback whales travel between the islands of Tonga, the only South Pacific area to escape conquest.

In addition, the Loyalty Islands have a natural beauty that will spark your imagination, while the friendly locals will certainly make you feel right at home. Cruise to the South Pacific to enjoy some island time and relax into the uncomplicated life.

There are so many wonderful choices, so we have chosen our favorite itineraries to hone your appetite.

Picture Perfect Pacific Islands by Oceania Cruises

To have a luxury Polynesian experience to remember, start with two nights on unspoiled Moorea before boarding on an epic journey across the vast Pacific Ocean. You can cap it by sailing under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into pretty San Francisco.

Along the way, engage yourself in stunning scenery, roam along powder sand beaches, snorkel with astonishing marine life and learn of the fascinating history that shaped the Pacific Isles, from famed painters to powerful war machines.

South Pacific Cruises by Celebrity Cruises

The South Pacific embraces a massive area, making it difficult to visit a large piece of the region in one vacation. So much so that when you cruise to the South Pacific, the itineraries are jam-packed with tropical island ports of call and extrinsic adventures.

First, where precisely is the South Pacific? This superb region of the world is positioned in the Pacific Ocean, in the southern hemisphere. The South Pacific ranges between Australia and South America and surrounds Australia and New Zealand in the southwest of the Pacific to Hawaii. When it comes to South Pacific cruises, most people imagine the honeymoon-worthy destinations of Bora Bora and Fiji, but there is so much more to the South Pacific than just those common islands.

For most tourists, the stars of a cruise to the Pacific Islands are collected on the salty water girding the islands that appear in a rainbow of blues. On land, you’ll discover rainforests, historic sites, and white sand beaches to traverse.

Tahiti, French Polynesia & South Pacific Cruises by Princess Cruises

There’s more than one paradise to be discovered on a South Pacific cruise. It’s where hidden treasures like “Mystery Island” and the Tuamotu Archipelago attract exploration.

Choose a Tahiti cruise and other South Pacific cruises and you’ll not only find the pearls of the South Pacific, but you’ll also be submitted to its wonderful color, culture, and flavors through unparalleled programs onboard and ashore that will transform you forever.

French Polynesia Cruise in The South Pacific by Responsible Travel

Motivation for Paul Gauguin and Robert Louis Stevenson, French Polynesia seems too wonderful to be true. It’s time to go there yourself and leave facts from fiction. What better alternative than on a ship which carries vital supplies to the six inhabited Marquesas Islands as you cruise?

Usually, French Polynesia’s the Marquesas Islands are very difficult to reach. But not when you’re on this particular ship, which is a blend of freighter and cruise ship. That’s because it is packed with essential supplies.

You’ll reach 14 stops in 14 days, while the crew is busy unloading cement and dry stores and pulling up mind-boggling numbers of dried coconut meat (copra) and fresh fruit. You’ll be experiencing Polynesian music, feasting on slow-cooked dishes pulled from underground ovens, and seeing the most prominent stone tikis outside of Easter Island.

You’ll set off from Tahiti and travel north to Takapoto atoll (Fakatopatere), before a day at sea to arrive at the remote Marquesas and the islands Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Tahuata, and Hiva Oa – where Gauguin was motivated to create some of his most famous paintings.

You’ll identify that you’re fully in the Marquesas Islands when you notice the spiky mountain crown of Ua Pou island, “like the summits of some ornate church,” as Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated them, writing in 1880. Villagers assemble on the pier as you approach, as visitors are always treated to a gracious welcome.

The islands are the settings for several stories. Before Henry Melville penned Moby Dick, he wrote Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life. It is a story sparked by the time he jumped from a whaling ship in 1842.

You can backtrack his daring journey to avoid capture on Nuku Hiva Island. On the seventh day, you’ll arrive at the most remote island: Fatu Hiva. Then, you’ll retrace your tracks beyond the Marquesas, and make a stop in French Polynesia’s largest atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago, before a day in Bora Bora and then cruise back to Tahiti.

Cruises to The South Pacific by P&O Cruises

If you’re looking for a quick retreat to paradise, a P&O Islands cruise is just the one for you. Nothing speaks of ‘tropical holiday’ like island hopping from one unspoiled destination to the next, and when it comes to the Pacific Islands, they certainly do it best!

There’s the Frenchy-chic ambiance of Noumea, the antiquated culture of Lifou, and the Caribbean atmosphere in Vila. P&O Cruises has been sailing to the South Pacific for over 86 years.

There’s an astounding choice in P&O sailings to the Pacific Islands from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Auckland. No doubt, it is a cruise to suit every taste and budget.

From Brisbane, you can take the Pacific Island Hopper cruise and hit 3 tropical paradises in just 7 days. As a bonus, these cruises depart on a Saturday. So, you’re only using 5 days of your annual leave!

From Sydney or Melbourne, you can explore Vanuatu with calls to 4 astonishing and different islands. Or if you want to delve a little deeper, take one of their P&O Voyages of 13+ nights and call at up to 6 unspoiled islands with some spectacular cruising as well.

For something different, take one of their Papua New Guinea cruises. Extending from 8 to 11 nights and leaving from Brisbane and Sydney, you’ll visit one of the last frontiers of the South Pacific. There are sunken warships, fascinating cultural celebrations, and rich marine life to view close up. There’s an amazing variety of shore tours to pick from at most destinations.  

Tales of The Pacific: Easter Island to Tahiti by Adventure Smith Explorations

Trail in the wake of early Polynesian explorers on this 20-day Tahiti travel voyage aboard the 102-guest National Geographic Orion.

Sail to the farthest limits of Oceania, from remote and ambiguous Easter Island to the historically notable Pitcairn Islands, through the havens of the Tuamotu Archipelago and on to Tahiti. The voyage starts in one of the most remote landfalls of Polynesia: Easter Island.

Stroll the length of unharmed tropic beaches, meet the descendants of H.M.S. Bounty mutineers, and stream dive or snorkel through an atoll pass.

Highlights of this cruise include probing into the interesting lost culture of Easter Island and exploring ancient burial sites and mounting moai with an archaeologist. You’ll also discover the story of the ill-fated H.M.S. Bounty from Tahiti to Pitcairn Island, where descendants of its mutineers still live today.

Other activities features; diving or snorkeling the remarkable reefs of Fakarava (a section of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) and the Pitcairn Islands, distinguished as one of the most faultless reef systems in the world by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala. You’ll also learn about the incredible geology and wildlife of Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while also scanning for endemic bird species.

The 102-guest Nat Geo Orion will serve as a floating base camp during the trip. This small expedition ship is technologically exceptional and equipped with a complete set of exploration tools, including an ROV and enough kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and Zodiacs. Additionally, select cabins give private balconies for exceptional moments taking in the awe-inspiring wilderness.

The National Geographic Orion highlights a nearly 1:1 guest-to-crew ratio, assuring that your trip to paradise comes with attentive service.

The South Pacific by Virgin Holiday Cruises

First traversed by Captain Cook in the late 1700s, the islands of the South Pacific remain unchanged for the most part. Thus, it extends the opportunity to experience the build-up of volcanic islands and coral atolls scattered across the southern ocean.

From steep cliffs and mountain peaks to cascading waterfalls and sparkling blue lagoons, a journey of the South Pacific grants guests a mesmerizing holiday experience.

Very rare places allow visitors the opportunity to relax amid such gloriously magnificent surroundings, with some of the most exceptional waters, beaches, and natural geography to be discovered. Boasting a plethora of water sports and activities to have the whole family amused, a cruise of the South Pacific is ideal for visitors from honeymooners to growing families.

Voyages of the South Pacific usually call at the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea, and Huahine, granting the ideal combination of leisure and adventure.

Passengers can bask under the sun on the wonderful beaches, dive or snorkel in the clear warm waters, or swim the reefs scanning for sharks. The events for sailing, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing are also some of the grandest in the world. Passengers can also take advantage of opportunities for hiking and four-wheel safari tours, or roam through lush tropical foliage marveling at the striking herbs and flowers, coconut and pineapple plantations.

Other destinations that highlight heavily on cruises of the South Pacific incorporate the Marquesas, made popular by the TV show Survivor, and a variety of Western Samoa, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Apia, and Rarotonga.

South Pacific islands: Between Heaven and Earth by Silversea

Prince Albert II – Silversea Expeditions

Vivid marine life, cultural diversity, and grace beyond measure. It’s no wonder the South Pacific Islands have been encouraging travelers for years.

Isolated and renowned, the South Pacific Islands are possibly the world’s most alluring destination. Reaching from Micronesia in the north to Polynesia in the east and Melanesia in the west, the range embraces over 300,000m2 and homes almost 40,000 islands. So, to assume that the area is vast is no oversimplification.

Silversea Expeditions’ small ship cruises bring you to the beating core of these almost distant lands. Cruise in all-inclusive luxury aboard Silver Cloud or Silver Explorer and get to know a domain that is brimming with diversity. Conducted by a team of expert guides, you’ll be dipping into much more than the gin-clear waters that have created the South Pacific Islands so popular.

Twice The Tahiti by Star Collector

Perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of Tahiti, this unprecedented cruise starts twice the visits to ports. That way, you have double the chances to see and encounter what you love, and you can make all the things you passed up during your early stop.

It’s a top tropical selection among romantic couples, daring divers, and anyone in love with everything under the sun among infinite blue Pacific lagoons. Dive or snorkel among lively and dizzying schools of tropical fish and friendly dolphins in the large lagoon of Rangiroa, the second largest coral atoll in the world. 

Tour and learn about oyster pearl cultivation at the Anapa Pearl Farm on the west coast of Tahaa near Raiatea. Explore the turquoise Pacific oceans off the coast of Bora Bora on a Waverunner personal watercraft as your guide escorts you on a tour that roams the entire island. Doing so gives you broad views of the steep jungle inclines of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu from all sides.

Whether this is your first holiday or the extension of a lifelong obsession with this unspoiled tropical archipelago, this Tahitian cruise gives double the fun, relaxation, and romance.

Marquesas, Tuatomos, and Society Islands by Paul Gauguin Cruises

True beauty is on display everywhere you look on this two-week journey through the Marquesas, Tuamotus, and the Society Islands. This itinerary grants a lot of time to traverse at your own pace, from the pristine beaches and world-class diving of the Tuamotu Archipelago to the Marquesas Islands of Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Tahuata, and Nuku Hiva. All of these are as deep in culture as they are in rugged, natural grace. 

Tahiti and The Society Islands by Ponant Cruises

From Papeete, Ponant Cruises encourages you to board on a brand-new 8-day cruise to discover Tahiti and the Society Islands. Set sail onboard Le Paul Gauguin, for an extraordinary adventure to discover idyllic islands and atolls.

The excellent introduction to the picture-perfect attractions of the South Pacific, this excellent cruise whisks you away to places that played muse for authors James A. Michener, Herman Melville, artists Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse, and so much more.

You will be impressed by the unique beauty of Huahine, by the turquoise waters of the Motu Mahana, their private vanilla-scented little paradise, by the gorgeous lagoon of Bora Bora, with its clearly recognizable volcanic outline, and by Moorea, with its gradient pineapple plantations and its flourishing peaks overlooking the island.

Between pearl pastures and white sandy beaches, French Polynesia will expose its many secrets to you. Encompassed by superb lagoons of crystalline waters trimmed by exceptional coral reefs, the islands of Polynesia are unquestionably some of the most fascinating in the world and home to extraordinary and rich wildlife.

South Pacific and Tahiti Islands by Oceania Cruises

The picturesque islands of the South Pacific have enthralled explorers for centuries. Here you can slow down, take a deep breath, and surrender to the hypnotizing rhythm of waves tenderly lapping on the shore.

Gentle breezes take the scent of orchids and other tropical blooms, while crystalline waters grant access to thriving reefs and colorful sea life. Shop for a black pearl in Tahiti, check out for hot springs in Papua New Guinea, or see the ritual of Fijian firewalkers.

This range also includes destinations on several of the Hawaiian Islands, which include Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, where Volcanoes National Park gives drama and beauty in the form of lava formations and sumptuous waterfalls.

Final Thoughts

Saying goodbye to the year that has been and welcoming the new is the most suitable time to book your getaway. Not only will you have something amazing to look forward to, but you can also share your cruising decisions with family and friends.

Nobody will be annoyed when the time comes to discuss who is going to be where. Who knows? Many of them will probably vote to come along.

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