Luxury Cruises

A luxury cruise is an all-inclusive cruise vacation with top-notch service, unlike any other. The majority of luxury ships are intimate, and the guest to staff ratios is almost one to one. Thus, you won’t have to search very far for assistance. 

Onboard every ship, you’ll be greeted with elegant furniture and extravagant chandeliers. The food is all gourmet, from five, six, and seven-course dinners, even the burger from the grill is crafted with extra precision. 

A first-class and personalized service is one of the hallmarks of luxury cruise lines. You can also expect exotic itineraries and varying degrees of inclusions in pricing. 

Same as humans, cruise ships have unique personalities that can suit your vacation style.

Some offer exotic voyages to faraway destinations, while others attract travelers with comfortable cabins and stimulating enrichment programs.

If you are looking for an exclusive experience, take a moment to browse through the following luxury cruise lines:

Regent Seven Seas

Regent Seven Seas is a luxury cruise line that specializes in small ships. It became a luxurious all-inclusive cruise experience since the merger of Radisson Cruises and Seven Seas Cruises in 1992.

The company’s ships are complete with plush and luxurious suites. They are also filled with a myriad of amenities that are revel with gorgeous décor.

All Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ luxury staterooms boast fantastic amenities and finishing touches. Not to mention that they have some of the largest staterooms in the industry. Mind you, now every apartment dweller in Manhattan has a space of at least 55 square feet.

Moreover, Regent Seven Seas’s itineraries ensure a unique experience. Thanks to more than 300 ports around the world that they can visit. They also offer their passengers local dishes from the region they are visiting.

No matter if you are having a formal dinner or a casual lunch, their high-quality service and revolutionary recipes can make your dining experience remarkable. 

Not only do Regent Seven Seas Cruises offer all-inclusive rates, but they also provide 2-for-1 special fares.

Standard fare includes airfare, gratuities, open bar, and meals. It also includes 24-hour room service, butler service in penthouses, and unlimited excursions while in port.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line is one of the world’s most excellent cruise lines. That is despite having smaller high-end ships.

For one, they cater to experienced and cultured travelers. Not to mention that they are an award-winning company because they provide excellent customer satisfaction. This explains why Seabourn Cruise Line is one of the more famous cruise lines in the world.

Founded in 1986, Seabourn offers an intimate and unique cruising experience that you’ll cherish each day. With their small-sized vessels, the captain will be able to cruise to smaller ports. This enables you to have an up-close-and-personal encounter with each destination.

Seabourn allows you to dine when and where you want all over its luxurious ships.

Each restaurant offers a different atmosphere and dishes. They also use innovative cooking techniques and exquisite ingredients like the Black River Osetra Caviar.

Room service is also available 24/7 aboard Seabourn. You can order anything from the room service menu or have a restaurant meal service to your suite.

Seabourn’s suites are best described as spacious and luxurious. All beds in every suite are outfitted with the finest Egyptian cotton. Each stateroom is freshened up with a designated steward, so you’ll always return to a made bed.

Popular perks on these all-inclusive trips also include a complimentary on-deck massage, a “Caviar” beach party, wine tastings, and complimentary water sports.

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is a luxury cruise line that has been sailing the seven seas since 1994. They offer luxury cruise experience with delightful services.

This incredible all-inclusive line will bring a 5-star service to you each time you step onboard.

With its six all-suite ships cruising from Alaska to the Amazonian Rainforest, you’ll have a collection of beautiful memories. Doing so allows you to get acquainted with your destination.

Silversea Cruises pride itself on providing personalized cruising options. This service also features an all-inclusive and customizable package. The service includes airfare, transfers, porterage, and deluxe pre-cruise lodging. 

The stylish cruise line features personal butler and concierge services. It also allows guests to partake in as many activities as they see fit. This includes culture appreciation classes like dance and cooking lessons related to the ships’ ports.

Silversea Cruises promises an elegant and refined approach to gourmet cuisine. This is made possible in partnership with the Grand Chefs of Relais & Chateaux.

Silversea Cruises spoil their guests with beautiful amenities in every stateroom onboard. All stateroom includes personalized stationery like Bvlgari toiletries and a full-stocked bar. You can also expect an astounding cuisine where dinner is always open seating. 

One of Silversea Cruises’ all-inclusive perks is the unique excursion. Some of the best examples are watching a performance in Sydney Opera House and the riverboat tour in Borneo’s remote orangutan sanctuary.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises came to be out of requests from loyal passengers who loved their Viking River Cruises experiences. They began sailing in 2015 and have since gained praise from past river cruise passengers and traditional ocean cruisers.

The line’s ships are sleek and modern and sails to some of the world’s most exciting ports.

A focus on the destination at hand means that Viking Ocean Cruises stay longer in port. Thus, an overnight stay allows passengers to get an authentic taste of the locality. 

Itineraries range from eight-to-night voyages to cruises of more than a month. Meanwhile, onboard daytime and evening entertainment options are limited.

Viking Oceans considers dining and food as a part of the overall destination experience. While you are onboard their ships, you’ll have the option to try regional specialties. You can even watch cooking demonstrations, which usually include tastings. 

Each Viking Oceans’ ship staterooms include a veranda, so you’ll always have an ocean view retreat. You’ll also have access to 24-hour room service while unwinding in one of the most comfortable beds at sea. 

While Viking isn’t branding itself as a complete luxury experience, you’ll still find plenty to love about the cruise fare. This includes transfers, complimentary wine and beer for lunch and dinner, no-fee specialty restaurants, and free unlimited Internet.

Oceania Cruises

Like Viking Ocean Cruises, Oceania Cruises is more of an upper-premium line. But it rivals luxury lines when it comes to fare inclusivity spa options, and design aesthetic. 

Since its operation in 2002, Oceania Cruises has been a specialty cruising company. They offer an upscale cruising environment to exciting destinations all over the world.

Their motto “The Finest Cuisine at Sea” will be a particular focus while you cruise with this special line. The cruise line also ensures that you receive personalized services and bring home a collection of fond memories.

Oceania Cruises is committed to providing the best dining experience at sea. They work under the guidance of Jacques Pepin, the cruise line’s executive culinary director. Every ship in the line is also fitted with a light and a bright bistro-style restaurant. Made famous by chef Jacques Pepin, their restaurant offers the best French cuisine. 

The open-seating Grand Dining Rooms of Oceania Cruises offers a diverse menu. It includes healthy cuisines designed by Oceania’s wellness experts.

Each stateroom on Oceania Cruises’ fleets is designed with care and precision. This is to ensure you a pleasant and comfortable cruise. Its deluxe suites are equipped with a walk-in closet and a full entertainment center with laptops, iPad, and 3D television. As a bonus, each stateroom also boasts two jacuzzis.

The staff and crew of Oceania Cruises also ensure to provide you with a remarkable and seamless expedition.

Paul Gaugin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises is a luxury cruise line that started sailing the seven seas in 1998. Their small ship offers a personalized, exclusive feel and gives space and time for relaxation and enrichment.

The Paul Gaugin Luxury Cruise Line sails in select regions to give you a superb vacation experience. The company also offers interactive onboard and shore-side activities. They also have select themed sailings to exotic destinations.

Paul Gauguin Cruises features delicious, savory dishes that let you experience many of the region’s flavors.

By day, you can have your breakfast and lunch in their destination-inspired stocked buffet. By night, guests can enjoy the cuisine of world-renowned Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato in an exclusive, reservations-only, al fresco dining room.

Their wine sommeliers also provide suggestions for food and wine pairings to enrich and enhance dining experiences. 

No matter what stateroom you choose, you’ll always have a beautiful experience with the Paul Gauguin Cruise Line. From Owner’s Suites to Oceanview staterooms, everyone can enjoy the world’s most incredible landscapes right out of your window. 

But what’s best about the Paul Gauguin Cruise Line is that they have wheelchair-accessible staterooms.

With a ratio of nearly one staff person for every guest, Paul Gauguin Cruises prides itself on giving the highest level of service.

And to give you the feeling of luxury, the butler service is a real must-have. The crew will always be there to help you out. They are available to answer your questions and serve you anytime—all with big smiles on their faces.

A luxury cruise can give you an incomparable experience. The service, the luxurious feel, and the ultra-fine amenities are things everyone should experience.

Yet, many people don’t allow themselves to experience a luxury cruise. It can be because the cost of such a trip seems too expensive. However, that price is a lot friendlier than you think.

With a luxury cruise that sails not more than 500 passengers, the intimacy of a smaller ship means less waiting in lines and more attention to your needs. Also, they only allow a low guest-to-staff ratio. This ensures an exclusive service for each passenger.

Many luxury cruise fares will include your round trip airfare and one-night hotel accommodation. This usually takes place a day before embarkation.

Also included in the service are the excursions. After all, there are a lot of people who are willing to spend money on tours. As long as it can offer them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You may spend a lot of money on a luxury cruise, but the experience you get from it is undoubtedly worth it.