Naturist Holiday Cruise

A non-nudist is always worried about the worst before boarding a Bare Necessities cruise. Nonetheless, this is a chance for you to gain new friends and freedom.

Apart from the prevalent understanding that nudists aren’t like most people, there’s also a more wholesome tell. They have an ostensibly carefree mentality, judging and whining less in their everyday life.

Even on nudist cruises with thousands of naked people, what you think of the nudist culture and environment will surely change. Everyone’s very welcoming, inviting, and there are also imposed and official rules that the community (and staff) implement.

If you like to cruise nude, be ready to gain new friends without having to worry about swinging.

Do I Have to be a Nudist to Join?

According to The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the majority of naturalists are college-educated people between the ages of 35 and 65. Approximately 70 percent of the passengers are repeat passengers because they had so much joy on their initial voyage. So much so that they’d prefer a nudist cruise over a regular one, unless it’s a family holiday.

The First Thing You’ll Discover: You Won’t Feel Fat

You’d think that revealing it all, or even just some skin, would exhibit what your inner critic describes as your “problem areas.” As such, a nude cruise might make you feel unattractive.

Here’s a tip: Try to give yourself about two hours aboard, and you’ll discover the opposite. Clothes are pure evil. You wouldn’t possess a muffin top if it weren’t for jeans.

Sharing the Naked Perspectives on the Nudist in You!

Au naturel voyages have been around for many years, although they have grown in popularity recently. They cater to couples who want to go naked and celebrate a carefree environment.

Aboard the ship, you will meet like-minded couples who are also having fun just like you and your partner. It’s also your choice whether you go naked or not. What’s important is that you board a cruise by an established line.

The Best Naturist Holiday Cruise

Are you ready for some clothing-optional fun?

Most adults-only cruises are for adults over 21 years of age. While the title “nude cruises” is famous slang, “clothing optional or naturist cruises” is a more precise description. Nudity or participation is totally voluntary. Instead, these cruises highlight revealing outfits, adult-only themes, and sensual behavior among adults in private. 

Discover different cultures and interesting destinations while having the ship as your home-away-from-home. Ships sail on a wide range of ports of calls and usually, the cruise line’s private island is a naked day for all passengers. The ports require clothing but also several offer topless beaches or optional clothing-optional tours. As such, they are excellent places to have a blast, meet new people, and share new encounters.

You are not required to be a nudist to sun your buns! But what an excellent way to traverse the islands. Your cruise experience varies from “mild to wild” depending on your likings. When you join a naturist holiday cruise, you can have comfort your way.

Bare Necessities’ Adriatic Odyssey Aboard the Royal Clipper

For numerous visitors to Italy, the other side of “the boot” is a riddle. But for Italians and savvy European explorers, this is where they prefer to vacation. It is also where you will be continuing your gastronomic journey of discovery on the Royal Clipper with cooking shows by a Michelin Star Guest Chef! 

Roundtrip from the island city of Venice, you’ll visit unique ports in Italy, the small republic of San Marino, passengers love Kotor, Dubrovnik, and Split, as well as new stops in nude-friendly Croatia.

You will once again enjoy cruising as it was 100 years ago, great food and an inclusive drink package*

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to cruise aboard this one-of-a-kind sailing ship to these unusual ports with the combined benefit of no black tie required. Indeed, clothes are not required!

Inspired by the tall ship, Preussen, the Royal Clipper has the fine characteristic of being the largest and only five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship. The Royal Clipper can carry 227 guests and 106 crew members with six distinct stateroom categories to choose from.

Bare Necessities Big Nude Boat Aboard the Carnival Pride

On the last day of every cruise, what’s being heard from most of the Bare Cruisers is that time really flew by. All passengers ask if they could stay aboard a little longer and the reply has always been no… until now. For our 75th charter, Bare Necessities is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind two-week voyage aboard the Carnival Pride! 

Sailing on an exclusive port, a brand-new itinerary that encompasses Colón, Cartagena, and San Juan, passengers have the chance to traverse every corner of the Caribbean – all with the continued bonus of six lazy days at sea to unwind onboard…au naturel!

Passengers have demanded a longer cruise and many of them have stretched their vacation time by taking an (admittedly less fun textile) voyage before or after their charter. European and Aussie passengers have said they want more extended cruises to make flying across the pond or from down under genuinely worthwhile.

This cruise is the solution for everyone who has said they craved more! More extra time in the sun, more crystal clear and warm water for slender dipping, more fascinating ports of call, more sea days to dip some rays, and more entertainment aboard a ship that includes passenger favorites like the chic, fast, over-the-top Carnival Pride.

Carnival Pride is the second ship in the Spirit Class which incorporates the Miracle and the Legend. Spirit Class ships are the same in layout and design but vary in decor. The ship’s theme is “Icons of Beauty” and among her numerous classic nude statues and paintings, you’ll feel right at home. The Pride has earned the Fun Ship 2.0 makeover as well as a fresh refurbishment in 2019.

The selection for dining aboard boasts an Art Deco-inspired main dining room, zen-like Bonsai sushi, and David’s specialty steakhouse. At the peak of the ship, you’ll see a 12-foot tall duplicate of the statue of David waiting to welcome you.

Opportunities for dining au naturel is possible at the Mermaid’s Grill on the Lido Deck with pretty mermaid statues embellishing the walls. They also have the incredibly famous Guy’s Burger Joint, and the deliciously sophisticated BlueIguana Cantina. Savor specialty coffees, 24-hour pizza, and ice cream, or look for something sweet at Cherry on Top.

Skinny-dip in the pools and wet yourself in the hot tubs. Enjoy a film under the stars at the Seaside Theater. Get lost in a good book, or just one another’s companionship, at the Serenity retreat.

You can take a ride on the waterslides. Music lovers can join the sing-alongs in the Piano Bar, and try not to miss the lavish song and dance productions in the Main Theater.

Dance the night away at Beauties Dance Club and experience live music shows all around the ship. Cap off the night with laughter at the Comedy Club. Activities swarm aboard Carnival Pride. Clothes-free, child-free and carefree once again while you’re onboard a Bare Necessities cruise. What could be better than that?

Bliss Nude Cruise by Royal Caribbean OASIS of the Seas

Bliss Cruise is America’s biggest adult-only, full-ship clothing-optional charter entertainment company. It has routes cruising from Florida to the Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean.

The sailing attracts numerous open-minded people such as lifestyle couples, nudists, and exhibitionists. They also cater to curious couples who want to experience something different from the regular cruise vacation.

Bliss passengers sold out the previous cruises of 2017, 2019, and even 2020 so they’ve listened to you. Bliss has chartered a ship for the biggest lifestyle party at sea onboard a recently renewed Oasis of the Seas bragging all-new cabin upgrades and improvements to its public areas you surely won’t recognize from its prior version. 

Why? Because you’ve created these floating parties the destination to witness and be seen among the most energetic, fun-loving couples at sea, all in a welcoming clothing-optional environment for fun-loving pairs.

Oasis of the Seas can make you feel like you’re in a floating city with all the activities on board. Your main guide to identifying what’s going on and when is the everyday Cruise Compass delivered to your cabin usually in the evenings.

Here are several things that the Bliss Nude Cruise November 2021 has to offer their clients:

  • Adult couples 21 or older (no kids allowed)
  • Open decks and pool areas are certainly clothing optional.
  • Clothing optional shore tours.
  • Meet & Greets to help you break the ice and socialize with people.
  • Seminars that teach and allow you to examine new areas of the lifestyle.
  • Multiple play areas to satisfy your level of pleasure and interest.
  • Evening performances and late-night dance parties in different venues.
  • Theme nights to score a little extra treat to dressing up & heading out for the night.

Bliss Nude Cruise by Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas

This is a full ship charter on the Jewel of the Seas cruising from the Port of Miami, Florida.

This is a very suitable port for various lifestyle couples. The vessel itself is clothing optional at the pools and open decks. They also boast loads of live music bands and everyday activities to help you get attached. The first-class production and DJs will make your cruise a total success. Multiple genres are staged just for you.

Educational classes and workshops are interesting. Meet and Greets help you discover like-minded pairs and play partners. Every night, there’s a theme to add some spice to the evenings, in addition to the most playrooms at sea both night and day.

Don’t delay in reserving your cabin along with over 1000 other couples. It’s never too early to book a prospective cruise.

Bliss Cruise is surely for you. If you’re a fun-loving couple, then grab this opportunity!

  • Adults aged 21 years or older (no kids allowed)
  • Outside cruise decks, sun deck, and pool and hot tub areas are totally clothing-optional, except while you are in port.
  • Clothing optional experiences and catamarans port days.
  • Meet & Greet ice breaker event to meet new couples.
  • Workshops or playshops that both interest and give you ways to freely explore new interests
  • Adult fun spaces where you can choose to satisfy your interests
  • Adult fun and evening dance parties all over the ship
  • Themed nights to let your inner fantasies emerge and try something new

Bliss Barcelona/Casablanca Voyage

This Bliss Cruise charter tours two continents: Spanish Europe and Africa as well as some of the most beautiful ports of call for 8 days/7 nights cruising round trip from Barcelona, Spain. Spanish ports extend anchorages off the hidden path such as Cadiz topped off with a magnificent port of call in Casablanca, Morocco.

Yes, Bliss Cruise has been to both places and you’ll surely love it. They’ve traveled the Spanish continent, Portugal, and spent almost two weeks recently in Morocco strolling the villages and countryside, and cities such as Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, Meknes, and the Atlas ranges. The cruise also spent a day and overnight in the Sahara in a Berber tent.

This Spanish/Moroccan experience at sea will unite you to the countries’ genuine hearts of local life and culture while the days at sea grants relationships to other open-minded, bold couples.

The ship highlights two specialty restaurants, concierge facilities, a piano bar, and a wine bar, plus a Spa and Wellness area, a coffee café, live performance throughout the ship, regular enrichment programs (like wine and champagne tasting), and this is just the “shortlist.” And did we mention beverages in the bar are included? 

Gain new friends to warm up your evening before dinner or feast all in this trendy hot spot before more playfulness and dancing or whatever your option of nightlife might be.

Finally, Bliss Cruise supplements their mischievous touch to intensify your onboard experience with the following:

  • Adults aged 21 years or older (no children allowed)
  • Meet & Greets events to help you break the ice and gain new couples.
  • Evening party and late-night dancing.
  • Sensual theme nights to score a little extra fun dressing up and heading out for the night.

Celebrity Summit – Port of Miami – Georgetown, Grand Cayman – Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

A cruise on a five-night charter from Miami is for couples who may not have enough time to travel and appreciates a value-based, fun-packed experience with other like-minded adult couples. A common complaint: Couples say “We don’t have enough time to do all the things or attend all the events we desire.”

Departure is from the Port of Miami, so be prepared to spend some extra time in town while enjoying all that the city can offer.

Their adventure at sea leaves Miami and bound for Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. At both ports of call, you can select from various shoreside events, water sports, diving, snorkeling, and clothing-optional parties on a private catamaran. These are organized so you can meet other couples and enjoy an all-over tan.

You can also fancy playtime back on board, experience specialty themes, and have excellent excuses to attend Meet & Greet events as well as fun workshops for adults only. It’s absolutely fun while on the sea with no stop signs.

You have five nights and days of action-packed holiday and educational events during the day, exquisite cuisine, and theme nights, plus late-night mischief that will keep you aroused to rock and roll.

You can take your pick from parties, receptions, Meet and Greet events as well as dining together to meet like-minded couples. Live music and DJs will set the pace so you’ll be falling into bed, totally exhausted from all the action.

Seems too busy for you? Don’t fret, you can set your own pace for fun and games. No one is grading you so be ready to let loose and has a blast.

Naturist Group Cruise from Dubrovnik to Split Croatia and Adriatic Ports

This is an accompanied European Naturist Cruise that is scheduled yearly for nudists. The holiday voyage cruises from Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia, visiting Adriatic anchorages of call for a week with a group host on board.

This yearly event is intended for nudist singles and couples cruising on an 18 cabin motor yacht, the Majestic. Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia are the main tourism hubs on the Adriatic. Although subject to revision, the itinerary includes Dubrovnik, Sipan or Slano, Korcula, Bisevo (Blue Cave), Vis, Hvar, Makarska, Omis, Split.

This naturist voyage cruises along the Croatian coast, with visits to historic towns, striking villages, and captivating islands, with lots of opportunities for nude sunbathing and swimming. Nudity is welcome and anticipated on board except when in port and during meal hours.

Premium superior motor yachts are recently-built mini grand vessels highlighting similar comfort. The 18 air-conditioned rooms are 8 to 14 square meters in size outfitted with double or twin beds, a hairdryer, and a safety deposit box. Rate covers daily breakfast. Additional refreshments and bar drinks are extra onboard. Plus dining and bar drinks in every port are extra.

Nudists Have the Key to Happiness

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the nude lifestyle is that, with every breeze, with every dip in the hot top, or with each mere sight downward, we can’t help but remember to savor the moment. And it could be that passengers don’t protest because they’re happier than an average person.

An investigation led by Matthew A. Killingsworth, Ph.D., and Daniel T. Gilbert, Ph.D., unveiled that most people aren’t concentrating on the present moment 47% of the time. However, happiness can only be encountered at the moment.

Absolutely no sexual misbehavior in public is permitted. Failure to comply may end in clients getting banned from the ship at the following port of call without refund or transportation.

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